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May Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

Up and Over Chapter 2:
By: PegasusLove013

After our amazing Cross Country ride, we go to the dressage arena to ride our test for the upcoming schooling show. I enter at "A" at a working trot and halt through medium walk at "X" and salute.

Then I pick up a working trot again and track right at "C". At "E" I make a 20 meter circle, still in the working trot. At "K", I slow into a medium walk. We keep this up until "F", when we free walk diagonally back to "E".

We track right to "H" and then when we reach "H", we go into a working trot. At "B", we make another 20 meter circle at a working trot. Then we make our way down the center line a working trot at "A" and halt from a medium walk at "X". I salute to the imaginary judges and walk forward to the rail and turn around and exit at "A".

"Good girl!" I pat her as we walk. "That's a good, good girl!" We've never ridden a dressage test so well in our life. Ever. We let the next rider go in to practice. I take her to the round pin to canter some, but she shouldn't have to. You know what? She won't. I am going to give her some treats and then turn her out. I lead her to the barn and unsaddle her, currying her to remove the sweat marks. I grab some horse cookies, trying to be sneaky, but she sees me and I can't resist but give them to her. Her lips pick them up out of my hand and swallow them, almost with out chewing. "You silly girl." I rub her face, especially where her swirl is, she loