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April Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

April Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-09-16 21:58:08
Of Course I'll be entering again but this time only 1 article, 1 non fiction and my WhisperWind Farm

We look forward to seeing them!****

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-04-02 14:49:54
WhisperWind Farm Nr 2
Lending a Hoof

By xKaylenex

Chapter 1 : Get Jack Back

Roncy and Kayla were standing in the barn in shock to see Jack’s stall empty as Emerson walked away and stepped into her moms car.
> What do we do! We don’t even know where they live! < said Kayla furiously at the sight of her friends horse stolen.
> Yes we do Kayla! They obviously keep there horses at Pick-wood Avenue Farm right? And were going to get our police dads and Sarah and march over to that Farm and take Jack back! < said Roncy proudly.
> Yes we are! < said Kayla and they split to go get there dads.
Half an hour later the police partners were in there cars and at the farm to pick up Sarah and Miss Jess. They drove straight to Pick-wood Avenue and they all jumped out. There they saw a run down barn with maybe three horses in it? No tack room at all just a barn and a paddock with the big trailer. The older gentleman came out of a stall with a pitchfork and looked in awe at the sight of police. 
> How may I’a help y’all < said the older gentleman, trying to keep cool.
> We are hear because a recent horse theft has been committed and we traced the stealer to be boarding and using your trailer here. < said Officer Price stepping forward.
> Oh ya mean little ol’ Mackenza, ya she be a trouble maker around these parts < said the older gentleman relieved.
> You mean she doesn’t board with you anymore? Why was she using your trailer? < asked Roncy confused and mislead.
> Well ya see, she used to board that red speckled pony with me but after a break away at the RainDown competition decided that I was too rough on the little fella and decided that
Boston Academy would be a better place for her new pony, Midnight < explained the older gentlemen.
> Excuse me? Midnight? The horses name is Jack and she stole him after we refused to give her Horse back and then bought her. < said Kayla heating up.
The Officers led the girls back into the car and drove to Boston Academy. This place was much different from Pick wood. It had a huge parking lot and a mansion like in a fairy tale. The white barn was crisp and clean with a smooth cement floor. Out came Mackenzie with her Dad and stopped dead when she saw Police.
> What do you want now you pests < snapped Mackenzie and flicked her crop at us.
Miss Jessica and the Officers walked away with Mr Peterson to discuss the situation while Sarah, Roncy and Kayla went to talk to Mackenzie.
> Mackenzie you have a lot of nerves to steal Jack < said Sarah displeased with the girl in front of her.
> Well you guys took Red away from me! < snapped Mackenzie.
> She wasn’t safe with you! Look you need some lessons, Red is hurt and his muscles now need to be rested cause you never warmed up! < snapped Kayla back at Mackenzie.
> Look Mackenzie, we know that you didn’t like when we took Red but that doesn’t give you the right to take Jack < explained Roncy to Mackenzie.
> His name is not Jack! Its Midnight! < said Mackenzie furious with them. At that moment the officer’s came up to the girls and Miss Jessica was looking furious with Mackenzie.
> Now girls, I’m willing to offer fifteen grand for Midnight < said Mr Peterson, trying to resolve the situation.
> Now you get this Mr Peterson, we are not interested in money, your daughter has stolen a horse that belongs to WhisperWind. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go get my friends pony now < said Roncy with disappointment all over her words. Mr Peterson could not twist or turn the girls minds. Eventually Roncy came out with Jack who was happily prancing away.
> Hey Kayla, I’ll ride Jack home, its only about a mile away < said Roncy, mounting Jack bareback with only a halter and lead rope to steer him with. > You should text Emmy and have us meet her at the barn < said Miss Jessica getting in the car. Kayla whipped out her phone and started texting Emerson :
Kayla > Hey Emmy, we got Jack, meet us at the barn ASAP

Coming! < Emerson

Chapter 2 : Reunited but not done

Back at the barn, Emerson reunited with Jack. But Miss Jessica had Ava and Amy’s lesson. Ava was Sarah’s sister and a not so good rider for that matter. She struggled with posting and jumping but eventually got over it. Amy was Ava’s best friend and Amy also brought her cousin Kiera.
Kayla quickly tacked up Ace, Silver and Overa for Amy, Kiera and Ava.
The lesson began. Roncy and Kayla decided to watch the lesson and be jump crew. The girls began trotting and as always, Kiera had the perfect image while Ava was struggling to the rhythm of Overa’s fast and bouncy trot. Amy was okay, but on the wrong diagonal. When the girls reversed at the trot, Ava caught her rhythm but was off balance and on the wrong diagonal.
Amy and Kiera were fine and dandy and worrying about their horses bolting. When it was time to canter, Amy went first. Ace stretched out and slowly cantered around the ring. Amy stayed in a half seat and sat the canter on the short side. She reversed and this time, Ace was refusing to go slow, which she quickly fixed. Kiera went next. She was off-balanced and hanging on Silver’s mane. When Silver shook his head on the other side, Kiera plopped back into the saddle, sitting the canter beautifully. It was Ava’s turn.
> Remember Ava, keep Overa nice and slow, we don’t want her taking off again < reminded Miss Jessica.
> I know mom, let me do it < said Ava trying to be responsible.
Ava took off around the turn at a nice even pace and was actually pretty nice but then, things got messy. Overa missed a beat throwing Ava onto his neck and Ava whipped her crop making Silver gallop. Ava was fighting for control but without sitting upright, all she could do was hang on.
> Sit up Ava! < yelled Miss Jessica.
Roncy just noticed that Ava was off the rail and heading for Roncy’s jump record of 3,3.
> Ava! The Jump! Steer Now! < yelled Roncy, dashing out of the spectator area and onto the ring. Ava looked up and was trying to control Overa, who was galloping straight to the vertical.
Roncy did something brave. She ran up to Overa and tried to spook the mare away from the jump. Overa spooked at the waving arms and threw Ava to the ground. Overa slowed slowly to a nice bouncy trot and than to a walk. Miss Jessica ran up and checked Ava. Kayla caught Overa and told Emerson to take Amy and Kiera on a hack on the easy go trail.
> Roncy! Why would you spook Overa! I fell and now my Arm hurts really bad! < screamed Ava at Roncy.
> Ava, Overa was barreling towards a huge jump, a jump you couldn’t take, I,I just didn’t want you to get hurt < apologized Roncy.
> Well I did get hurt! I could’ve taken that jump! You think I can’t jump that! < snapped back Ava, furious to the point of tears.
> Now Ava, if you had jumped that jump you could’ve fallen under Overa and have been trampled, Now lets get you to the doctor, thanks Roncy < said Miss Jessica, helping her daughter to a car.
By the time Roncy was back in the Isle it was already 6 PM but barely sun set. Kayla had gone home and Emerson was hacking with Kiera and Amy. Roncy decided to go home, she had had
enough barn for a day.

Chapter 3 : A Discovery

The next day Roncy was out bright and early at the barn feeding Destiny. Everyone was at a horse clinic so the barn was empty. Roncy had found out that Ava’s fall didn’t effect her health in any way which was a shock to what could have happened. Roncy went to go hack around Overa, who needed some schooling on how to behave. Overa was a bear. All she wanted to do was gallop and jump but Roncy schooled Overa on how to learn to obey commands.
After Overa was done for the day, Roncy was going to take Destiny out into the CC fields. After Overa was put away, Roncy went to Destiny’s stall but Destiny wasn’t there. She went to the field for leased ponies and she wasn’t there. But Roncy did see Ava but Ava wasn’t alone, Ava was with Destiny, jumping.
Roncy snuck behind some bushes and watched. Ava galloped gracefully around the course, beautifully leaping over the brushes and water jumps. Ava really was a pretty rider. Roncy decided to walk up to her which was what she did. Ava looked in shock to see Roncy walking up to her so she hopped off quickly and nervously stood there
> Wow Ava, you looked so good over those fences < said Roncy, both in shock and proud.
> Thanks, before you came to WhisperWind, Destiny was actually mine before my mom started teaching and Destiny was unavailable for most of the time and thats when I bought Overa < explained Ava to Roncy who was untacking Destiny.
> Why is Overa so hard to ride, I hacked her out today and she was just galloping and jumping her little head off < asked Roncy while she led Destiny to the connecting gate that lead into the Leaser/Boarder field.
> Well, Overa used to be a hunt horse, she would sit in the stall for about a week and every Sunday they would go hunting. They were really mean to the horses, spurs,martingales etc. and just ran them up and down hills, through rivers and all It was awful to watch. Overa was advertised as a Show Hunter horse but turned out to be a hunter horse. < said Ava, depressed.
> Why did you buy her than? I’m sure someone demonstrated her. < asked Roncy, curious about Overa.
> Well, the girl who demonstrated her was the owners grand daughter, she actually was a very good rider and Overa seemed to act fine. < said Ava,thinking back.
> Who was the girl? < asked Roncy, pulling up her phone.
> Something, Something Woodhaven < said Ava trying to remember.
Roncy said farewell to Ava and biked home.
Roncy kept searching only for Woodhaven and Overa. At some point she got the ad for Overa and the name was Lucy Woodhaven. Roncy dialed the number.
> Hello, I’m trying to reach Lucy Woodhaven < said Roncy. The other end picked up.
> Lucy is out riding, she will be back soon though, may I asked who is calling and why? < said the man on the phone.
> I am Roncy Vaux and I’m calling because the horse she sold to my friend is acting up in the ring and we wanted to ask how she keeps Overa at bay in the ring. < explained Roncy.
> Oh, well, I was worried that my daughter sold a bad horse. I don’t know much about horses but Lucy loves horses. Overa was her first breeding project for 4-H and her horse went at the auction to a horse sale farm for almost 15 grand. < said Lucy’s dad.
> Wow, do you know why Overa went for so much? < asked Roncy, now curious.
> Well you see, Overa was a already broke filly when she was sold, very rare. The pretty horse is known around our area of Piperville, Overa was a show filly, all the judges loved her. < said Mr. Woodhaven getting comfortable.
> So why did you sell her? < asked Roncy.
> Well, we live on a horse farm, now I don’t know a lot but my wife does, give me a sec, I have to go wash dishes, nice talking to you Roncy. < said Mr Woodhaven.
> Hi Roncy, I’m Mrs Woodhaven. Now my daughter had to sell Overa since she got into breeding horses so much that she loves doing it. Our farm is a breeding and training facility now. At some point we had over 15 foals. Too many for Lucy and me to take care of. Now her grand father use to pay us 135$ a ride to take our Overa out hunting. Lucy at some point had 23 fillies and colts to take care of. If she tried to sell any they wouldn’t go for a lot but if she sold Overa, she couldn’t be abused by her grand father and would bring joy to some one else. < explained her Mom.
> How did she come up at a auction? Didn’t you do a private sale? < questioned Roncy, now hooked on the subject.
> Well we did a private sale to a fancy family with a daughter that needed a pony for showing. But Overa was messed up from hunting so the family sold her to an auction where she was bought by a private sale farm and than to this girl named Ava Twine which I’m sure is your friend. < explained Mrs Woodhaven.
> Yes, thank you for your time I’ll call when Lucy comes back from her ride < said Roncy.
> Oh well here she is now, bye Roncy < said Mrs Woodhaven handing the phone to Lucy..
> Hello? <
> Hi, I’m Roncy, I’m a friend of Ava Twine who owns your old horse Overa? <
> Why yes, Hi Roncy, I’m delighted to talk to you, now you needed help controlling Overa? < greeted Lucy.
> Ya, you see Ava has had trouble keeping Overa at bay in the ring but said that you could. <
> Oh wow um, Overa just needs to be schooled on proper manners again < said Lucy nervously.
> Well ya but Ava said that the owner’s daughter demonstrated her < questioned Roncy.
> I never demonstrated her in front of anyone < said Lucy puzzled.
> Thank you for your help Lucy. < said Roncy and hung up.
Roncy just slumped onto her desk. Roncy’s mom walked in with a bowl of cheese dip and some chips.
> Hi honey! Why the long face? < said Roncy’s mom as she set the snacks down on the desk.
> Horse Problems Mom, Horse Problems. <

Chapter 4 : Horse Problems
Roncy met with Emerson and Kayla at the barn the next morning on a Thursday.
The girls decided that they need to retrain Overa but Kayla had a problem with that.
> Roncy, I know that we need to train Overa but remember Overa will be here forever, Red won’t. < said Kayla worried.
Kayla was right. Overa has time to be trained, Red only has a month.
> Ronc, Kayla’s right Red has only 2 weeks to prove to Jess that she can be a lesson horse however Overa has the rest of her life < added Emerson.
Roncy decided to work with Overa on handling while Emerson and Kayla worked with Red.
Roncy led Overa up and down and put her back and repeat.
* Switching to Kayla and Emerson *
Kayla was on Red. The mare was of course swishing her tail and throwing her head.
Heading for the first jump after warming up. Giving the mare her head, Kayla got over the first fence by a miracle. Holding on for her life Kayla flew over the second on a wild and crazy Red.
Kayla tried to slow the mare with her seat than with her legs. Emerson and now Sarah were sitting on the fence of the outdoor ring.
> Hmm Kayla keep your reins flapping long and leg totally off your horse, were trying to teach her that jumping and being ridden isn’t bad. < said Sarah setting up an 18” cross rail.
Kayla trotted Red over it which the mare seemed to enjoy.
Next she heading for a 2 foot line. Simply a vertical and gate. Cantering slowly Red seemed to have calmed down. Over the first fence Kayla flew keeping her hands and legs off of Red completely. The mare was great!
> Awesome Kay! < said Emerson exited. > Great job, keep up the hard work < said Sarah trying to hide her emotions.
The girls were already done but it was still daylight. They decided to go for a trail ride.
Kayla rode Minty this time and Emerson rode Jack but Roncy rode Overa.
They cantered all along the trail with Jack leading. Occasionally a coup showed up which the girls just leaped over. Every log was cleared and every twig was galloped on. Eventually they came to the clearing. It had 4 logs set up in 1 straight and one diagonal line.
Emerson went first. Jack’s black legs simply flew over the first fence while Emerson was a few steps behind. A tiny little bunny sped under Jack’s legs throwing him to the side and Emerson on his neck. Sit up! Both Roncy and Kayla yelled. But it was too late. Jack was jumping and some how Emerson sat up over the fence. She sat deep in the saddle around the turn. Over the huge log she just soared and the last jump she took no hands.
Kayla went next. Minty threw a buck over the first fence but Kayla stayed up. The second was wobbly and than the third fence was beautiful. Kayla copied Emerson and galloped over the fence with no hands.
Roncy decided not to do it. Overa was still a bit off pace with her training.
The girls headed back and met Ava on Destiny on the way back. Both Emerson and Kayla looked at Roncy funny but Roncy just smiled to see Ava on the trails.
Back at home Roncy snuggled under her covers and drifted off into a dream.
Roncy was on Destiny in show clothes. Ava was on Overa.
The loudspeaker boomed : Ava Twine on Over Achiever First Trip!
Ava and Overa were perfect. Everything was magical. And than it happened. Ava came up to Roncy and said : Wow scrub you sure don’t know anything about Overa me and her rock while you and her sock.
Roncy was in shock. Ava went to join Mackenzie who was on Jack.
> Why are you on Jack! < barked Roncy at Mackenzie.
> Who’s Jack? This is Shadow < said Mackenzie confused.
> Thats Emersons Horse! < fired back Roncy furious.
Emerson came up on Minty. > I’m Emily not Emerson scrub <
Roncy watched as Kayla was on Red but was not coming to her instead to the others.
Roncy was in her worst nightmare! She just wanted to wake up.
It was morning when Roncy woke up from her nightmare.
She didn’t feel like going to school today, it was just friday and Roncy had pretty good grades.
She got dressed in a baby blue polo shirt and some tan britches. Slipping on some black boots and grabbing her purple with pink horses back back she ran down stairs to see that her mom was already gone for dropping off Roncy’s little brother and her dad was already at work.
That was strange. Usually she wakes up and runs downstairs to her brother in his giraffe bib throwing food at the kitchen wall and her dad blocking his shots with his newspaper.
Roncy grabbed some cereal and ate pretty quick. She looked at the clock. It read : 7:30 and her school didn’t start till 9. Outside she heard Emerson and Kayla calling her from the bus. Roncy ran outside and hopped in the bus.
> Didn’t you hear? There was a huge accident on route 89. We’ve been on this bus for almost 2 hours. < said Kayla pulling out her doodle book.
> My Parents are going the opposite direction so they probably just left early, I was puzzled by it. Usually they don’t leave this early unless oh wait todays Donut day at my dads office and its my brothers day in 1st grade to come in early and clean up the classroom < Roncy finally remembered why she woke up to her house empty.
They all talked about training methods for the 2 horses for the next hour and they weren’t even close to the Middle School. Eventually around 12 or so they heard a blue tooth from the principle.
> Dearest bus 4, you will unfortunately not make it to school today since the accident has gravely impacted several attendances. <
The kids cheered. At the next stop they could make it all the parents would be waiting.
Roncy decided that she didn’t want to wait. Mid Traffic she walked up to the bus driver who was playing on her phone and opened the door, running out into the woods of Henrickton. Roncy knows the woods so well that within minutes she was in a trail of WhisperWind.

Chapter 5 : How,Why,What
At the barn Roncy went to go brush Destiny. But she saw someone that had the voice that Roncy couldn’t miss. Lucy Woodhaven! Roncy slipped around the corner into the Indoor and saw Lucy talking with Miss Jessica. > How,Why,What < stuttered Roncy at the sight of a beautiful Black horse that Lucy was holding.
> Ohmigosh, your Roncy!, I’m Lucy and let me explain. < said Lucy with her eyes soft but serious. She led the beautiful Anglo Arab to her stall. 
> Okay, so this is Nexus < said Lucy sitting down on her tack trunk > One of my prize horses that I can’t give up. Remember how I had like 23 foals to take care of? Well now thats down to 11. The 12 went to homes because I finished off their green work and now they are fully adopted and living all in Henrickton. Now I needed a place to keep Nexus. So I heard Overa was kept her so I have Nexus as my own but I’m donating 3 of my Chincoteague Crosses to this farm and thats enough for a years worth of board. My three ponies are perfect from dressage to cross country and even Miss Jessica can ride them! < said Lucy exited.
> What are their names? And can I see them? < asked Roncy getting up.
> They are in the Dry Lot and lets go < said Lucy, mimicking Roncy.
The girls started walking towards the Dry lot while Lucy explained.
> The first one is the finest one and his name is Pipper and his show name is Peter Piper, The second one is my latest one who is only 6 years old but fully broken and her name is Kaya.
My oldest pony and my personal favorite is Trixie who in the show ring is known as Magic Trix. < said Lucy pointing to the three ponies. Pipper was a tiny light bay pony about 11 hands. Kaya was a chestnut about 12 hand and Trixie was a light gray pony with speckles all over.
> So I gotta go but I’ll see you around Roncy, Bye < said Lucy running off to her moms car who was parked with a trailer.
> Roncy your class mates are here time to tack up < said Miss Jessica as Roncy was grooming Destiny till she shone like butter. Roncy put on her tack and slipped the reins over her head. Roncy led Destiny out into the center Isle and into the indoor. The outdoor was Roncy’s favorite but it was used for boarders during her lessons. She led Destiny into the ring and she saw Emerson on Jack and Kayla on Red. They were both mounted and warming up at the walk and trot. Miss Jessica had to finish up some paper work for Sarah and than she could teach. Joy walked in on her palomino Butter and mounted quickly as she saw Kayla and Emerson trotting circles. Roncy was having a hard time keeping Destiny going. Destiny was slowing down and walking whenever she could. Trotting was hard because Destiny was pulling all her weight down and Roncy couldn’t lift her for some reason. When everyone started cantering, all Destiny did was quicken her trot. Roncy grabbed a crop from the side and started tapping Destiny. Destiny threw her head down and bucked, throwing Roncy into the saw dust of the ring. Destiny was galloping franticly around the ring. The world spun for a few seconds but Roncy got up and started after Destiny. Kayla shut the gates and Joy and Emerson were blocking the horse. Destiny was cornered. Just as Roncy grabbed Destiny, Destiny reared but Roncy held her firmly. Miss Jessica walked in with Sarah and ran up to Destiny. > Is she alright? < asked Sarah while her Mom instructed the others. > Ya, I don’t know what’s gotten into her. < said Roncy stroking the mare. > She could be in heat and remember the Indoor isn’t far from the Dry lot where the new ones are kept so she might have gotten a little exited from our new friends < said Sarah untacking the mare. > Take her back into her stall and keep her there for about a week. You could probably ride Overa since we are given Red to Ava < said Sarah who was taking off all the tack.
> Wait, Red is being given to Ava? < asked Roncy confused.
> Oh ya, Overa is now a lesson horse and Red is given to Ava. Kayla decided that since Ava had bonded so well with Red since she came here that she deserved her. Now Kayla will always be able to ride Red but now she has realized that she has outgrown Red and Minty was the right size < said Sarah setting down the tack. Roncy put Destiny back and threw her a flake of hay.
> Think about it Destiny, now Overa is a lesson horse, Ava has a great horse and Red can stay here forever! < said Roncy so loud that the indoor ring kids could hear her. But she didn’t really care.

————————— To be continued —————————

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-04-02 14:55:20
unicorns at sunset chapter 3
by Flame2010

With a flash of golden light a girl appeared on a horse with a snow white coat and hair was a silky gold with a silver feather her name was Emma and her horse Wings with a swan like feathers and silver hooves, together they flew down to the plateau of the unicorns that were standing and Venus the witch looked up and said " i have your precious friends do not come you little human" but wings talked in a proud manner replied " don't you take them to the cave, be fearful of what will come to you!" with her voice Emma said a secret spell, " when she moves to her shadowy path she will not take Sierra and Spirit let the rain melt her away" she whispered Lulu had heard about the powerful girl Emma and her horse Wings she had saved two unicorns from the power seeking witch Venus Snow white tossed her head a greeting to wings and emma as they flew down behind them Lauren and Twilight followed with their eyes shining to greet the heroine and hero that had saved Sierra and her foal spirit from harm emma had heard about Lulu and Lauren from the unicorn elder the Tricorn a unicorn with a wise face and magical powers that helped him to see trouble and other things going on earth his sister was Snow white and his mate was Sierra and his young son Spirit.
Snow white and lulu walked up to wings and emma emma being a friend to lulu caught up and talked with Lauren and Twilight when a unicorn stepped forward with Wings his name was Shadowing a unicorn royal messanger said " Snow white you have done a good work in this world your Father would like you to come home back to Arcadia with your mother and do your royal training to become the Princess because you are hier to the throne, would you consider?." He asked gently Snow White looked sad but replied "yes if lulu could come to see my homeland" "i would be delighted to see your homeland" said lulu.

soon they flied to Arcadia it was beautiful with herds of unicorns eating moon flowers and a palace made of rose quarts appeared
WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN SNOW WHITE'S TRAINING find out in unicorns at sunset chapter 4

user no longer exists & ---
2015-04-04 00:59:10
Title: The Ultimate Avatar
By: Zoe :) (I'm back baby! Oh, and this has not been edited for awhile so sorry! ;) )

Water, Earth, Fire, Air,

Book One of “The Ultimate Avatar” Son Of Fire

Episode I Secrets Withheld

“Come on Fana!” Rocky yelled, as she threw the rope to her. “You can make it!” She yelled again.
“I can’t do it!” Fana yelled back.
“No… No you can’t, not without help.” A calm voice came from a dark corner of the roof.
“Who are you?” Rocky asked. Her voice was louder than the falling rain, which pounded on the tin roof they stood on.
“No time for questions. All you need to know is that I’ll help you.” He answered as he stepped out of the darkness and knelt before them.
He had a black robe on with black pants and a red shirt; his robe went down under his eyes, so all they could see was his mouth and below.
He grabbed Fana’s arm and started pulling her up from the side of the castle.
Fana screams
“My arm! My arm!” Fana repeated
“You’re almost up!” He told her.
When Fana got up Rocky grabbed her other arm and helped her to a straight part of the roof.
Fana groaned as Rocky took the water from the rain and put it on like gloves and started healing her.
“Come with me…” He said
“Can I trust you?” Rocky asked.
“It depends on what you are going to trust me with… Long story short, no. No you may.” He answered Rocky.
He picked up Fana in his arms and carried her to an open window and climbed through it. Rocky followed him.
“Right down here. Be very quiet, anything can wake up Fire Lord Zuko.” He said to her.
They quietly went down a long hall way then they came to a big door and he opened it.
“What are you doing?” she whispered.
“Come on.” He ignored her question and went on.
When they got into the room he laid her young friend on a king sized bed; the bed spread was dark red and golden dragons imprinted on it. Fana got up and held her are.
“Why are we in here…? I thought this was where Fire Lord Zuko’s son lives!” Fana told him
“Oh I guess you got me… drag me into prison for staying in my own room and don’t forgot to add to my records that I was sneaking out and I happen to HELP two girls on the top of My roof that was hurt… “He answered
“Two shay… Wait so you’re THE Fire LORDS Son?!” she asked
“Yes that’s me Zukon…Zuko’s prideful, handsome, strong son… That’s me. The best Fire bender! “He answered.
Fana dropped to her knees
“I am so sorry for being on your roof Prince Zukon, but please spare me and my friend!” Fana begged.
“Get up! Of course I will spare your life and not tell my father. What kind of place would that put me if I told my dad this… Hey Dad I happen to be on the roof last night-“He was telling her but she interrupted.
“You don’t sound like you’re proud of who you are… why?” Rocky asked
“Oh you’re wrong I am very proud but I didn’t want to do this tonight I had something different in mind…” Zukon said.
“Prince Zukon where else would you be?” Rocky asked.
“No were you would need to know.” He answered.
“Oh really…” She said
“Yes really! Now do you want a bed to sleep on or not?!” He asked
“Yes I do… Prince Zukon. Where will I sleep and what would I sleep in?” She asked
“Umm… You will sleep in here with your friend. And for clothes, my sisters have some. I will be right back.” Zukon said
Zukon went out of his room and into the big hall way. He made it to his sister’s rooms and went in Ann Blaze’s room the oldest girl. He snuck into her dressing room and took two night gowns and two day dresses. One of the night gowns was pink with black slippers and other blue with white slippers. One of the day dresses were red with gold lace and the other red with black lace. The red with black lace was a strapless; the red with gold lace had one strap for the left shoulder. He also took some traditional jewelry, hair products, and two pairs of black sandals.
Rocky looked around the room.
“Are you happy?” She asked.
“YES!” Fana answered.
“Well I’m not!” Rocky said
Zukon walks into his bed room
“Here you go girls you pick which one you want.” He told them
“Well… Thank you.” Rocky thanked him by a bow.
“YES THANK YOU!!” Fana thanked him with a hug.
“Oh sorry.” Fana got off of him.
“Anytime… Now I should be going…” He went to leave.
“Prince Zukon… You are going to leave us here? And what if one of your sisters or even father finds out we are here what would happen?” Rocky asked knowing the answer.
He grumbled, and released a sigh of frustration, “Whatever! Go to bed I will sleep in my living room.” He grabs his pillow and a blanket and goes in the other room and shuts the door.
“Hey! Where do we- AH never mind we will find it are self!” She yelled through the door.
“Rocky! We need to be nice to him. He let us stay here for the night.” Fana Told her.
“Me? Be nice to him?! His Grandfather took my family away from me!” She yelled.
“But his father took back the scars that his father, grandfather, and great grandfather did.”
“Scars can’t be healed!” Rocky started to cry but brushed it away.
Zukon mumbled to himself “‘Scars never heal… He took my family away’?” He repeated.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell.” Rocky sat on the red silky bed
“It’s fine…” She hugged Rocky.
Rocky looked around and saw a door and went into it, like she thought it was, it was a bathroom. They both got dressed and then went to bed.
Zukon fell asleep on the floor in the other room, next to the roaring fire.

The next morning at dawn King Zuko was walking to his sons room Zukon.
“Good morning.” Fana sat up in bed.
“Hi…” Rocky slipped out of bed and her hair was everywhere.
“Did you hear something?” Fana asked with a yawn.
“No… wait yes I did! Get under the bed!!” Rocky ordered.
They scrambled under the bed.
The Fire Lord Zuko came into the room.
“Good Morning Son!” Zuko striped off the covers from the bed and opened the shads. Then looked back to the bed, and saw that his son was gone.
“Zukon?” King Zuko ran out of the room and ran into his room where his wife was sleeping. He woke her up
“Mai! Mai! Wake up!” He shakes his wife.
She wakes up
“What is up?” Mai said pulling herself together.
“It’s Zukon! He’s gone!” Zuko was so scared of what he did the night before.
“What?” Mai asked
“Come!” He drags Mai out of bed. She grabbed her robe and put it on.
They opened Zukon’s door.
Fana and Rocky were still under the big bed.
“Oh! Zuko did you check all of his room?” She asked
“Oh…” Zuko look puzzled “No I didn’t.” He smiled trying to make her not be mad at him for waking her up.
“You should have before you woke me up.” She looked around and then went into his living room.
She saw a blanket and a pillow but no Zukon.
The girls peaked out under the bed and looked around. King Zuko opened the door and saw them. Rocky grabbed Fana by the arm. Fana yelped.
“Fana!” She whispered
Zuko walked slowly to the bed.
“Zuko…” Mai look back to him “Zuko what are you doing?” She asked him
“Mai I saw a face!” He walked closer.
“What?” Mai asked she walked close to her husband.
He slowly started to lift the blanket on the bed.
Rocky backed up and took Fana with her.
“Got you!” He lifted in all the way but no one was there Fana and Rocky slipped out of the door into the hallway.
“That was so close!” Fana said. Rocky and her went to turn around and in front of them was.
“What are you doing out?!” Zukon asked.
“Well we had to your father and mother is in your room looking for you!” Fana told him.
“Oh! Did they see you?” He asked
“Well they saw our heads.” Fana answered him
“Oh no! Come on!” He grabbed their arms and ran down the hall.
One of his sisters was coming down the hall so they ran the other way.
So they ran the other way. Mai his mom and Zuko his dad was coming out of his room.
“Oh!” Rocky hit the stone floor with her right foot and they fell in a hole that it made... It was like an earth bender did it.
“Ah!” Zukon screamed as they fell.
“You sound like a girl!” Fana giggled.
Rocky hit the sides of the hole with her hands and made a floor.
“Yeah I agree, you can stop now. We have landed.” She smiled but it wasn’t like he could see it.
It was pitch dark.
“Ha ha! Now how do we get out?” He asked
“Hold on. We need to stay here until your we can find out a way out… ‘K?” Fana asked
“Fine, until then… What are your names?” he asked
“My name is Fana the one who hugged you…” Fana blushed but he didn’t see that in the dark either.
“And my name is Rocky the one who didn’t hug you but I rather hit you.” Rocky crossed her arms.
“Well, you can try Rocky…But I don’t think it will hurt me.” He smiled.
“Umm I don’t think you would want her to do that!” Fana told him.
“Why you’re the earthbender, your hits would hurt… Now for girls, I don’t think that would hurt…” He told them
“OW! Fana why did you do that!? You know your hits are harder than hers!” He asked rubbing his arm.
“I didn’t I am over here. And I’m not a- Ow!” She rubbed her arm
“So girls’ punches wouldn’t hurt you, huh?” She asked him.
“Whatever. I don’t like it in the dark let’s get out of here.” He told them still rubbing his arm.
“Why, are you scared of the dark?” Rocky ask with a laugh.
“No! I am scared of what you guys will do in the dark!” He said starting a fire in his hand.
“Whatever. Fana lets go.” Rocky said
Rocky hit the sides with both of her feet. And it moved the rock.
They came out into a lake that had a horse farm next to it. And she closed the hole when Zukon was not looking. They saw a bay horse and a pinto.
“Oh pintos I love those kind of horses!” Fana told them.
“So Rocky, now try and hit me. I dare you!” He deviously grinned.
“Okay.” Rocky slapped him.
“OW!” He screamed.
“So… Let’s eat, I’m hungry.” Rocky turned her head towards Fana.
“Rocky, wait a minute.” He rubbed his arm.
“What?” She turned her head back to Zukon.
“You’re a waterbender… You have to be. I saw you heal you friend, right?” He asked
“Yes why?” She asked as she played with her hands behind her back.
“But your name… It’s an earthbender name.” He looked to her with eyes like a hawk.
“So… I gave myself that name.” She answered.
“Fana…” He looked to Fana.
“Yes?” Fana answered
“Earthbend for me.” In the corner of his mouth was a confident smirk.
“Umm…” Fana looked to Rocky then to Zukon.
“Thought so…” He now had a full fledge smile on his face.
“So?” She played again with her hands.
“Watch out!” He threw fire at her.
“WHAT!” She dodged it.
He kept on throwing fire at her.
She used her airbending to block one and other fire another, and the last was earth.
“Oh!” Zukon dropped to his knees. “You’re… you’re the Avatar!”

Episode II
The Avatar
“So what,” She asked

“But. But I thought Avatar Korra and Avatar Aang were the Avatar…” He answered.

“Of course Avatar Korra and Avatar Aang are…” She told him.

“Then how are you and Avatar Korra the next Avatars! There has never been more the one!” Zukon was very confused.

“Look we know that there has only been one, so that’s why we are here… To talk with your father.” She looked towards her friend. “Now can we get something to eat?” She asked again.

“Okay I can handle this.” He told himself. “Wait girls…” He walked closer to them.

“Yes?” They both asked.

“Are you going to go into town… like that?” He pointed to their clothes.

“Why… OH! I forgot we aren’t changed out of our night gowns!” Fana blushed deep red as she hid behind a tree.

“Oh Fana it’s not like we have no clothes… Come on I brought our day dresses.” She grabbed her bag that had been with them and took out of it two dresses and gave one to Fana.
Rocky hit the ground and it made and dressing room.

“I’m over here,” Zukon walked towards the horse farm and knocked on their door.

A guy with a beard came to the door “Hello?” The man asked

“Hello Sir I am Prince Zukon, and me and my friends need to borrow some horses,” Zukon told him.

The girls got on the dresses. Fana had on the strapless one and Rocky had on the one strapped dress. Rocky placed her hair up in a bun, and held it in with embroiled clip of fire on it. Fana braided her hair, and tied it with red ribbon. Fana and Rocky both put bracelets on their arms, and sandals on their feet. They also put hoop earrings in their ears. Rocky put on a golden necklace with red rubies, while Fana put on golden necklace with beads and red gemstones. After they were done they walked to Prince Zukon and the farmer.

“Oh I see… Beautiful choices my Prince, of course you may borrow my horses… You can have my eagelorses.” He smiled as he took Fana’s hand and kissed it and then took Rocky’s hand and kissed it.

“Oh! Ah thank you... I guess” Rocky rubbed the kiss off her hand.

“Thank you Sir.” Zukon opened up his left hand and made a fist with his other and put them together and bowed his back a little with his head down. The man did the same.

Zukon turned around and saw the girls “Well I never thought-,” He paused.

“Never thought what?” Rocky asked as she crossing her arms.

“Never mind… His horses are over here.” He led them to the horses.

“Yippy! I love horses,” said Fana as she jumped in the air and clipped her hands.
“I’ll take that one!” She pointed to a gold coated blond haired mare.

Zukon picked out a black horse with a star on it’s forehead it was a stallion.
Rocky jumped over the fence and walk towards the middle she touch the ground with her hand for she could feel if a horse was jumpy, mean, nice, or calm. She walked over to a stall and opened it up.
It was a beaten scared white horse, with a black star on its forehead.

“I want this one,” she rubbed the horse’s neck “Good girl,” She told her new horse

“How do you even know it’s a girl?!” Zukon ask

“Well if you really need to know-,” She turned to tell him.

“Never! NEVER-mind,” He led his horse out of the stone wall and tacked him up.
“My Eagleorses’s name is Dark Fire. What about yours?” He asked.

“Mine is Agape. Because I had a horse and her name was Agape and well… she ran away,” Fana squeezed her horse’s neck.

“Wow, I am so touched, I am going to cry…” Rocky said sarcastically, “my Eagleorses name is, Pastel.”

“Cool!” Fana exclaimed.

“I know right,” Rocky was so proud of her self.

“Shouldn’t we be going?” Zukon asked them. “And where are we going?” He asked more questions.

“Umm I don’t know… Oh I got a idea how about we!!!” Rocky’s voice got high pitched “Go see you father… You ding bat!” Her voice went back to low and it made him feel stupid.

“Whatever.” Zukon got on his horse. They all tacked up and rode to the palace.
They made it there around 10:36 a.m.

“Prince Zukon…” Rocky asked.

“Yes?” He answered.

“Don’t tell your dad I am the avatar… please.” She looked to the ground.

“I won’t-,” He turned when the big door opened. To his surprise… It was his father.

as the father:“Oh, Zukon, where have you been?!” King Zuko asked. Mai was right behind him.

“I just went for a walk, I got lost and found this horse… and found them?” Zukon added.

“Well, who’s them?” Asked Mai his mother.

“Umm…” Zukon looked at Rocky.

“I’m Rocky, and this is my dear friend Fana.” She answered.

as the Father: “So nice to meet you.” King Zuko bows.

Rocky and Fana bows their heads.

as the Father: “Oh, Zukon help this young lady down I will help the one called ‘Rocky’.” Zuko walk to Rocky and started helping her down.
as the father: “So Rocky’s your name…” He asked

“Yes your majesty.” She tried her best to get down for she had never ridden side saddle.

as the Father: “Okay so which of you girls are my son’s girlfriend?” He asked.

Fana yelped as Zukon had almost dropped her when he had heard his fathers’ question. Fana quickly got to the ground, and Rocky slipped from the saddle from the back. King Zuko grabbed her ankle and Zukon grabbed her and he fell on his back and she fell on top of him.
as the Father: “Oh! Never mind I think I know who.” He pushed away his laugh but it was in his smile and his voice.

and “Oh, oh no. We aren’t-, I mean I’m not-,” They said it at the same time as they both stumbled onto their feet.

as Father: “Oh you aren’t then why did he catch you?” Zuko asked.

“Because anyone would catch a girl in need… Like you, you would catch mom if she fell.” Zukon responded for Rocky.

as the Father: “Yes I would, but only to the people I loved.” His father replied.

“Of course, me too… I would only catch the person I loved too-, Oh I didn’t mean that in that way!” he blushed.
Rocky’s eye went wide and her cheeks went red. King Zuko went from looking at his son to looking at Rocky. Rocky turned away.
as the Father: “Oh… I see. What about you do you like my son?” He asked Rocky.
“Oh-,”She couldn’t find any words.

as the Father: “Wait… What am I doing?” He put his hand on his head.

“Yes Zuko what are you doing?” Mai asked.

as the Father: “Oh come along kids.” He led them into the palace and he brought them to the living room.
Rocky and Zukon both signed a sigh of relief.
“I will be right back… With a friend,” He left the room and went down the hall to a bedroom and knocked on it.
A voice came through the door.

“You can come in Zuko,” She answered.
He went in.
“Please sit down,” The blind lady told him.

as the Father:“Thank you… Toph I need your help, well more like a favor,” he played with his hands.
as the Father:“It a girl my son brought, she not who she says she is… I can feel it, I need you to help me...” Fire Lord Zuko asked.

“You want me to help you hurt her?” Toph asked.

as the Father:“No! I want you to help me make her reveal her true self by trying to hurt her… Get it?” Fire Lord Zuko stood up from his chair.
They soon returned to where Rocky, Fana, Queen Mai, and Prince Zukon was sitting.
as the Father:“Rocky… Please stand up,” Fire Lord Zuko ordered.

Rocky stood up. Fire Lord Zuko nodded his head to Toph.

“Father?!” Prince Zukon stood up.

as the Father:“Sit down Zukon! This isn’t your fight,” He snapped at Prince Zukon.

as the Father:“NOW!” He though fire.
She ducked. Toph Earth Bended at her. She redirected the rock back to Toph.

“That’s not what I wanted to do today!” She dogged fire again.

“Rocky watch out!” Prince Zukon yelled as he ran and pushed her out of the way of a rock that Toph though.

Rocky got mad… Like really mad. Her eyes turned blue and her birthmark on her left shoulder turn blue too. Rocky through fire and rocks at them then to block their fire and rocks she used her airbending to help. She then gathered water from the tea made a big ball and put it around them and froze the outside. They could swim around but could not earth bend or fire bend in it, she used the time in there to freeze their hands into handcuffs and tied down their feet to the ground. She turned the ball into water and the water clasped onto the tile floor. Her eyes went to normal and so did her birthmark. she fainted in the air.
Prince Zukon caught her and brings her to a chair.

“Astel!” Fana yelled as she ran to the side of Rocky.

as the Father:“She’s, she’s the Avatar but she can’t be!” He repeated.

“Yes so cool now can someone get me out!” Toph straggled to get loose of the frozen handcuffs.
(3 hours later)

“Astel, Astel, Astel wake up…” Fana shake Astel again.
(Doors bursting open)

“Avatar Korra, Avatar Aang thank you for coming,” Mai brought them into a bedroom where Astel used to be known as Rocky was sleeping.

“How is this? Me and Avatar Aang are the only two Avatar and he is not going to be an Avatar any more after my training is done,” Avatar Korra asked King Zuko.

as the Father:“All I know is she tried getting into the palace last night but my service wouldn’t let them in so they clubbed up the palace and my son found them,” He answered Avatar Korra.

“May I speak with this girl?” Asked Avatar Aang

as the Father:“Yes right over here,” King Zuko led Avatar Aang to the bedside of Astel.

“Now, who are you?” Avatar Aang asked Fana.

“Hello, my name is Fana I am Astel’s friend,” She answered.

“I thought your friend’s name was Rocky, right?” He questioned.

“Well she did that so people wouldn’t know who she was, so she changed her name,” Fana answered.

“Oh I see, where did she live?” Avatar Aang eyes led to her shoulder. “What is that?” He pointed to Astel’s shoulder.
Avatar Korra, King Zuko, Mai, Master Sokka, Master Katara, Master Suki, and Master Toph. They all went over to Astel when Avatar Aang pointed to her shoulder.

“Avatar Aang dear, I think you’re on to something, Fana honey where did she get the birthmark?” Katara asked.

“Oh I can’t say, sorry,” Fana told them.

as the Father:“But, please tell us,” King Zuko pleaded.

“What happened?” Astel asked as her eyes opened.

“Oh Astel, you're awake!” Fana hugged her friend.

“What, awake I was always awake?” She told them.

“No, you haven’t been awake, you went into the Avatar Stage and after that you fainted,” Said Fana.

“No-... AH!! What are all these people doing here?!” She asked as she screamed in Avatar Aang’s face.

“Astel after you went in the Avatar Stage, King Zuko… Well they got the idea that you’re the Avatar so we called everyone here…” Fana answered her friend.

“Oh… So everyone knows about… What it’s about?” Astel asked wide eyed

“Well most everyone…” Fana told her.

“I think I am going to faint!” She fell back onto her pillow.

“Oh! Don’t worry! Prince Zukon will catch you!” Sokka teased.
Suki, Avatar Aang. Avatar Korra, The Fire Lord Zuko, Katara, and Toph gave a chuckle

“OH YOU DIDN’T!” Astel got up her face was red.

“Step back Master Sokka!” Fana warned him. “Astel calm down!” Fana pushing Astel away from Sokka.

“I can take him! Let me at him, let me at him!” Astel pushed harder.

“I am not worried about you getting hurt. I am worried for him.” Fana smiled at Sokka.

“Oh… I guess you’re right.” Astel calmed down. “But don’t ever do that again!” Astel threatened.
Sokka now came out behind his wife Suki where he was hiding. Astel hit the ground and a rock came up and hit Sokka on the nose.
“Ah!” Sokka rubbed his nose. His wife Suki kissed her finger and put it on his nose.

“I don’t know who this girl is… But I like her!” Toph smiled.

“You know what…” Avatar Aang said sitting down.

“What? Do you not think I can’t be the next Avatar?” asked Astel.

“No… I think you have a temper, and you remind me of someone,” He told her.

“Who? Me?” Toph asked.

“No very close to you Toph. But I meet her a long time ago when I was a little boy at the Air Temple, but she was no Air bender, nor Fire Bender, nor Water Bender, and not an Earth Bender… She was a-,” Avatar Aang stopped when he saw a maid come in with tea. “I would like some please,” He said taking his tea from the young girl.

Episode III
History’s Secrets
“GO ON!” Begged Sokka now sitting on the floor.

“Yes, I want to know what bender she is,” Fana agreed with Sokka.

“Sh!” Sokka hushed Fana.

“Now where was I? Oh yes… She was a-.” he paused, “a Normal named Ella,” Avatar Aang told them.

“A Normal?” King Zuko walked forward. Avatar Aang nodded his head.
“Ah man! I thought she would be a super person,” Sokka looked to the ground.

“I thought she might be a medal bender… Like me,” Said Toph.

“Be quite the story isn’t over!” Avatar Aang shushed them all.

“Well honey, I never heard this story…” Said Katara as she sat in a chair and drank Jasmine tea.
Avatar Aang went on.

“Well, she told me about her history, and it was fascinating. Her grandmother had an uncle that was a part of a secret D.N.A project at the Air Temple, and one day her Grandmother Kayla snuck in. You see she would visited her Uncle a lot so no one thought she was up to something, but instead of coming along, she came with a boy her age his name was…Fredy.

“Come on Fredy!” Kayla whispered to her friend as they went into the project room wherever kind of D.N.A was but some creators.

“Are you sure we can come in?” Asked Freddy.

“Yes. I come here all the time, now come on before someone sees us in here,” Kayla ordered.

“Fine, what are we doing here again?” Freddy asked as he stepped in the door.

“We are mixing D.N.A. I told you that!” Kayla barked.

“Okay.” Freddy got to the table where all the D.N.A.s was, and where Kayla was.

“Hand me the D.N.A.” Kayla told him as she put on gloves.

“Here,” He passed her four D.N.A. samples.

“One of the Samples was a Dragon’s D.N.A., another Flying Bison’s D.N.A., another Gofer’s D.N.A., and the last Fresh Sea Water. They mixed them and then they put it in the own D.N.A. in their bodies,” Avatar Aang told the story.

“A big man came in the Project room and found them; he took them to the Bosses office,”

“So you names are Kayla and Freddy… Right?” The boss asked. They could not see his face because his chair was turned away from them.

“Yes sir,” Kayla answered with her eyes looking at her floor.

“Why were you in the Project room?” The Boss asked.

“Because I was looking for my uncle sir,” She replied.

“Did your uncle know you were coming?” The Boss asked.

“No sir,” She now looked at her friend.

“I don’t believe you, went to in there to find your uncle!” The Boss stood up and turned around. He was an old man with a bald head and arrows on his head with a beard.

“Why not sir?” Kayla asked.

“Because! Tell me what you were doing in there NOW! The Boss came closer and closer to them.

“Freddy was very scared, but Kaya had no fears,” Avatar Aang smiled and looked Astel in the eye.
Astel turned away.

“Kayla’s eyes went blue for a short second and a birthmark on her left arm went blue,” Avatar Avatar Aang then looked again at her but at her birth mark instead.

“Stop or else!” Kayla worried.

“Or what?” The Boss asked. “Are you going to bend at me?” He laughed.

“Yes, I think I will!” She said in a sassy as she lifted her hands and nodded at Freddy.

“She hit her foot on the floor a rock came up and hit the man; fire came out of her hand. He jumped and by the time he air bended it away from him they were gone,” Avatar Aang looked at the people on the floor, and smiled.

“Is that all?” Katara asked.

“Yes… Well,” Avatar Aang smiled again. “They later got married and had babies… of course. Kayla’s Granddaughter was Ella, my friend. Even Ella had a birthmark on her left shoulder. No one knows not even Kayla and Freddy, knows how they got the birthmark on their left shoulder. After a few decades they had people come after them to get the D.N.A. so they kept it a secret to this day. Not even the people themselves know they have mixed D.N.A.s. Now I am done,” While he was telling the story, Prince Zukon was out in the courtyard.

“So, what do you think I am like her?” She rolled her eyes.

“Well… Don’t you think you should be like your family?” Avatar Aang asked.

“Of course, and I am,” She answered.

“Then there you have it,” He grinned.

“What?” Astel questioned.

“You are like your family… Your family is Kayla’s,” He’s eye sparkled like a star.

“No! That can’t be! I have no mixed D.N.A.!” She told him.

“Well sorry but I guess you do, I knew you weren’t the new Avatar.” Korra rolled her eyes.

“What do you mean?!” Astel got up walked closer to Korra.

“I know you knew that already, and you just wanted attention,” Korra told her.
“You got it or do you need me to spell it out for you?!” Korra made a baby face at her.

“Oh really! You needed to train to be the Avatar! I could do what you’re going to LEARN when I was a baby!” Astel got in Korra’s face.

“Ouch!” Sokka laughed.
Korra stepped one step closer to Sokka and he ran behind Suki.

“Sokka. Come out,” Suki told him.

: “Okay let’s do it!” Korra stuck her hand out and pointed it out the window to the court yard.

“Fine let’s!” Astel went to walk out of the room with Korra behind her. When The Fire Lord Zuko went in front of Astel and stopped her and Avatar Aang went in front of Korra.

“Stop this now!” Ordered Avatar Aang. “If you two are going to act like two year olds then we will treat you guys like it!” He told them
Avatar Aang was a very wise man in his day so when he would tell someone to do something they did it.

“Oh burn!” Sokka laughed again.
But this time instead of just one of them threatening him the both of them threatened him. He of course hid behind his wife… Again.

“Fire Lord Zuko can we use two of your rooms?” Avatar Aang turned to Zuko and asked.

as the Father:“Yes. You may,” Fire Lord Zuko answered.

“Katara please take Astel to a room. Korra, I can see her doing something like that but you have been trained to put yourself behind, I am very disappointed in you! Suki please take Korra to a room too,” Avatar Aang turned away and faced the window.

“Yes, dear,” Answered Katara.

“Yes, Aang,” She answered Avatar Aang.
They took the girls and put them in septet rooms, along.

Astel crashed on the bed.

“He can’t do this to me!” Astel yelled into the pillow.

as The Father: “Son, why are you out here?” King Zuko ask Zukon.

“I was thinking…” He answered.

“About what?” His father asked with his hand on Zukon shoulder.

“How I got into it… And about last night,” Zukon answered.

“Oh, i see,” His father left Zukon.


“Who is it?” Astel asked with her face on her pillow.

“Me Fana your friend…” She answered.
“Come in,” She said sitting up.

“I brought you food,” She said bring in a plaint of rice and beans.

“Oh I hate beans!” She said as she looked at the plait of food.

“Come on… Do you remember what your mother would say?” Fana asked.

“NO NO PLEASE SPARE ME!” Astel begged. “what if someone hears you!” Astel freaked out.

The others heard the yelling and ran to see what it was. Zukon went with them.
They all stopped at the door when Avatar Aang told them too.

“Beans beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel so eat some beans with every meal!” Fana sang the song and did a little dance just to tease her friend.
The next she knows everyone was on the floor laughing. Sokka was laughing so much that he was crying. Zukon held back his laugh. Astel was so embarrassed that she hid her face in a pillow. Fana blushed like crazy and stood there watching everyone laugh.

“Opps!” She smiled. “So everyone heard who used to say that?” She asked knowing her friend would almost die if they knew it was her mother that said that all the time.

“Umm yes,” Sokka answered think that she was asking if they knew that Fana said that.

“Sorry Astel, well I should say sorry to your mother now everyone knows she says that all the time-” Fana realized that they thought that made it up.

“FANA!!” Astel’s eye darted right for Fana’s eyes.

“Opps!” She cowered.
The laugh begin again but it was more louder because Prince Zukon was laughing too.
Astel blushed the darkest red in THE WORLD!

“Wait, wait… So your mom said that to you?!” Sokka laughed.

“SO!? I have heard a lot more embarrassing things about you in the water tribe!” She had her sassy face on.

“Wow like thats going to stop my laugh!” He answered.
“Oh, King Zuko do you remember that time when you went into Sokka’s tant and he had a rose in his mouth and candles lite?! Not just a second ago did he see Suki going to his tent but she ran back to hers!” She asked King Zuko.

“I did.” He answered.

“Zuko! I thought you were on my side!” Sokka had his mad face on.

“There!” She felt so proud of her self.

“What does that prove?!” Sokka standing up and walked closer.

“Sokka this is no time,” Avatar Aang interrupted.

“Yes Sokka!” Suki agreed.

“You now may tell us your plans… Astel,” Avatar Aang said as he waited at the door.
Every now got up from the floor and most of them went out of the room.
“Oh… my plan…” Astel stuttered, the eyes stared at her, “I- I-...” she looked down, “Fana-,”
“Astel, what is wrong?” Avatar Aang.
“We need to go!”Astel grabbed Fana’s hand, and ran out of the room.
“Huh?!” Fana followed behind.
“Astel!” Prince Zukon yelled after her.
Just then Astel hit the ground with her foot, (THUD), and both Astel and Fana went down into the ground.Toph, hit the ground with her foot, (THUD) and went into the ground after Astel and Fana. She came back up shortly after.
(Sigh) “They got out from under the castle, they headed south… we can still catch them if we hurry!” Toph informed.
“Now what?” Zukon asked.
“We wait… Avatar Astel will be seen around, so we will send word to the three other nations telling them of her,” King Zuko put his hands behind his back, and walked calmly away.
Zukon sighed.
“Prince Zukon, listen to your father… don’t get any ideas.” Avatar Aang, bowed toward Zukon, but when he came up, he gave a slight wink, “Korra,” Avatar Aang called to her.
“Yes, Avatar Aang?” Korra walked in.
“Come, I want to talk to you…”
: “Avatar Aang walked out of the room into the garden, with Korra behind him.”
“What now?” Katara looked to Sokka.
“I don’t think Avatar Aang is not going to do anything.” Zukon told, staring down at the floor.

Episode VI
Meet Quinn

Astel and Fana made their way through the tunnel Astel made with her hands, until a light showed ahead. Astel and Fana walked out into the sunlight. They were up to their shoulders in a tallgrass field.

“What was that all about?!” Fana retreated her wrist from Astel’s grip.

“My plans all changed after that story! I thought I was the Avatar-, but now… now I’m just a Normal with mixed D.N.A-,” she paused, then went on in a mumble, “I’m nothing special.”

Fana marched over to Astel and slapped her across the face!

"Ow!" Blood filled Astel's cheeks, as she rubbed her face.

Fana took hold of Astel's shoulders,"Shut up!" Fana ordered, "you are special, so talk like it," Fana gave a smile.

"Well ya didn't have to come over here and slap me to tell me that!" Astel chuckled, she loved it when Fana went all rude on her, it made her-... Happy.
"Sorry," Fana smiled sheepishly, "now come on, let's go to-... Where are we going?" Fana bobbed her head up in down.

"We are going to the air temple to find some answers!" Astel said, as she took Fana's arm into her and smiled. The two girl started to walk through the tall grass behind the Fire Castle,"first we will go into town, buy a map, and-..." Just then Astel's and Fana's mouths dropped as the giant Appa landed before them in the tall grass, "is that-!"

"Appa!" Fana screamed as she ran towards the beast with open arms, and met it with a huge around his front right leg. His fur felt like fluff, and snow. She closed her eyes, and gave out a sigh of delight.

"Fana!" Astel ran after Fana, "you can't just run up to Avatar Aang's pet and- well... pet him!" Astel scolled.

"But he is so cute and fluffa!" She said in a rather deep voice with high pitched a beginnings and ends. Fana walked to the front of Appa, and placed her hands on his black shiny nose, "You're so cute! Yeah you're so cute!" She said to Appa in the same voice. Appa started talking back with moans and small low growls. He didn't seem mad, but instead happy for this company.

"Ugh!" Astel brought her hand up hard against her forehead, sighed, and rolled her eyes.

"Hey Astel! We can ride Appa to the Air Temple... In fact we need to ride Appa, because there is no other way!" Fana smiled with delight, that she just might get to ride this fluffy beast.

"Uh, I have Airbending, da!" Astel retorted firmly, "and beside you couldn't pay me to ride that fleabag!" She placed her hand on her hip.

When Appa heard "fleabag" his ears went up, and he turned to Astel and growled. Fana did the same, and placed both hands on her hips.

"What?" Astel as defensively and shrugged. Fana and Appa both replied with rolling their eyes and a small sigh, "whatever... I am going into town to get a map, and you can stay here with the fleabag.."

Appa and Fana turned back to each other and Fana started to pet him again, "okay," she smiled, “you're so cute! Yes you are, yes you are!” Fana told Appa as Astel started off to the town.

Astel turned to the town that laid just beyond the grassy fields, and started walking in a slow but steady pace towards it. The sun was just about to set behind the Rocky Mountains of the Fire Nation, and the moon arose on the opposite side of the sky. When Astel made it to the end of the field, she jumped into the crowd of people that filled the market area. Music of drums, flutes, and a banjo, filled the air, accompanied by the smell of baked strudels, pies of all sort, chickens over the fire, and stews with beef and pork in them. Astel looked strangely at all the people dressed in their best clothes that made the crowd. There also was a small circle area where Astel watched couples dancing to the music.
It isn’t a holiday, so why the party? She asked herself. Just then her shoulder was taped on, she turned around to met an older woman’s face, covered in wrinkles, and freckles. The woman had her silver hair up in a bun, held by a red band. She had on red silk that went around her back, and chest. Her shoulders were bare, as was it above her clavicle. She had on a red skirt that went above her ankles, and a strip of black silk wrapped around her stomach. She had hoop earrings hanging down from her earlobes, and gold bracelets. She was short, and broad, with sandals strapped around her feet.

“Excuse me Miss?” The woman’s creaky voice asked.

“Yes?” Astel answered.

“My name is Jenna, and this is my grandson Quinn.” The old woman gestured to someone standing behind Astel. Astel turned around again, and looked down expecting a little grandson, when her eyes fell upon the feet of a man. Her eyes slowly followed up to the face of the well built, tall, handsome, young man. He smiled sheepishly, as his green eyes gazed into Astel’s. He wore a dark red silk shirt outlined with black, that left his arms bare, and that went to his thighs. Black thick pants crawled down his legs and went into his black leather boots. He had brown hair, that was tied back in a ponytail. It also had an embroidered pin in his hair of the Fire Nation sign.

“Hey…” she smiled more sheepishly back.

“My grandson-,” the woman went to go on.

“Thank you Grandmother,” Quinn put his hand on his grandmother’s bare shoulder.

“I wanted to ask you if you would like to dance?” He asked as his hope slowly rose.

“I-,” she paused, and remembered that they had a long journey ahead, “no thank you,” she watched as his hopes fell, “But, I would love it if you would accompany me for a walk around the marketplace?” She asked biting her lip.

“I would be honored,” he smiled, and took her arm into his. They then started to walk to the small shops that outlined the crowd.

“So why the party?” Astel asked.

“To honor Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra with their unexpected visit of course!” He smiled.

“Of course…” she mumbled.

“So, I never caught your name?”

“Oh yes, please do forgive me, my name is-,” Just then Astel was interrupted by the silents that now surrounded her. The music had paused, as did the dancing, and all eyes were turned to the castle stairs, where Avatar Aang, Avatar Korra, King Zuko, Queen Mia, Prince Zukon, with his sisters, Katara, Sokka, Suki, and Toph walked down the stairs and into the gathering. Astel and Quinn had not traveled far into the crowd, but instead they were one of the closest people to the stairs.
Astel’s eyes locked on Prince Zukon with his tall, slim, strong figure, with fiery eyes, not of anger but burning with gentleness and love. She focused on his eyes until his eyes met her’s. She looked away, then glanced quickly to see if he had recognized her. She didn’t dare breathe, nor look away until she knew he didn’t see her. But unliked she hoped, his fiery eyes were now wide, and his naturals breathing in air heavily. He stood next to his father as they all paused for the Avatar was to speak.

“Thank you friends, I am very delighted to be here with you all. Continue,” Avatar Aang smiled, and bowed.

The music then began to play, and people continued to dance, and laugh. Just then Astel’s eyes followed Prince Zukon, as he whispered something into Avatar Aang’s ear, then his fathers. They both looked to him, then he pointed to Astel and Quinn. Astel’s eyes went wide, as she turned around and grabbed Quinn by the arm, “Hey how ‘bout that dance?” She asked as she dragged him to the dance floor.

“Okay.” Quinn answered. They joined hands, started to skid around the circle with other couples.

“So… Your name?” Quinn asked again.

“Oh yes… well it’s-,” Astel was interrupted by a voice calling her name, she looked around the crowd, and saw Prince Zukon making his way through the crowd to the dance floor. She noticed his eyes were not locked on them, but instead searching the rest of the dancers. He had not found her yet.
“Hey, do you know how to dip?” She asked.

“Huh?” He responded confused.

“Dip?” She asked again.

“Oh to dip in a dance?” He questioned.

She nodded her head.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“Dip me!” She bit her lip, as Prince Zukon had now made it to the edge of the dance floor, and they were heading his way.

“Okay,” Quinn then spun her around, then dipped her as they passed Prince Zukon, “Hey that was Prince Zukon!” Quinn pointed out.

“Oh really! I’m getting tired lets go for a walk!” She suggested as they jumped back into the crowd of people.

“Astel!” Zukon shouted over the music as he saw Astel leading Quinn away into the crowd.

Just then Quinn grabbed Astel’s hand, as they got out of the crowd, “Wait-,” She halted and looked back to him, “what is your name?” He asked again.

“It is-,” Just then Zukon was now in sight but kept away from them by the crowd, he shouted her name once more.

“Astel!” He shouted.

“It’s Astel,” she mumbled.

“The girl Prince Zukon is yelling for?” Quinn questioned.

“Yeah… and I really don’t want to see him!”Astel started to run again, and took Quinn with him. Just then Zukon finally got out of the crowd, his eyes searched the street that Astel and Quinn had ran down. Just then he say Quinn’s back disappearing into the darkness of the night that was coming.

“Astel! I order you to come here! The man with you must obey me! Come out now!” Zukon yelled into the darkness.

“I have to obey…” Quinn paused.
“Quinn please!” Astel begged.

“Who are you Astel?” He asked.

Zukon could hear their voices in the dark, and followed it.


“A thief? Murder?” Quinn asked.

“No, no, no I’m not wanted! I promise…” She looked down and held his hand in her’s.

It took little time for Zukon’s eyes to adjust to the darkness, as he made out the form of Astel and Quinn.

“Then who are you?” He asked persistently.

“I’m the-,” Just then Zukon lashed out with fire, and Astel put it out with water, then he through some fireballs, as she blew them out with wind. Quinn’s eyes grew wide. Astel grabbed his hand, and hit her foot hard against the ground, and they fell through it, and where they were was replaced with rocks.

“Dang nabbit!” Grunted his teeth. Astel and Quinn didn’t travel far underground but came up behind a booth in the crowd.

“You're the-,” Quinn was interrupted by Astel’s hand that covered his mouth.

“Yes, yes… and I need your help!” She begged. He nodded his head, and Astel slowly took her hand away from his mouth.

“What can I do?” He asked.

“I need to get some supplies; a map, blankets, food, and water… could you get those things for me? Everyone out there knows me-,” She was interrupted.

“I will,” he gave a slight smile, as he walked back into the crowd. Quinn went booth to booth, shop to shop gathering all the things Astel had asked for and more. He returned to Astel carrying them in a bag, slung around his right shoulder, “I got ‘um.”

“Thank you!” Astel gave him a quick hug, then blushed, and brushed back a strain of her hair, “Follow me!” She instructed as they made their way through the crowd, ignoring Avatar Aang and Korra, the Queen and King with the Princesses, Katara, Sokka, Suki, and Toph. But Astel had forgotten the legends of Master Toph… that she can’t see with her eyes… but her feet… Toph walked up to Aang.

“Aang!” She whispered in his ear.

“What?” He asked.

“Astel the Normal, and a young man are running into the grass fields.” Toph informed.

“Really? What did the man look like?” He asked.

“Well I don’t know, you ding bat! I can’t see remember?!” She hit him in the arm.

“Oh yes…”Aang rubbed his arm.

“Well are ya gonna get her?” Toph questioned.

“Well.. I suppose we should,” he sighed.

“Yeah…” she rolled her eyes.

“Where are we going?” Quinn asked.

“You’ll see,” she smiled.

“Great…” Quinn sighed.

Just then Quinn and Astel walked onto a cleared area where there once was grass.

“Fana! Appa!” Astel yelled out.

“Oh good!” Fana and Appa came closer to them, “I didn’t know if it was you,” Fana smiled.

“Fana meet Quinn, Quinn Fana…” Astle introduced, but Quinn was more fascinated with Appa then Fana, “Oh yeah, Quinn meet Appa.” She smiled.

“Appa? LIke Avatar Aang’s Appa?” He asked.

“Humph, yeah Appa likes us better,” Astel informed. Just then they heard people’s voices, and saw the light of fire coming towards them in the grass.

“They found us!” Astel mumbled, “everyone on Appa!” She instructed. On Appa’s back was a large saddle where Astel, Fana, and Quinn sat in. Fana instructed Appa to take flight, as the light came closer. Quinn set the bag at his feet, as he sat next to Astel.

“Yip yip!” Fana shouted.

Avatar Aang froze as they came in to the clearing with the whole group with them, and stared as Appa started to take flight into the air with Astel, Quinn, and Fana on his back.

“Appa,” he sighed with a smile on his face.

“They stole Appa!” Yelled King Zuko.

“No, I told Appa to go… and that is how we will track them.” Aang smiled.

“What do you mean?” Prince Zukon asked.

“What he means is that he knew that the girl would be naive enough to take Appa, not knowing she is literally riding on her tracking device.” Korra chuckled.

Prince Zukon’s eyebrows narrowed, and he frustrated with Avatar Korra.
Astle isn’t naive! She is smart enough to have a plan… right? He thought to himself.

“That was close!” Astel sighed with relief.

“So where are we going?” Quinn asked pointing out the question he had patiently waited to ask.

“‘We’?” Astel asked.

“Please bring me along, I know you're the Avatar but if you don’t want anyone else finding out that you will need someone to fight battle for you,” he sheepishly smiled.

“I’m all up for it,” Astel bit her lip with a smile.

“Huh?” Fana mumbled with concern.

“You okay with Quinn traveling with us, Fana?” Astel asked.

“Yeah… sure…” Fana mumbled.

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2015-04-06 23:54:27
Tittle: The Living Curse
By: Zoe
The 6th book in
Our Destinies
Following Yeshua. Finding Destiny.

Chapter One Demise
“Some people’s destiny’s are to fight battles and save kingdoms. But mine was not any pleasure. I was young when we got married, so we had the baby in my early years. I was nineteen when I did, but I was twenty one when I found out the purpose. He said the only way for me to live is if I give him my baby. My heart was broken, my love was shattered, and my destiny revealed.
My name is Michelle Sage Quinn, my maiden name was Michelle Sage Winaferd. I grew up in Africa on a ship. My mother and father went all over Africa saving slaves which heads were going to be cut off, from their crimes. It was what they did, but I hated it… I was a lady, not a man. My mother Astria (which was later renamed Astrid) and my father, Joshua (Josh), used to be a King and a Queen. But mother gave that all up to be wanted in over America and Africa, and for wearing pants! I liked dresses and kingdoms… cute Kings and balls. All of which my mother had given up, for- for life on the ocean, almost getting kill each day, traveling all around Africa, and for my father. Ever since I was a little girl, I saved up every coin of money I could, so that when I was of age- I could leave. When I turned sixteen, I bid my goodbyes to my mum and left for a prep-school in England. I wanted to be prepared for being a Queen. I was going to take my share of France and rule with power and honor. But to do so, I must have a husband. I could legally get married when I turned eighteen, but to claim the throne I needed to be nineteen. My prep-school ended when I was eighteen, so from then on my mission was to find a suitable King. Five points if suitable, ten points if already a King. Halfway through the year, I went to one of my Aunt’s balls. My Aunt Adele had two sons so far, and the oldest had just turned three a month back, and the youngest was turning one that day. The ball was to celebrate his birthday. I had on a hot pink gown with ruffles down the side, and a big bow in the back. My blonde hair in curls down to my shoulders, and jingled up and down as I walked swiftly down the stairs into the huge ballroom. They were just starting a dance called a 'Contra'. Which was a famous dance for the french. I joined hands with a young gentleman name Luke, he was about seventeen. In the dance the ladies are passed around one by one after each step to another man. Halfway through I was passed onto a young handsome man name Apon Quinn. He was nineteen and born into a wealthy family. The night I met him, he didn't want to pass me to the other man, so he and I quietly backed out of the dance. After a few months, I got to know him better. He was sweet, kind, gentle, and- I loved him. We got married two months after I turned nineteen, but my dream of becoming a queen didn't matter anymore. I had my love and that's all I needed. When I was twenty-one I became pregnant. My Aunt wanted to celebrate so she called me to her castle. There I stayed in a room all by myself with only the baby in my stomach for company. One day my Aunt and I were having tea, in the royal gardens.

'Aunt Adele?' I asked her.

'Yes my dear?' Adele responded.

'I fear I can’t have this baby…' I looked into my still tea.

'My darling, what do you mean?' Adele sat up in her chair.

'My body is small, and labor is hard. I fear I might kill the baby, along with me. But if I die and don’t kill the baby, will you take my
Zachariah or Nicole as your own?' I asked.

'You are naming the baby either Zachariah or Nicole?' Adele ignored the question.

'Please answer me…' I begged.

'What about Apon?' she asked.

'He is going off to war next week, and I fear he might not come back. I dare not say this to him for I don’t know… but if he returns
after the war alive, my baby will be his, but until then-,' I paused.

'I will- my dear, only if there is no other choice…' she looked down.

'Thank you,' I sighed a sigh of relief. Later that same afternoon I strolled into the royal library. There sitting in the corner of the library was Samuel, about five now, with his father (Seen) reading a book.

'What are you two reading?' I questioned walking over with my hand on my stomach, that had yellow silk draped over it. My
dress had ruffles at the sleeves, and collar. It was a simple dress, with black simple high heels that were strapped to my feet.

'We are reading a book, name 'Legacies', its of Apon…' the five year old smiled.

'Apon?' I asked, as I looked over the boy’s shoulder.

'No Samuel, you know Apon is not Apollyon… sorry Michelle, he thinks Apollyon is your husband because of the name.' he told.

'I see, who is this Apollyon?' I read out loud, 'Apollyon, the king of demons, the ruler of evil, death itself, and pure sin. He is a creature which comes in many forms, two of which can deceive an eye. A man, and a lion. A lion of black, a man of black hair, and dark brown eyes. His looks are deceiving but his actions are evil.' I then turned the page. It was a picture that was painted of Apollyon as a lion and as a young man. The loin was as the book described 'ruler of evil, death itself, and pure sin'. His front two paws stood upon a bolder, his back paws supported the weight of the fearsome body on the dead grass. The lion’s majestic mane flew in the wind, his maw was gaping, showing his gigantic teeth, dripping with innocent blood. His eyes were as read as the blood on his fangs, and his claws even pursed into the boulder's surface. He wore a black cape (with hood), with black breeches, and a white undershirt. His hair was combed neatly to the side, and his feet were covered in leather shoes. His red, fierce, violent, eyes that sat upon a golden scaly face, and a chain hung over his chest. The chain was silver, and held on it a shard of glass. The silver chain embraced the shard, making it hard to take the shard out. The shard was familiar to me. Apon wears it all the time, it’s like he can’t take it off, in fear it will be lost forever. I glanced again at the face of Apollyon, but instead of seeing the dark haired, evil, scaly older man, I saw golden locks, combed to the side, of a now sweet tender young man. I blinked, and when I looked back Apollyon was restored to his dark hair, and scaly self.
After my visit, I took a carriage home. I reached there early the next morning. Waiting at the outside my small, safe cabin was Apon. I ran to him, and embracing him. We kissed, and then he turned the attention to my stomach, now covered with green fabric from my cape, that was outlined with gold trim.

'How is the baby?' He questioned, looking to my belly.

'Very fine, the baby is almost fully grown-!' I smiled but when he looked up at me, his face had golden scales, and his eyes were red. His hair was black and combed to the side.
'Apollyon?!' I gasped covering my mouth with my hand, and his face showed alarm. He froze, and looked me devilishly in the eyes.

'How did you know?' He grunted in anger.

'What have you done with Apon?!' I backed up, letting his hand fall from my stomach.

'Don’t you see… I am Apon, ' he chuckled, and his face showed a slight smile.

'No!' I started to run but he grabbed my arm. He pulled me back into his arms, and he twisted my arm.

'You will stay, unless you want you baby to die.' He whispered into my ear, 'a baby will die if a sword is pierced into the stomach of the mother, but the mother will live, even if its only a few seconds.'

'You wouldn't!' I groaned.

'But I can! Here let’s make a deal. I will let both you and your baby live, if you give me the baby,' he started to laugh, 'for it is mine too!'
My face went pale, and I struggled to get the words out, even though I already knew the answer, 'Or?'

'I’ll kill you both... your choice,' he smirked.
I didn't dare to answer, not when I knew there was another choice.

'Fine, stay silent... I will get your answer in the morning,' he mumbled and took me into our cabin, and locked me in my bedroom. The cabin held four rooms: the master bedroom, the bathroom, guest bedroom, and living/kitchen room. My room held a twin bed with window beside it, a dresser with mirror, and a wooden cradle that would never be used. I sat helplessly in despair on the bed, racking my brain for a solution. When it struck midnight, I gathered my things, and fled out the window taking a mare quarter horse that was tied up, bare back, to the post. I traveled to the next town, and rested there in a hotel with what little money I had saved, and here I am… praying to Elohim, for He and Yeshua are the only ones who can save me now!” Michelle wrote down these words with her quill pen, on her parchment.

“Elohim, be with my child!” She sighed, and folded the parchment. She placed the parchment in an envelope with another parchment, but before she sealed it, she slipped in a necklace witch had a ring on it, with a red see-through gem, platform of the ring was silver, and so was the chain. She licked the seal, and closed it. She set it on the dresser next to the bed she laid in. She took out another parchment, and started to write on it with her quill pen. When she was finished, she also sealed it and placed it with the other letters. Just then she felt her water break, "Oh Elohim!" She cried out, "Help me!"

Chapter Two

(Three Days Latter)
“Can it be?” Adele put her hand over her mouth in awe.
The Doctor nodded, “All of which I said is true. I will leave you now, but all of your niece’s things with a letter are in the basket.” The Doctor bowed and was walking out of the throne room, when the King came in.
“Alright five minutes up,” Seen told. The Doctor bowed as he passed the King. Adele, dropped to her knees, and put the basket on the tile floor as she wept.
“Adele?” Seen ran to her side, “what is wrong?!” He held her. She could not make any words come out, so she pointed towards the basket. He admittedly, picked the basket up as he stood up, and took the baby out of the basket. Seen dropped the basket, with the baby in his hands. As the basket hit the tile ground, many things scattered the floor, but one skidded to Adele’s knees. The letter. Adele opened the letter, and read it. Her eyes widened, and she breathed in deep.
“Who’s baby is this?” Seen questioned.
Adele looked up, and handed him the letter.
He read it. “What shall we to do?”
“Raise her as our own, like I promised.” Adele stopped crying, and stood up. She swallowed the rest of her tears as she took the baby.

(Years went by, and Nicole is six years old)

“Nicole, wake up!” Adele shook the beautiful six year old with a smile.
“Yes Aunt Adele?” Nicole sat up and rubbed her eyes.
“Your father is here!” Adele told with tears in her eyes.
(Two years after Nicole’s mother died, Apollyon found out where Nicole was. Nicole never met her father, but they connected by letters.)
“Really?!” Nicole’s face lit up.
Adele nodded, “Get dressed, for he is waiting downstairs.”
“Okay!” Nicole got out of the bed, and ran to the wash bowl. Taking hot water from the maid, she poured it in. She washed up, then the maids helped her put on yellow sun dress. They braided her hair, and she put on yellow shoes. When they were finished she rushed out of her room, to the parlor. When she entered, she saw a man with golden hair and blue eyes talking to Adele and Seen. He wore a uniform, but had his hat off.
“Papa?” She said with her english accent.
He turned towards her with a grin on his face.
“Hello Nicole,” he walked up to her.
A big smile appeared, as she hugged him tight.
They decided to walk in the gardens of the palace.
“How are you doing?” Apon asked.
“I am doing well.” Nicole told as she walked beside Apon.
“My dear Nicole, you do know I love you very much…”Apon took Nicole’s hand.
“I do Father, as I love you,” Nicole smiled.
“Nicole, have you seen something different about yourself?” Apon asked.
“Yes…” Nicole let go of Apon’s hand.
“Really! What?” Apon wondered.
“I am the only girl beside Adele in the palace,” she smiled.
“No, besides that…”
“Nope, should I?” She questioned.
“Yes… have you heard of Ye-ye-,” Apon couldn’t say Yeshua’s name.
“Do you mean Yeshua?” Nicole asked.
Apon nodded, “Ya- that name you just said, knew Queen Adele, and your grandmother Astria… he always gives them a gift, and it is your turn.” He told.
“Really?! My turn?” Nicole’s eyes lit up.
“Yes, my dear… but you may not tell anyone of this, not even Queen Adele… is that clear?” Apon asked.
Nicole nodded, “What is my gift?”
“That my sweet Nicole, you will have to learn by yourself…” Apon raised an eyebrow with a smile.
“Oh, I see… then what do you think it will be?” She questioned. They arrived in the middle of the garden, where a garden table with chairs around it, sat.
“Well, there is no limit to what gift Ya-...” Apon paused, “it is not possible to know, until it happens. It usually complements the reservoir. Let me think, you are a beautiful, graceful, and you have some sort of nature in you that is kind and sweet. So you see there are many possibilities,” Apon looked down at the four year old.
“Captain Quinn, your ship is leaving in twenty minutes… you need to get your thing together.” A male servant told as he bowed.
“Thank you, I will be there soon…” Apon watched the servant leave. Apon nelt on his knees while holding Nicole’s hands, “My sweet Nicole, I must leave now… but I will write, I love you.” Apon hugged Nicole.
Tears started flooding Nicole’s eyes, “But papa, you can’t leave!” Nicole’s voice stuttered as she clung onto her father.
“I don’t want to go, but I must…” Apon looked into Nicole’s eyes, “here,” Apon reached into his coat and took out a brown paper package tied up with blue string, “I-,”
“Captain!” Voices called.
“I love you,” a single tear fell from Apon’s eyes, as he kissed Nicole on the forehead, and stood up, “I am on my way,” he told, as he turned away from her.
Apon paused, with a smile.
“Goodbye,” she swallowed her tears, and curtseyed.
He put a tear back in his eye, and turned to her, “Goodbye,” he then walked away. She walked over to the garden table, and sat in one of the silver chairs. Nicole torre the brown paper off the package, and it revealed a pair of brown leather gloves. She put them on but they were too big for her little hands.
Nicole closed her eyes and held the gloves close to her heart.
“What you doing?” A young male voice asked.
Nicole opened her eyes in shock and looked to a young boy about six standing next to her.
“Ben! You startled me!” Nicole frowned.
Ben shrugged, “What are those?” He pointed to her gloves.
“They are gloves!” She slipped them off and placed them in her dress pocket, “a gift from my father…”
“So does that mean your now a girl?” Ben asked.
Nicole sighed, “Yes, I suppose I will have to… Ben was there something you needed?”
“Nope… oh! Yes, Queen Adele wants you,” he smiled.
“Thank you,” she nodded, stood up, and walked through the garden till she came to the palace. Adele meet her, in the parlor, “Nicole, your father left you a canvas and paints. He said that your mother’s favorite thing to do was paint.” Adele smiled.
Nicole smiled.
From that point on Nicole spent most of her mornings to afternoons in the garden painting.
She wanted to make a masterpiece for her father, so everyday she would work a little more on it.
(Years after she had met her father)
Nicole was sixteen almost seventeen, and almost ready to find a suitor! Nicole didn’t care for them, they quit tired her actataly. But her Aunt Queen Adele did, every time Nicole was in sight, her aunt would talk about some suitor, somewhere. When Nicole was in those moments, she would block out the sound of her Aunt’s voice, and think of painting… it worked everytime. But this tecnec has some downsides to it, like when her aunt actually says something that was important and Nicole didn’t hear it, she would get in some trouble.
Nicole didn’t talk much, she just smiled, and waved… she preferred to be alone, in the shade of the garden, surrounded by peace, and quiet, doing what she liked the most… painting. As she matured her hair turned a reddish color, her eyes brown, brown as a chesnut filly, and her figure was tall, skinny, long hair (mostly in a braid), chin up, shoulders back, and one of the most elegant woman in the kingdom. Although her father was in war, he would send her a letter every week, to remind her that he loved her. In these letters, he frequently mentions the name of a young noble man, named Daniel Mitchell. Even though she loved her father, she didn’t want to get married, not even to a man her father approved of. But her father insisted that she meet him.


“My Lordship, what do you intend to do?” Asked a deep devilish voice, coming from within the dark.
“I intend to set her up. When I go to visit next week, I will bring Daniel. They will fall in love by a curse I will set on her. When she sets eyes on Daniel she will be corrupted by love and feelings for him.” Apollyon answered as he stared into a small waterfall, that sat deep beneath the earth, in the darkest part of the Underworld as people knew it as, but Apollyon called it: Hades Nirvana. The place smelled of the stench of dead bodies, lost dreams, and bloodthirsty creatures. Hades (Means: Hell) Nirvana (Means: Heaven) So Hell’s Heaven.
“Where do I come in, my lordship?” The demon asked.
“You will corrupt a friend of mine, and attack me… and, kill Apon. It will all be a trick, but we must make it seem real enough for her.” Apollyon told, with a devilish smile, “Vakin, send for Apollo. He will strike a deal with this Daniel, but first learn his weakness.” Apollyon instructed.
“Where will you be Masther?” Vakin asked.
“I have a daughter waiting for my return.” Apollyon told, as he transformed into a young man, “now go and do as I say!”
“Yeth Masther,” the demon slayed his words, then hobbled away into the fire.


Nicole slipped on her chemise, (a undershirt worn in their time zone) then she put on drawers. Her maids tied a corset around her front to and tied in the back. Then they placed a busk to close the corset in the back. The maids passes her a white corset cover. It was like a white shirt that went right over the corset. Then Nicole put on a decency skirt, so that if her dress was blown up by the wind the skirt would cover the underwear. Then the maids placed the tournure, (or the bustle) on Nicole backside. The tournure went out a few inches then covered downwards.
Next was the petticoat, it went over the tournure, and the drawers like a underskirt. It was a dark green color, and it was made out of cotton. Then she put on the taille, a cross between the bodice and a suit jacket. It fitted the body very tightly. It was a dark green color, it was like a bloose. The maids tied a garnitur around her waist. It was a piece of fabric with a golden design of flowers on it. It was like ribbon. Then Nicole placed a green feathered hair with golden designs on it on her head sideways. Letting her brown hair that was up in curls show. She sat on the side of her bed, as her maids put her stockings on, and placed two golden laced designed boots on her feet. While Nicole put on two cream color, laced gloves. Nicole sighed with a sigh of relief, she was now done getting dressed, and she was right on time. She could not control her excitement! Forgetting all the rules of being a royal, she almost flew out of her large bedroom, and into the golden hall. The hallway went to a staircase going down, and the staircase led to another hallway that had many doors on each end. And at the end of the hallway it led to the royal library. Nicole ran down the staircase to the “Hall of Doors” she called it. She went to open the first door on the left side of the hall, when she almost ran right into her older cousin Samuel. He was tall, and had broad shoulders, he was strong, and had brown shaggy hair with a goatee
“Oh! Sorry,” Nicole backed away from the door, to let her cousin by.
“It is fine,” Samuel smiled, as he walked out of the door, and held open the door for her.

“Thanks,” she walked swiftly through the door, then when Samuel was out of her sight she began to run again. She turned a corner, and was grabbed and spun around.
Apon chuckled in delight, as his daughter embraced him.
“Papa!” She exclaimed.
“Darly,” he smiled,
“I have something to show you!” She told, grabbing his hands.
She lead him into the garden, to where she painted everyday.
There stood a tall canvas, and draped over it to hid the masterpiece was a red silk blanket.
“It is almost finished!” Nicole exclaimed.
“Well lets see it,” he smiled, as he rubbed his hands together. Nicole took one end of the silk blanket, and pulled it off in a flash. Just then the sun hit the canvas, and it showed a dark masterpiece.
The canvas held a battlefield. On the battlefield laid, dead corps and armies fight each other. You could tell the two armies apart, from the armor they wore. The right side wore white plants of armor, and a red sash. The other wore black plants, and blood stained markings on their face. There were dragons, and great beasts on the left side. But on the right they had tall horses, dinosaurs, and big elephants. The clouds in this painting were red, and the sky dark. The ground was stained with blood, and dead corps. There were dragons painted in the sky with their fire flowing down onto the battle. On the right side of the painting there was a stone hedge, and one like it on the other. But there were a blob on each stone hedge.
“Amazing!” Apon kissed Nicole on the cheek, “but I must ask, what are those?” He pointed to the blobs.
“I don’t know what to put there…” she frowned, “I got inspiration for everything, but that.”
“Oh,” he smiled, “how ‘bout you sleep on it,” he told, “now lets go get breakfast, because you have me for the whole day!” He smiled.
“Okay,” she placed the silk blanket over the painting, and followed her father in.

Chapter Three
Painting The Future
After a whole day, of dragging Nicole’s father around the town, and the place the sun began to go down. After supper was served, Nicole retired to her chambers. Her maids got her dress off and slipped over Nicole’s head a nighty. Nicole washed her face, and slipped into her bed. Where the maids had placed some hot coals.
“Goodnight madam,” the nights bid Nicole goodnight, and blew out the candles. Nicole soon fell asleep. A few hours latter sweat covered her neck, and was falling off her temples. She tossed and turned. then she got up from her bed with eyes open, and walked out of her bedroom. She seemed to try to stop her body from moving. Her hands gripped the door frame of her bedroom, but one of her arms was being pulled the other way. She let out a cry, but no one seemed to hear her. Her left arm was straight out in front of her, and her right arm was trying to pull it back. Just then she jolted backwards! And landed on red carpet. She then started crawling back to her room, when her leg was jolted in the air! She cried out, but no one heard. She grabbed onto the rug as she was dragged to the hall of doors.
“Please! Help me!” She cried, as one of the doors in the hall (the one that lead to the garden) opened up while she was being dragged by her foot. Her leg fell onto the floor, and Nicole took this chance to get away. She climbed to her feet, and went to run, when her arm was grabbed. She screamed as she looked into red eyes, and a black face. It wasn’t even a face but more like ashes making a being. All around Nicole was blood, and bones. Then the being disappeared, and she was in the hall of doors again. She was dragged into the garden.
“Help me!” She screamed, as she was pulled to the middle of the garden. Her canvas laid there with no blanket on it, but fresh paints beside it, with one paint brush that was black. And seemed to be made out of the same ashes the being was that was dragging her. She was pushed forward, and she fell on the grass. She stood to her feet next to the canvas, and wrapped the tears off her face. Then the being of ashes appeared. next to her.
“Who are you!” She screamed.
The being replayed with a screeching voice, “I am your sin!” The being rubbed its hands on Nicole’s night gown and blood came off its hands. Nicole let out a cry, and started to rub off the blood but it didn’t work.
Just then another being of ashes appeared on the other side of her. “Your fears!” The other being screeched and rubbed its bloody hands on the night gown. Nicole screamed for help. Then other appeared behind her, and did the same “Your lies”
Then another in front of her then did the same, “Your death!”
Then another and did the same, “Your blood!”
Then another and did the same, “Your thoughts!”
Then another, and another, “Your wants! Your wishes!”
Then they all said with a screeching tone, “We are… you!” And by this time her white cotton nightgown was red stained with blood.
Nicole covered her mouth with her hands. and tears ran down her face. The beings of ashes took each others hands so that they made a circle around her. Then they all disappeared, and only one stood behind her. The being became flesh, and grabbed her right hand. She gave a scream! As she struggled to get loss of the grip, but it didn’t help. The hand on her right, forced her to pick up her brush. Then all around but the being, herself, and the painting disappeared, and she was in the middle of a battlefield. Bloody cries were heard, and the stench of death filled the air. But the canvas still stood before her. A man with a bloody spear came charging at Nicole, and Nicole ducked, but when the man got to her he went through the canvas, the being, and herself. She stood up straight, and watched the man run a spear straight through a man wearing white armor and a red sash’s heart. Then she realized she was in her painting! She to the stonehenge and saw there was just a white blob on it, and the same with the other. Then the “being” took her hand, with the paintbrush in it, and made her bend down to a corps that lay at her side dead, and run the brush through the blood that streamed through its cut. She struggled to stop, but then she stood still. Right when the brush hit the blood. Her eyes became red, and the being turned into ashes and stepped into Nicole’s body. Nicole stood up straight, and looked to the canvas. She brought her brush to left side of the canvas where the blob was. And started to paint. She didn’t blink, or even seem to breath. When the blood hit the canvas it turned black, as she painted a great lion with blood dripping off its giant teeth. She bent down to get more blood on her brush and stood again straight. When she was finished with the left side. It became her reality. On the left side of the battlefield that surrounded her appeared a great black lion. With blood dripping off his teeth. Then she began on the right side of the battle field with the blob. When the blood hit the white blob of the right side, it turned to a golden white. As she painted a giant white lion. With grace in his eyes, as Nicole painted a woman that laid at his feet. Nicole felched and her reds eyes began to turn to her brown eyes, but it was slow fade, while her eyes began to turn brown she still painted. The being started to get pushed out of Nicole’s body, but fought back. When she finished the white lion was standing tall with a woman by his side, with horror on her face as a dagger made out of ashes pierced her heart. By this time the brown in Nicole’s eyes consumed the red. And the being of ash was forced out of Nicole’s body, and gave a screech. When the lion and the woman appeared on the right side of the battlefield. The black lion gave a roar, and the world Nicole was it started to get swallowed back into the painting. Nicole fell to her feet as the black lion galloped across the battlefield to Nicole, as it was being swallowed back into the painting. Nicole gave a cry as the lion reached her and with his paw he struck her on the shoulder. He went in for the kill, when he was swallowed into the painting, and the what was the battlefield around was now a garden. Nicole cried out, as the blood spilled from her shoulder, her eyes closed, and she fell asleep once more. But what was left on the painting wasn’t what she had painted. For the black lion was not in his place, but instead he was bigger on the front of the painting with is mouth open and his paw with blood in his claws in the air. But the battlefield was in the background, and the woman next to the white lion had her eyes closed, and was dead. The dagger looked like it was disappearing into the air, as the ashes started to float away. And the white lion was standing proud, and tall. He seemed to be smiling at Nicole, with grace and favor in his eyes. When Nicole awoke, it was morning, and the sun was shining bright and Nicole could her her maids, her father, Aunt and Uncle calling for her all through the palace. Nicole stood up, and looked at her night gown it wasn’t red, she looked at her shoulder, it wasn’t bleeding. Shocked as she went in circles looking for something to prove to herself that she wasn’t sleeping. Then… she looked at the painting. She let out a scream, and her maids and family came running.
“Nicole, Nicole!” Adele ran to Nicole and embraced her.
“What is wrong?” Seen asked.
“Oh, uh… there was a spider…” Nicole stuttered.
“What are you doing out here?” Adele asked.
“I am, umm painting.”
“In your nightgown?” Adele pointed out.
“Yeah, I got up early came out here to finish my painting.” Nicole pointed to the canvas.
“Oh my! You did a marvelous job, don’t you think Apon?” Adele stared at the painting.
“Yes… I do.” He sighed with a frown, but covered it will a slight smile.

thezoekid & Star Gaze
2015-04-06 23:57:40
Lost City
Of Heart

By: Zoe

Chapter One
Sands Of Love

Her heart trembled with fear, and her lip quivered with distress. Was this really the end? The end of the life I once knew? The end of the love I once had? The end- of me? She thought, while her feet froze in place by the ashes that covered them, in her boxed stone home. The smoke filled the air, hiding the sun from her insignificant village, making the lava and fire the only light in the chaos. Tears streamed down her cheeks, as the screams of women, children, and men pierced her ears, and stung her heart as some of them faded away. The air was thick, and filled with poison. Her hand clutched her mother’s hand, and what her mother had last placed in it. A blue, round, silky band. She looked down at her mother that grasped onto her last thought of life. The young girl held onto the words her mother had last said, “There will always be a beginning, and end. But- my sweet Tatiana, this is not your end, for it is you're beginning… now be brave-, go!” Her mother’s Roman Ancient voice faded away, as her grip weakened. It had only been a few moments after her mother had said that, and Tatiana was trying to gather courage. She could get away, but she needed to find her family: her older brother Amor (he had gone fishing out at sea a week ago). Her younger sister Ali ( she was in the house, under the bed her mother was lying on, for they had told her to). Her younger brother Atticus (he was in town, mother had told him to fetch some bread. (Before the chaos was among them.) Tatiana, struggled to break her feet loose from their hold. The ashes had turned to stone as they crawled up her legs. She wore a blue tunic, with a woolen belt tied around her waist, and her brown hair tied back in a loose ponytail with a blue ribbon. She also wore a tan stolla, which went from her neck to her ankles. The stolla was fastened on her shoulders with clasps. The golden bulla (a charm her parents gave her when she was a few day old), that laid on her chest, had a face embroidered on it. Tatiana would often follow the embroilment with her elegant fingers, wondering what secrets it hid in it, and who was embroidered on it. But all of the mystery of the bulla faded away, for she had no time to wonder about it’s secrets. She let go of her mother’s hand, and grabbed the band from her mother’s dead wrist. She put her hand through it, and slid it all the way up her arm. She then clenched her fists, and started to slam them against the hard sand that covered her feet. It released enough for her to maneuver her fickle, figure closer to the bed. There she pulled her sister (Ali) out from underneath the bed, and propped Ali onto her waist.
Ali didn't move a muscle, and she struggled to breathe!

“Ali!” Tatiana screamed as she shook her sister. Ali’s eyelids were getting heavier, and her breathing stronger. Tatiana’s face filled with horror, as she held the dying three year old in her arms. Ash and sand climbed up her legs, from her ankles. She couldn't stay there much longer! Tatiana saw dust and dirt falling from the cracks in the wooden roof. It was going to collapse! Tatiana ran out of the stone house and glanced back as she saw the roof of her once beloved home fall with fire, and smoke onto her mother’s frail, dead body. She took a deep breath of what was left of the air and swallowed her tears. People rushed by her, bumping her, and shoving her to the side of the streets. Again the quest of life reminded her feet to move through the sand, maybe- just maybe she could make it out alive. She ran down the streets with her weakly sister on her waist, looking for her brother Atticus. She made her way through the sand filled streets, which were flooded with people running for safety. Tatiana’s tunic was tugged on, making her stop and look behind her. She saw before her Atticus laying on the side of the street, with the end of her tunic in his hand.. Sand was covering his lower body, and blood trickled down his temples. Tatiana gasped, as she helped her brother on to his feet. “Can you walk?!” Tatiana shouted over the screams, but now it was becoming to easily done. The screams were fading away, as the sand went above Atticus’s knees. Atticus shook his head no, as he coughed hard. Tatiana knelt down, and her brother jumped onto her back. When he was safely secured, she struggled to carry her weight of her sister, and brother. She staggered forward, as adrenaline filled her bloodstream, she raced down the sand covered streets. She glanced into the houses that she passed, and saw men grabbing their money, some woman holding their babies, all screaming for life. She kept moving forward as she saw her destination ahead. Through the smoke and ash she managed to keep her eyes open long enough to see a glimpse of the ocean before her where a vessel awaited direction. At the dock where the craft was tied, the ashes, smoke, and sand stopped. She knew if she got there she could make it out! Her pace slowed down, as the sand was now up above her knees, she glanced back and saw the figures far behind her freeze in their place with horror and fear in their faces. Screams were fading quickly and Tatiana just prayed they would make it to the vessel . If they did, they might just have enough time to make it out far enough to escape the wrath of the volcano's ash, and the lava that was now in sight. She staggered forward with the weight of her siblings dragging her deeper into the ash and sand. She finally reached the dock, where a vessel was tied. Her brother jumped off of his sister’s back into the craft and Tatiana slowly lowered her sister into Atticus's arms.

“Tatiana!” A familiar voice yelled. This voice made Tatiana squint into the smoke to make out the face of the two figures that crawled towards her. It was her brother, and father!

“Father! Amor!” Tatiana shouted, as she made her way through the sand and ash again back toward the falling city of Pompeii.

Her father was being dragged behind Amor by his tunic. When she reached them, her brother grabbed her hand and placed a parchment in her grip.

“Leave us!” Amor shouted, “we will try to make it out alive, but if we don’t- you need to!” Amor’s cheeks were wet with her tears.

“I can’t!” She yelled back, as she wrapped her arms around her brother.

“But you must…” Amor swallowed, and solemnly shouted, “go!” With his eyes filled with tears, and his heart breaking, he shouted once more, “go!” as he glanced back at the people in the village that were frozen in their tracks, and as the lava made it’s way through the streets to them. Tatiana kissed her brother on the cheek, ran back to the docks, and jumped in the small wooden craft . She placed the parchment in her tunic, untied it, and started rowing out into the ocean. Dirt, sweat, and tears stained Tatiana’s skin, she sniffed as she rowed farther away. She put all the strength she had left into her arms, so that she could get away. She glanced at her sister laying in her brother’s arms asleep, at least she hoped she was asleep, and her brother swaying back and forth weakly, with the motions of the waves. Then she glanced back at the image of her father and brother reaching the docks, and her brother placing her father in another vessel , also tied to the dock. The lava was making way towards Amor. Amor untied the craft and pushed it as hard as he could away from the docks without getting in himself!

“Amor!” Tatiana screamed as she stopped rowing, and stood up in the wooden craft .

Tears streamed down his cheeks, as he shouted back, “I love you- my queen!” He then blew a kiss to her, as the lava reached the deck.

“No!” Tatiana fell to her knee, and sobbed as the smoke covered the fallen city of Pompeii and her brother from her sight.
As the vessel drifted farther away, Tatiana’s sobs softened and the sky darkened, and the smoke cleared. She looked up, and saw her once beloved city of Pompeii buried underneath now hard, but still hot lava, and sand. Smoke arose from the black lova, as the moon rose in the sky. Her brother and sister were asleep on the floor of the boat, but Tatiana did not sleep, nor blink. No more tears fell from her eyes, and no emotion was expressed on her face. She just stared at the buried city of Pompeii. Everything- no, everyone she loved was dead, and buried there! Everyone besides her two siblings that were in a deep sleep. Many thoughts flooded her mind, why did Amor die? Why did he call me ‘queen’? What could possibly be in the parchment-? Wait! She had forgotten about the parchment, what secrets did it hold, what power did it possess? She thought, as she took the parchment out from inside her tonic. Tatiana opened the parchment and squinted her eyes to read. It was dark, but the fire of the buried city was still lit. All she could make out in that dimly lit night was that it was written in an older Roman language, that was beyond her knowledge. For now she stuck the parchment back in her tunic, and slowly slipped down in the craft , beside her brother, and sister. Hoping she could get some sleep, before the sun awoke.

Chapter Two

The Rise Of Grief

Tatiana’s eyes fluttered open to ocean water splashing on her face. She stood up and balanced in the wooden craft she was in. She observed herself, and found that her brown hair that was tied up, was in a curly mess. Her face was covered in ash and soot, with tear stains cleaning paths through the ash on her face. She shaded her hazel eyes with her hand, as she looked around her. They weren't far from land, but they had traveled much distance from Pompeii. She could still see the smoke that rose into the sky, and formed a deadly cloud over the city. Tatiana’s eyes filled with tears, but she forced them down. Her heart could not take it anymore! She knew she needed to focus on the ones that are alive, that need her! Tatiana looked to her brother and sister, that laid at the bottom of that narrow barge. She knelt down, and shook her brother. He groaned as he opened his heavy eyes. He sat up quickly and started to cough. She smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

“Tatiana, what happened?!” He asked with a groan.

“Our city-,” she paused, looked up and pointed to the city of Pompeii.

Atticus rose from his sitting position, and let his eyes follow Tatiana's finger. His eyes widened, and grief filled them, then he looked around in the barge and asked, “Where is mother?” Tatiana did not respond, as she looked down at the boat’s boards, “Amor?” Tatiana bit her lip, “father?” he asked in despair as tear fell down his cheeks. Tatiana looked up quickly. Amor had sent her father away in a boat!

“He might still be alive!” She mumbled, as she rushed to the other side of the narrow barge, and looked at the calm ocean around them. Trying to make out anything she could, “There!” She pointed off into the distant shore, was a wooden vessel , like theirs. She ripped off her stola, and took out her parchment. She placed them both by each other on the bottom of the barge, then she jumped off into the cold, ocean water. Her dress and hair floated amongst her. She swam fiercely and loudly to the shore. Attimus started to row the craft in, behind Tatiana. Tatiana’s bare feet hit sand, and as she emerged from the surface, she gasped for air. She walked calmly and proudly to her father. Her dress clung to her ankles, and her hair clutched onto her back. When she reached the vessel she looked in, and saw that her father was sound asleep. He wheezed with every breath he took. His hand was on his chest, as one hand layed by his side. His curly white beard was stained black with smoke, as was his white hair. His head of hair made way for a bald, round spot on top. Her father wore a white toga, and leather shoes. On the floor of the vessel with her father, was some fish and a woolen sack.

“Father?!” Tatiana shook her father, he groaned and his eyes opened, “Father!” Tatiana wrapped her arms around him.

“Tatiana-,” He coughed in a wheeze.

“Yes father?” Tatiana sat her father up.

Her father’s eyes opened, and he raised his hand up to her cheek and caressed her dirty face, “You must go!” He said breathing heavily.

“What do you mean, my father?” She asked with alarm on her face.

“They are after you!” His wrist rested on her shoulder and hand around the back of her neck.

“What! Who?” Tatiana’s heart started to pound, like the horse’s hoofs in a Roman race.

“The-,” he coughed again, “the parchment!” her father’s eyelids got heavier.

Tatiana wondered how her father knew of the parchment, “How-,”

“The parchment explains everything!” Explained her father.

“But father, I can’t read it…” Tatiana stated.

“Go to Naples, when you arrive, look for a man named Cyprian. He-,” her father again started to cough, “he will tell you what the parchment says, now go!” He commanded.

“You come with us!” She insisted.

“I will only slow you down,” her father looked deep into her eyes, “don’t trust anyone with your secrets…”

“Father! Come with us?” Tatiana urged. He shook his head “no”, and sighed. Just then her father’s eyes went wide, as he slowly fell back into the craft. She struggled to keep him sitting up, “Father?” Tatiana rolled him over, and saw that an arrow was pierced into his back, “father!” She screamed in horror.
Atticus jumped out of the craft and rushed to Tatiana’s side, tears streamed down his cheeks as he held his father’s hand.
Her eyes darted around the area to see who had shot it. Just then she saw a figure in a tree on shore, that was pointing a sharp arrow at her. She gasped, and quickly grabbed a fish from the bottom of the craft, and threw it at the man. It hit his head, and threw him off balance, which made him fall. He fell straight down onto the hot sand. Tatiana stormed through the water, to the beach. She stomped her feet as she walked to the man (dressed a royal guard suit) who was scrambling to his feet. The royal guard suit he was wearing had golden plants of armor, he had black hair (which was pulled back in a ponytail), tan skin, and a red handkerchief tied around his neck, that was above the armor he wore on his tall, lanky figure. The man darted away into the trees from which he came, leaving his bow and arrows behind. She held the tears back as she picked up the bow and arrows. She walked back to the vessel , and placed her hand on her brother’s shoulder.

“Father! Father!” He mumbled through tears, as he looked to his father. Tatiana looked at the still lifeless figure of her father, it reminded her of her mother’s, as her thoughts flipped back to the day before, when she watched the roof of her small stone home cave in onto her mother. She shook the thoughts away, with the tears. She shut his eye lids with her shaking fingers, and brushed up against his unshaven cheek. Slowly she drew her hand away and took Atticus’s. He resisted but gave in, as he followed her back to their vessel , which had wandered to shore. Ali was still asleep through all the chaos. She gently picked up Ali, and handed her to Atticus. Atticus wiped the tears from his eyes, and spoke up, “Where are we going?” He asked.

“To Naples. Father told me to go to a man named ‘Cyprian’, Father said that he would help us…” Tatiana took her stolla from the bottom of the vessel , “now stand still,” Tatiana instructed as she placed Ali on Atticus’s back, and wrapped her stolla crisscross across his back. She safely secured it, and then stared at little Ali, sleeping soundly on her brother’s back. Tatiana took the parchment and placed it back in her tunic, then walked over to her father’s barge , where she gathered some fish in a pile, and took his woolen sack out. She placed the sack on the beach and sat next to it. Atticus joined her as they both looked through the woolen sack. She slowly took out each item: A pouch of fresh water, a jar of oil, a brown cloth that was wrapped around pieces of bread and cheese, a large piece of cloth that held gold and silver coins, a map, two blankets, and some cloth bandages.

“Where was father going?” Atticus asked.

“Remember Atticus, Amor was fishing down at the ocean with father. I bet this is their supplies.” Tatiana told, not believing a word she said. Why would her father need a map, if he was fishing? She asked herself, to chart out where the fish are! she retorted to herself.

“Well, I guess... ugh!” Atticus held his forehead.

Tatiana then remembered that Atticus had gotten hurt, “Here,” Tatiana took a bandage cloth, and poured a little bit of the water from the pouch on it. She wrapped it around Atticus’s head to apply pressure, and to clean the wound.

“Thanks,” Atticus mumbled.

Tatiana sighed, “You must be hungry,” Tatiana took out a slice of bread and a little piece of cheese and handed it to him, “I will wake up Ali, and give some to her,” Tatiana stood up, walked behind Atticus, and knelt down. There she shook Ali, she didn't groan, or sigh. She didn't even move! “Ali?!” Tatiana shook Ali again, Ali didn't move a muscle. Tatiana unstrapped the three year old Ali, and placed her on the sand. Atticus turned around quickly and looked over his sister’s shoulder. Tatiana bent over to hear Ali’s heart beat… nothing… nothing but complete silence.

Chapter Three

True Identify
My heart was shattered, how- how can I live on? Why did this innocent girl die, and not me!? Why? Why… Tatiana just stood there, watching the narrow vessel carry her father and sister away into the ocean. Although tears flowed down her cheeks, she showed no more emotion. Her hand never left her brother’s shoulder, as he wiped the dripping tears from his eyes. She swallowed her tears and spoke up, “Let us go,” Tatiana turned her back to the ocean, but the image of the vessel floating into the mist was engraved in her mind. She packed the woolen sack back up, and put it over her right shoulder, with the bow in her hand. She had put the arrows in her sack. Her brother stood there silently watching the last part of the barge ’s image fade away into the smoke. He turned to Tatiana, and mumbled, “Why?” Tatiana looked to her brother with compassion, and grief. Atticus’s lip quivered, and his whole body was shaking.

“I don’t know,” she shook her head, and started to walk away from Atticus. He slowly followed, always looking to the ground, never making a sound. She made her way through the tall grass that laid behind the sand of the beach. Tatiana walked on for- what felt like to Atticus- hours. The roars of the ocean, and the clapping of the waves faded behind them, as did the image of the ocean water. Tatiana took refuge under the shade of a palm tree as her brother caught up with her. They hadn’t talked to each other since they were at the beach watching their father and sister float away, but they both seemed to read each other’s minds Tatiana took out the pouch of water and gave Atticus a sip, then herself one too. Tatiana placed the pouch back in the sack that she had set by her feet, and took out the map. They must go north-west, and cut through a desert if they wanted to get to Naples faster. “In a few hours or so, it will be lunch. Hopefully we will be in the desert by then and will stop, eat, and sleep. If we can sleep in the desert with daylight, and travel at night with the cool of the evening.”

“Why travel in the dark?” Atticus asked curiously.

“Because, if we travel in daylight, we would be worn out, and hot by night fall. But if we travel at night we can be cooled off.” Tatiana explained, “now let us go,” she put the map back in her sack, and wrapped the stolla around her neck to head, to cover her face from the sun. She walked out of the shade, and into the burning light of the sun. As the hours passed and sun rose high in the air, Tatiana and Atticus’s feet fell upon the dry dirt of the desert. Tatiana unpacked the sack, taking out their blankets, and food with water. Tatiana gathered a stack of thick, long sticks, and placed them on the ground by her things. She ripped the bottom of her tonic, taking the strips and wrapping one around the top of each stick. Then she soaked the ends of the sticks in the jar of oil, covering them over with some cloths. After a few bits of cheese and bread and a sip or two of water, they both laid down to sleep at the border of the desert, where the tall grass ended and trees paused. They arose in the darkness for the moon hadn't fully risen. Tatiana felt her way around in the dark, with her hands scaling the cold sand floor of the desert. She slowly packed the sack with their things and put all but one stick in the sack. With that one stick she took two rocks and rubbed them together. Sparks started to fly and one hit the oiled cloth wrapped around the stick, and set it on fire! Tatiana rose to her feet taking the stick with her, she putting the sack over her shoulder. With Atticus by her side they both walked into the freezing cold desert. As Tatiana had hoping the walking kept their blood high so they didn't feel as cold as they were. After an hour or so, they heard the rolling of chariot wheels and the clapping of horse’s hooves. She threw the stick into the dirt and stomped on it making the fire go out and the ashes dim. She placed the sack on the ground and knelt down, taking Atticus down with her. They huddled close together and stayed very quiet. The sound got louder, till they heard voices of Roman guards shouting to their commander. The horses that led the chariot carrying Roman guards of all sorts of shapes and sizes, with their lamps, circled around Atticus and Tatiana. The light surrounded Tatiana and Atticus, but where they sat was in the darkness. They did not want to get in trouble by the Roman guards, because questions would be asked and Tatiana didn't have answers. So they stayed quiet, as the snorting of horses and the sighs of guards surrounded them.

“Simon, I thought you reported seeing a light before us!” Grumbled a Roman general's rough voice. Tatiana could see in the dim light, the outline of the general who shouted. He had a unshaven beard, like her father’s, but it was black, and he had a full head of hair. He road upon a black Arabian stallion, with a golden saddle, and reins.

“I did, but Princess Tatiana must have had heard us coming, and in fear put it out!” The guard defended. Tatiana wondered if it was comfortable to sit upon a saddle of gold, for she was not listening to them, but looking at the General's tack. Her thoughts flew away as she saw that a face was modeled on side of the golden plates that was near the horse’s muzzle. She couldn't help herself, as she gave a loud gasp, for that was the same face that was on her bolla, her parents had given her.

“What was that?!” A General looked around.

Tatiana covered her mouth, as her memory repeated what the guard had said, “Princess Tatiana”! “Princess?!” She mumbled out loud.

“Where did that come from?” The General shouted.

Then it all made sense! The bolla which had an embroilment of a face unknown to Tatiana, but always looked much like hers; her mother telling her it was not her time to die; the parchment in an older Roman language; her brother Amor calling her his Queen; her father saying they were after her; the arrow in her father’s back; the guards!
... Was she Princess! Was that why she looked nothing like her parents? Was that why she got that bolla? Tatiana couldn't help feel more responsible for her family’s death, but also she felt excitement burning in her heart, an excitement that came with fear, confusion, and had hope.
If she was the Princess they spoken about, why did she grow up in Pompeii? Who were they running from? Who were her real parents? What was in the parchment? And why her? Her thoughts were shattered with the light of a lamp piecing her eyes. She stood to her feet, as the general hung the lamp over her brother and her, “Run!” She yelled to Atticus, as she ran out of the circle of roman guards. They turned their chariots, and horses around, and raced after her. She held Atticus’s hand as they fled from the light of the lamp. They could find refuge in the darkness of the night, if they could only get far enough away.
Hope, life, and a mysterious courage rose up in Tatiana! She was the Princess-, the Princess they spoken about. Her life did mean more than her brother’s, sister’s, father’s, or mother’s, for they knew that and had given it up for her. Because she was
The Princess.
The End

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2015-04-06 23:59:48
By: Zoe
Tittle: True Beauty (I will post the first two chapters of True Beauty and next month I will post two more)

The 2nd book
Our Destinies
Following Yeshua.
Finding Destiny.

Chapter One The LEGEND
A legend was told of a rare black lion who lived Hades Nirvana.
The lion’s name is “Apollyon”. Apollyon was a mean, deadly, and cruel Lion. Some people say he has a right to be mean… a Man of great wisdom and power cursed him to be a black Lion. The Man of great wisdom was named “Elohim”.
Elohim chose a young boy with more Wisdom than a grown man, to be the chosen one. He was transformed into a white beautiful lion with great power. He was named “Yeshua”.
After that day in history, Elohim disappeared and no one saw him again. But people have said they saw the white lion Yeshua in their darkest hour to save them. People often wondered if the great lion Yeshua was the great Man of wisdom from the beginning. No one really knows but the great lion himself, and me: Ashley a Princess. How do I know this you ask? Well easy, I saw Him, and His great power that dwells in Him, who rose from the dead. And this is my story of how it happened.

One cold December night, a beautiful baby girl was born.
Her blue eyes sparkling like her mother’s. She had light brown like a blond but as she gets older it turns out to be a dark brown.
She was the first born, and would be the heir to the throne after she gets married. Her beauty overflowed, it was like an angel was within their reach. King Ronin and Queen Zoe Ann named their daughter Princess Ashley Verustas Stone. She is now ten years old. She now has two younger siblings. We will start off where we left off. A dark late night, when a King and Queen were put there kids to bed and was telling them a story.

"Oh, can I get married to you daddy?" Ashley asked looking up to Ronin with her beautiful brown eyes, and warm smile.

“No Ashley! I claimed him first!” Kelly told pushing her sister, out of the bed they shared in the large golden bed room in the east wing of the castle. Kelly had blond hair like her mother, and it was long too. Her eyes were blue, and she was five years.

“I’m older!” Ashley crossed her arms as she got up from the stone floor. She slipped back in under the cold silky sheets.

"No sweeties, daddy's mine." Zoe Ann smiled. Zoe Ann was dressed in a golden day dress with flower designs on the bottom of it. Her chest was wrapped with yellow fabric, and it went up high to her shoulders, and around her neck. Her golden hair was tied back with a black ribbon, but curls hung down, and she wore a little golden locket that slinged side to side as she tucked Kelly and Ashley in. She had on pearl studs, and black flat shoes. Lace outlined the top of the dress, and the sleeves which went to her wrist.

“You two, can have daddy, I just want mommy!” Declared Little George. He smiled up at his mother.

“And, mommy’s mine.” Ronin put his arm around his wife. Ronin was dressed in black breeches, with a white undershirt that had long sleeves, and a black waistcoat that went under his hip and had no sleeves.. Black ribbon were tied around both of his arms, to bunch up his white undershirt by the shoulder. His black hair was tied in a small ponytail. A white handkerchief was tied around his neck, and a pair of black boots were on his feet.

"Well after you're done with him, may I take him?" Ashley asked.
Ronin giggled and scooped Ashley up in his arms and kissed her on the head, "No my sweet Beauty, you will find someone of your own, one day..." Ronin set his ten year old girl in her bed.

“Sleep well…” Zoe Ann told. The little children all replied with a sigh.
King Ronin held Zoe Ann’s hand in his as they walked out of the room.

When they left the room, Ashley hopped out of her bed, “You guys go to bed, and I will be back. I shouldn't go to bed at the same time as you! I’m older!” Ashley then left the room, and walked down the dark cold hallway. A window in the golden hall was open and the curtains was blowing back and forth.

That night was a windy night, as was it a dark one. But one light showed...one light that changed my life forever.

Ashley rushed to the window to close it, she paused as she saw a light shining in the distances.
She looked closer and she saw, a bright object. That was standing on three legs, the other leg was in the air by it's main. It almost looked like the object was telling her to follow it, as it stood right outside the forest border.
Could it be? Ashley thought.
Ashley’s bare feet ran across the cold stone floor, her light brown long hair followed behind her on the floor.
She quietly walked into her room, she grabbed a ribbon from her desk, a black silk cape, then she took the ribbon and tied her long hair up in a bun. She then ran out of her room, leaving the door open. Ashley rushed down the steps and stopped at the castle's golden, large, and intimating doors, then she opened it. The wind hit her face, and sent shivers up her spine.
Water and mud covered her feet as she ran as fast as her little feet would let her go across the courtyard. When she got across the courtyard, she looked back at the castle. Did she really want to do this, what if it wasn't what she thought? The little girl trembled as she saw only a few more steps were needed to exit from the palace’s protection and comfort. Ashley walked slowly to the gate, and unlocked the chains. When the meddle hit each other, as Ashley opened the gate, guards ran to meet the noise. Ashley’s heart thumped like horse’s hoofs, as she ran out of the gate running away from the guards. Ashley screamed as the guards ran and yelled after her. Ashley only had to get past the second gate with the five guards to get to freedom. Ashley’s mind was in a battle, Should I go? I still have time to turn back! But she just couldn't go back. Ashley’s curiosity got the better of her, and she knew what she must do. Ashley remembered what her father said to her when Ashley was getting her first bow lesson: “Don’t let fear drive you to stand down, but may it drive you to go on.” Ashley gathered courage as she ran as fast as her feet would let her, past the guards, and past the gate. She made it, but she was too terrified to stop there, so she ran a little farther before slowing her pace. Ashley looked back, and saw that all that she could see of the palace was a blurred light in the distance. The darkness that surrounded her rose up both fear, and bravery in her. Still, she pressed on, repeating what her father had told her in her head.
She finally reached the spot that she saw the object at.
The wind now turned into rain.
Her eyes closed as she saw she had come for something that was not real.
Then she heard a cry. She ran into the dark forest in search of the cry.
She wandered around when she saw the bright object again. But this time she could make out what it was.
“The white Lion!” She was exclaimed as she ran to the white lion, “Yeshua! Yeshua! Yeshua!” She shouted as she reached him.
She hugged his head as if she knew him.
The white Lion turned his head and faced her.
He rubbed his head against her shoulder.

“You are obedient to my orders young one.” Yeshua bowed.

Ashley gasped and stepped backwards, “You talk?” She asked.

He chuckled, “Yes,” He turned his head and put his back in front of her.
A big grin appeared on her face as she hopped on his golden back.
“Why do they call you White Lion, if you are golden?” She asked petting his mane.

“There are many great mysteries in this world, and that is one...” He answered, “now hold on.”

She raped her finger around a strand of his mane, “Where are we going?” She asked.

He didn’t answer, but instead he started to gallop into the deepest part of the forest.
She squeezed his neck.
The blue moon was shining above, with the stars sparkling. The smooth fresh air was tempting to dose off to. But her little eyes just couldn't keep her open. She then awake with the sun grooming over the land. She sat up still on the lion's back. She brushed her hair back from her face.

“Where are we?” She asked.

“We are in the land of Peace and Harmony. Where the land's people live and give with love, peace, and joy.” He told.

“I have never heard of this land. How long did we travel?” She asked.

“Not how long, but but how far...” He answered.

“Uh?” She questioned

Then she repeated it in her head. What does he mean? She asked herself.

He slowed to a stop by a small pond, “Your destination is just right up ahead.” He told.

“My?” She asked, “Aren’t you coming with me?”

“Yes, but you should walk from her on. So you may run if needed.” He told looking around.
“Why? I thought you said we were in the land of Peace and Harmony.” She questioned.

“Do not doubt me, young one...” He asked.

She walked forward. They arrived at a cave, where a big wooden chest was sitting in the center. The cave seemed to go on for ages, but its mouth was narrow, and small.

“I will return.” The White Lion left the cave.
Ashley waited till Yeshua had left to walk over to the chest. It was lined with gold bolts, and knobs. The keyhole was empty, but the chest was already unlocked. Ashley opened it, and looked inside. There was a very large book that was black leather and the gold rims were rusty. The rims went horizontally in the middle from both side until they stopped two inches in and went down, and up to form around a shard of glass. It was clear, and bright. Ashley stared at the glass for a while, trying to remember where she had seen this piece of glass. At the top of the book words were written, but Ashley could not understand the words and there was a small golden box in the conor. Ashley opened the lid and light shined out of it, just then she heard a voice calling her name.

“Ashley...” A calm soothing voice came from the entrance of the cave.

“Oh!” She closed the chest, turned around quickly. The light was shut in by the lid.

“Do not be afraid, for I am of no harm to you.” A tall man that fit no age group, with dark brown hair, and a brown beard entered. Light was shining off of his body, and his eyes were a mix of colors, with love and compassion filling every creak of them.
He was dressed in white robes with a rope for a belt, the sleeves hung almost to the stone ground. He wore no shoes. He had a hood that covered his forehead.
He took his hands and with them he set back his hood.
Ashley’s eyes went wide, and she breathed in.
She struggled to get words out, so she just did what her mother had taught her. She just bowed a Curtsey, putting her head very low down, and not coming up for a long time.
She felt her head being lifted up by a warm hand.
He was on his knees, lifting her head with his hand, looking her straight into the eyes.

“Ashley, you are loved by me,” He told her.
She was silent.
He scooped up the ten year old girl in his arms, He just held her tight.
She looked him in the eyes.
“I love you, young one.” He told with a kiss of the forehead.
She smiled, the power and affection Elohim had given her, was just so overwhelming.
She then stood up, wiping her eyes from the tear stains.

“Why did you call me here, My God?” She asked.

“Because, I have the great honor to give you a gift. A gift you have prayed for many years, young one.” He pointed to the chest.
She went on her knees before the chest, and opened it.
A bright light filled the room.
Then an object appeared in the air above the chest.
He took it and hide it in his hands.
He bowed on one knee as he also bowed his head.
He reached his hands out in front of her.
She looked at his hands. They were scared right through the bone.
He opened his hands.
“The gift of beauty, you will always see the beauty, and love in those who others do not see it. This has been given to you. For your, hope, kindness, love, you’re obedience, and for your-,” She interrupted him.

“I can not take this, I have not done, or even thought of doing any of those things. And for that I can not receive this gift.” She told looking to the ground.

“And for your honesty, do not betray my trust in you...” He finished, as he took the object from his hands and put it in her’s, “I know young one, that you haven’t done these things. But I know you will live up to, your gift.” He stood up.

“Yes, yes I will!” She took it, “but what do I do with it?” She asked.

“You will learn the meaning in the near future. Put it next to your heart.” He told.
She went to put it next to her heart when he stopped her hand.
“No, your heart. Not your worldly heart, but you real beautiful heart.” He told her.

“But where is that?” She asked.
He took her hand and put it right under her neck.
Half of the object that had now turned into a heart, but one half still remained.
“But what about this half?” She asked.

He chuckled.
“Young one. One of the lessons you must know is to trust. This half will show the unbelievers, that I have given you this gift.” He said as he put the half heart on her right shoulder, then left.

“Thank you, my God.” She smiled.

He smiled back, “I must be going, and you should too. But we will meet again. Remember young one… I will always be with you.” He bowed, put his hood back on and left the cave.
“Good bye,” She waved.
She heard a whisper in her ear.

“I love you, my child.”

“I love you too, Elohim.” She closed her eyes and whispered.

“Are you ready?” The White Lion came in and interrupted her thoughts.

“I will be right out…” Ashley breathed in, and opened her eyes, she watched Yeshua leave the cave entrance, as she rushed back over to the chest. She took the book that was placed inside, and hid it under the cape she had strapped onto her neck.

Chapter Two

“Ashley! Ashley!” Zoe Ann had Ashley in her arms.

“What?” Her eyes slowly opened.

“Oh, my baby!” She hugged her.

“Mommy, why were you scared?” Ashley sat up.

“You were gone for many hours! Where did you go?.” Ronin asked.

“Well, I’m okay.” She got out of her mother’s lap.

“What happened?” Zoe Ann asked.

“Nothing, I think.” Ashley left the room.

“Ashley dear?” Zoe Ann got up from the chair.

“Whatever happened, I don’t think it should have happened.” Ronin looked to Zoe Ann.
Ashley went to a mirror and looked at herself. Nothing had changed.
She sighed, “It was just, a dream. A dream-,” Something interrupted her, “a dream come true.” She looked in the mirror and saw Yeshua, “Yeshua!” She turned around, but he was not there.
Then she looked in the mirror and saw him, “he gave me the gift, but I don’t see it.” She told.

“You haven’t tried, young one.” Yeshua walked over to her, and in the mirror he put his paw on her shoulder.

“The markings!” She slid her sleeve to her nightgown down over her right shoulder.
On it there was a marking of a half of a heart. Then she looked on the other side and saw the same. Yeshua did not talk, but she could feel what he wanted her to do. She crossed her arms and put her right fingers over the left shoulders marking. Then put her left fingers on her right shoulders marking. A bright light now scanned the room.
Zoe Ann and Ronin ran into the room and the light surrounded Ashley.
Then it disappeared leaving a beautiful ten year old girl… her hair was naturally wavy and her face resembled her mother. She was dressed in a white gown, that went below her shoulders to show her markings. The gift didn’t just change her outward appearance, but her inner too.
(Thirteen YEARS WENT BY)
“How do you do?” Ashley asked with a curtsey.

“Very well.” A man bowed back, and kissed her hand that was covered by creamy silk.
It was a late night on Ashley’s twentieth birthday, and they celebrated with a ball.

She was now meeting all the single men in the kingdom (Royal Tradition) “How do you do?” She curtseyed again to another man. Ashley was dressed in a dark aqua satin, gown. It went out a few inches, and one layer of the satin blue was held up to her right hip by a clear diamond, and sparkes were spread around her dress. One other layer of the dress covered the opening that the first layer. Aqua satin was wrapped around her chest, with straps hanging down over both shoulders. The dress was low enough to provoke curiosity without revealing much. Ashley wore golden high heels, with creamy silk gloves that went up to her elbow.
It finally came to a young handsome Prince. He bowed, she curtseyed. The prince wore a white leather shirt, with a golden strip going from one shoulder to the other, and he had on golden epaulets.
But when they came up their eyes meet.
“Hello,” She mumbled.
“Hello your highness, would you like to dance?” He asked holding out his hand.
She didn’t reply but instead nodded her head in an elegant manner as she took his hand and they meet on the golden tiled floor. The ball room was large, and it was dressed in gold, and bright colors. There were ancient paintings on the ceiling, and on the walls. There was a platform that had one large golden chair, with two medium golden chairs, and two small chairs. The largest one was for King Ronin to sit in, the two mediums were for Zoe Ann and Ashley, and the two small ones were for Kelly and Little George the fourth. There was a large stairway, from the doors of the ballroom to the tile floors. Flowers and plants were set on the tables with refreshments, and on the other side of the ballroom was a closed door, were beyond that held the dining room. That room wasn’t as large as the ballroom, but almost that size. Tables were set up with chairs for over five hundred people, not including the Royal Family.
“They are getting along nicely, don’t you think?” Zoe Ann asked Ronin as they both sat hand in hand at their seats on the platform.

“Yes my dear, but don’t you think we should tell her?” He asked.

“No… I want her to have a chance of falling in love, before she finds out.” Zoe Ann told.

“What is your name kind sir?” Ashley asked as they waltzed around the ballroom, amongst others.

“Prince Hunter James Wetherbe of the Western Alls.” He answered bowing his head.

“Oh, I see.” She smiled shyly.

“You are very beautiful if I may say so myself.” He smiled.

“Why thank you.” She smiled and nodded her head in appreciation.

He was a charmer, a lady’s man, probably a momma’s boy, but he was handsome. Maybe I could give him a chance to prove to me, what he really is… She thought to herself.


“Ashley, dear.” Zoe Ann knocked on Ashley’s bedroom door.

“What is it mother?” She asked.

“Another Prince is here to see you.” Her mother told.

Ashley sighed, she was beginning to get bored with her gift.
I think I have said no a million times for marriage proposals in one year, then most girls in their whole life! Ashley thought.
“I will be right there, mother.” Ashley told her mother. She slipped on a brown dress and made sure her hair was in a bun. Then she went in to the hallway and into the parlor.
“Hello.” Ashley curtseyed.

“Hello, your highness.” Prince Hunter bowed and cleared his throat. He wore a black tailcoat, with golden buttons, and white breeches. He took off his black triangle hat, and a handkerchief was tied around his neck.

“I should check on the tea.” Zoe Ann left the room.

“Please sit down,” Ashley pointed to a chair and then sat on another chair, “I enjoyed dancing with you last week Prince Hunter…”

“I enjoyed it too your highness…” Hunter replied quickly.
They sat there in silence for a few moments.

“I apologise, but did you have a reason to talk to me?” Ashley asked.

“Yes… well as you know our families, have been wanting for you to become of age. And as you well know we are betrothed and-,” Ashley interrupted him.

“Be what?!” Ashley stood up.

“Betrothed, your highness.” He answered.

“Don’t you your highness me! Good day!” She went to leave.

Prince Hunter stood up and grabbed her right arm. Ashley sighed, and looked back at Hunter, “Ashley I know you're upset but if you will just sit down-,” he was interrupted by the quick movements of Ashley, as she pierced her elbow into his gut, then slammed her foot down on his foot. He groaned, and his eyes went wide.

“Yeah well thanks for your concern!” Ashley stumped away.

“Ashley!” Zoe Ann ran out from the doorway of the parlor after Ashley, and a few maids came into the parlor to assist Hunter.

Hunter slowly hobbled over to a chair, and groaned.

Ashley closed her door and locked it.

“Ashley, let me in.” Zoe Ann yelled through the door.

“Mother, I just need some time alone. Please mother.” Ashley went over to her mirror.

Zoe Ann sighed, and walked away.

She looked in the mirror, “So, now I find out!” She looks down, “I need to find Yeshua, I can’t take this life anymore! This isn’t my destiny, this isn’t what Yeshua and Elohim had in store for me… I want adventure, and love, I want to live like there is no tomorrow.” She told herself. Ashley left her reflection in the mirror, and walked over to her desk, she grabbed a knife from her sewing kit, and walked back to her mirror.
She sighed as she took the knife and slashed her hair off to the shoulder. She gasped as she took in her reflection. She covered her mouth to try to hold in her scream.
Okay, this hairstyle is horrible! But it needed to be done. She thought to herself as she slowly let her hand fall from her mouth. She stared at herself for a few moments and then ran to her brother Little George's room, which was connected by a passageway in her closet to his closet. She looked around in his closets and found some breeches. They were bigger for her as she held them up to herself, but she took them anyways, with a dark green undershirt.
She went back in the passageway to her room. She shorten the paints, and the undershirt to fit her size. By this time it was getting in the late afternoon.
She took her brown dress she was wearing and cut the bottom of the dress and the sleeves. She put on the paints, then undershirt, then she put on the brown (now) shirt. Ashley got a belt from her brother and dark brown leather boots. She also filled a small but still large leather bag with; A candle, matches, two dresses, a journal and a quill pen, a pouch of water, and two large bags of coins. Ashley took her bow and arrows from the spot on her wall where they were mounted. She put them on her back with her leather bag, and opened up her window. She was on the fourth story, but Ashley wasn’t afraid of heights… that much. Ashley tied her bed sheets and comforters together, and dropped them out of the window, and tied one end to the bed frame. Ashley stepped out of her window, and stood on the ledge. Her hands clutched the sheets tightly, and slowly started to move down, she glanced at the ground.
“Don’t look down! Don’t look down!” Ashley squealed, and breathed hard. When she reached the grass, she dashed over to the barn. There were a few stable hands tending to the royal horses, but they soon left to gather hay from the hay loft above. Ashley quietly went over to her black male frushion. She unlocked his stall, and walked in. Her horse greeted her with a neigh of excitement, as Ashley kissed it’s smooth silky forehead.
“Come on boy,” she smiled, as she lead her horse out to the tack room. She tied his bridle to a post, and slid his white cotton blanket on his back. Then she got an english saddle, and placed it on his back over the blanket. She tightened the girth, and but the reins on and mounted her horse. She ducked her head, as she rode the horse through stable and out the back way. She headed towards the valley, as the ground shook while the horse's hoofs hit the grass digging up dirt.

"After the Princess!" A Guard yelled, as he spotted Ashley riding away.
A big bell rang of alarm, and Ashley’s family rushed out of the palace to see what had happened.
"The Princess is getting away!" The Head Guard told.

“Ashley!" Zoe Ann ran out to the courtyard. Horses flew by Zoe Ann, as the rode off to catch the Princess.

“This is my only chance, if they catch me they will not let me out of their sight and I would be forced to marry that boy!" She thought to herself, “I must find my destiny! I must!”

Love was: a gift, a hope, a dream, a romance. Not: a ring, a man, or some roses. No! Love is the thing I have been dreaming for, and I wasn’t going to give up my hope, dream, or my romance, for a man with a ring and some roses...

Ashley got out of the palace gates just as they were almost closed. The gate closed locking the guards in, and letting Ashley have a free pass to freedom.

My heart stopped beating, it all became slow motion as I turned my head to look back to my crying mother and my father holding her hand, my sister hugging mother and my brother waving goodbye for the last time.
Now I was free.
Free to run, free to give, free to live, free to love.
I was Free for the first time in history.

Ashley motioned for her horse to go faster, as she turned her life away from rules and Royalties.

“I love you, mother.” Ashley whispered as the castle went out of sight.

“Stop the horses!” Prince Hunter ordered the driver of the carriage. He stuck his head out of the carriage window. Dust, wind, and dirt filled his eyes. But he did get to see who the rider was, he sighed, “Thats one girl...” He smiled. He then hopped out of the carriage and walked to the driver.

“Is something wrong sir?” The driver asked.

“No, just umm. I will not be needing a ride home from you. I will just take one of these horses and ride home.” He told putting his words together.

“Are you sure Prince Hunter?” He asked.

“Yes-,” Prince Hunter was interrupted.

“There are lots of thieves around who would like to steal and kill a royal like yourself.” The Driver told.

“For the thieve’s sake I hope their not around,” He smurked as he undid a horse and mounted, “Good day gentlemen.” He rode off.
(Three days later)
“This is quite lonely in the woods… Alone, right StarGaze?” She asked the horse with a pat on the neck, “wow! I must be lonely I am talking to the horse!”
Just then the noise of a stick cracking and movements in the bushes interrupted her talk with the horse. “Who goes there!” She turned her head to the noise. Ashley was suddenly thrown to the ground and was now knocked out.

(A few hours later)
Hunter slowed his horse to a stop, when he heard noises in the distance. “Hello?” He looked around and stopped his horse.

“That is my things! You have no right to go through those!” Ashley yelled at them.

“Ma’ma I think we all know you stool these.” A man’s deep voice laughed.

“Oh, a journal!” One announced as he pulled it out. There were a pack of hobbit, with long hair, and thick beards.

“How ‘bout we just dump the bag out and then look through it?” Another suggested.

“Ya!” All of them agreed, and poured out the bag.

“He he he!” One grabbed the money bags.

“If I was not tied to this tree you would all get a beating!” She yelled struggling from her position.

“Ashley!” Prince Hunter whispered as he hopped off his horse and followed the sounds as he lead his horse.

“Oh these clothes would pay a fare price at the market place! They are silk!” One grabbed the two dresses she had in her bag.

“All those things belong to me, and if you don’t return them you will have to pay a price!!” She snorted.

“Settle down honey, we will let you go after we find out what you have here. Or they might pay a lot for a pretty girl like you as a slave. But we are Gentlemen so it all depends” The leader hobbits told.

“Gentlemen for a fact do not treat a woman of great honor like that!” She looked upwards.

“Oh, we would never do something like this to a lady or a gentlemen. But you aren’t nether so… We can.” One said. She rolled her eyes.

The men turned their backs on her as they poured out the money and started counting.

“I-.” Her mouth was covered by a hand. Hunter covered her mouth, and started to cut the rope. It sliced after a few tugs, and Hunter grabbed Ashley, and dragged her into the bushes behind the tree, “Thank you I-,” Ashley realized that it was Prince Hunter, now wearing a white shirt with black pants, “You!” She was in ow.

“And you…” He looked at her from head to toe.

“Well at least I wore something that looked good on me!” She crossed her arms.

“At least I wore something that was made for my gender!” He told.

“Wait, do you hear that?” The lead hobbit asked.

“Yes? Where is the girl?” One hobbit turned around.

“Sh!” The leader snuck over to the bushes and moved some to see them.

“I don’t know why every Prince thinks it is a great reusability for them to go after the Princess in trouble, and and save them! Uge!” She rolled her eyes.

“What! You think I was happy about leaving my ride home to come save you?” He asked,

“Oh no! I don’t think saving is the right word, I was doing great on my own. They said they were going to let me go.” She told.

“Or sell you, admit it you are glad I came and SAVED you.” He smiled. She raised an eyebrow.

“If I say yes, will you help me get my things back?” She asked. He shaked his head and smurked

“Fine, I guess I was glad you showed up.” She rolled her eyes.

The hobbit hobbled over to the rest of the ground, and started to pack Ashley’s bag.
“Come on! We need to-,” The leader was interrupted.

“Uh boss?” One of the men pointed to something behind him.

“Put up your hands boys!” Ashley ordered as she held the bow and arrow up to the leader’s back.

“Hobbits! You could not take care of Hobbits?” Prince Hunter asked.

“They snuck up on me, okay!” She defended.

“Why did you run away?” The Prince asked.

“Because I-, why would you need to know at a time like this?” She asked.

"Just a question..." He answered.

"Here!" The lead man gave her the bag.

"Thank you..." She grabbed the bag.

"Will you let us go now?" The man asked.

"Umm, I don't know.... Don’t you think they would pay a fare price for you all?” She asked. The hobbits eyes widened.

“Look, I’ll let you go… After you do three thing for me. First thing is that you will give me my horse back with my things, second is something you need to answer… How much do you know about these woods?” She asked.

“Uh, well... why would you call us thieves if we didn’t?” A slim hobbit laughed.
There was a great silence.

The leader told. “yes we do know a lot about the forest.”

“Good, then you can do my third thing. Help me find the, uh-...” Ashley paused, then continued, “the White Lion, and I will set you free.” She breathed in.
Laughter sprang up from the hobbits.

“The mith? You really believe he’s real!” The lead hobbit ask between laughs.

“Yes, I do. I'm you could, one of his close friends.” She raised an eyebrow.

“You are?” Prince Hunter asked.

“Yes. I am also very good friends with Elohim, and I know he will reward you all if you help me find them… Both.” She answered putting down the bow and arrow.

“That is impossible!” The hobbits told.

“Okay, I think the buyers will like you decision.” She smiled. The hobbits hovered together in a circle.

“We can’t say yes, we would be her slave forever until we find this so called lion, and Elohim!” One said.

“But if we don’t we have no hope of not being a slave!” The leader told.

“How ‘bout we do it? Besides shes a lady, we can’t say no to a lady!” Said the slim one in a whisper.

“You hobbits done yet?” Ashley shifted her weight from one side to the other.

“Sh!” The leader hushed her. Whispers were exchanged, from one to the other.

“Okay, we have our decision made… We will do it… If after at the very most one years go by and we still haven’t found this White Lion then you will let us go.” The lead Hobbit told.

“Eight years,” Ashley demanded.

“Four!” Yelled one hobbit

“Five!” Ashley yelled back.

“Three.” The leader tried… but failed.

“No… five or you're all slaves.” Ashley smurked.


“You may go home, Prince Hunter, I will be okay.” Ashley turned around to grab her bag on the ground.

“You don’t think I am going to go home and miss this!” Prince Hunter chuckled.

“Prince… Hunter?” The lead hobbit Peter asked.
“Yes,” He answered.

“Why is a Prince hanging out with you?” He asked turning to Ashley.

“I am Princess Ashley Stone.” Ashley told standing strong.

“Princess?!” The Hobbit asked.

“Yes, is that a problem?” She asked.

“Uh…” The Hobbits fell to their knees, “We are so sorry your highness!”

“Oh, no I not… Umm,” Ashley looked to Hunter.

“Don’t look at me.” Hunter crossed his arms.

“It’s fine really, I kinda had fun… I’m weird like that…” Awkward silence overcame her trying to be funny act.

“Your horse is over here… Your highness.” The slim hobbit told.

“Please, just call me Ashley… no, Ash… no! Robin Hood, I’m like the female Robin Hood, no… am I?” Ashley paced around thinking about her nickname.

“Okay, Robin Hood Beauty lets go.” Prince Hunter told.

“Ou! Ou! Ou! I do like-!” She was interrupted by Hunter.

“No, you can’t take the name Robin Hood.” He rolled his eyes.

“No, not Robin Hood but Electa sounds like a cool girls name.” She stood up tall.

“You do know Electa mean “Chosen”, right?” He asked.

“Yes! Now lets go…” Ashley was just about to turn to her horse.

“Wait, I need a nickname!” Hunter protested.

“Oh, I got it! Your name can be-e-e-e-e… Hunter,” She jumped up and down with joy.

“It is…” He looked at her like she was stupid.

“Exactly!” She smurked.

“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes.

“You guys married?” The lead Hobbit asked.

“NO!” They both said.

“Why, do we look it?” She asked brushing back a strand of her brown hair .

“Nope, but you sound it…” The fat Hobbit told, “Are you sure you're not engaged?”
Another award silents appeared.

“We should get going-,” Ashley broke the silence but then interrupted by Hunter.

“I would like to think so.” Hunter told the hobbits.

“I’m going to get StarGaze…” Ashley ran over to her horse. She rubbed her horses head and then gave StarGaze a treat. Laughter erupted. Ashley tried to ignore them but instead she blushed and looked away. She then hopped on her horse, putting her bow on her back the the arrows in a saddlebag attached to the horse’s saddle. The Hobbits joined her by mounting their minacher ponies tied to a tree next to StarGaze. Hunter ran back to the road and mounted his horse, then met them back in the clearing.

“Where do we start?” The lead Hobbit asked.

“Where I first met him, right outside the dark forest borders.” She told.

“Alright then, you lead the way… Beauty.” Hunter had a slight smile.

“Ha ha ha, very funny Hunter.” She squeezed her legs together signing to the horse to go.

I left my castle small and outnumbered, I leave now with an army, hope, joy, happiness, and love at my right hand.
Will love be my feo, and will fear be my friend? It’s all up to me, my decision will change many lives in the future, including mine.

(Thanks for reading: True Beauty By TheZoeKid) :)


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Unicorn at sunset chapter 4
By Flame2010

Snow White's father greeted emma, lauren, and Lulu the person who helped snow white doing good deeds snow white sensed that lulu seamed sad but showed her interest at the rose quarts palace her face fallen but her hopes remained high for Snow white. Snow white whispered to Lulu ' I'm here your not alone as the palace is wonderful' this made lulu happier and as they came to the rooms for snow white and lulu it was wonderful to see the beauty the rooms filled with a faint rose fragment and a bedside with books and pencils and delicious chocolate chip cookies and chocolate dipped strawberries filled with soft ice cream. For snow white a beautiful silverly blanket with a matching necklace and chocker snow white felt a sad ripple going to her silky smooth skin as she saw her homeland for her heart was going two ways she wanted to come home for her training next to be queen but she loved her friend lulu and her life will never be the same so she asked her father to speak with her, the king Tricorn said " what is bothering you my child you have come home but is it lulu that is bothering you?" he asked Snow white replied with a whisper " yes father i'm worried about Lulu my friend she has a good heart but i can't leave her on earth she is a dear friend to me when i leave forever i know i will not see her but..." she stopped and began sobbing with tumbled words pouring out " i will protect her she is a wonderful friend but i want to stay with her on earth i know i will lose my magic but i am her pony that matters." snow white chose to train for queen but lulu stayed with her for a week before going home to her grandmother.

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Thanks for your submission. It seems aimed at an older audience than we have here in ClubPonyPals. So we will not run it. But perhaps you can find another publication whose readership is better suited for the type of story you have written. Thanks for your suggestion.

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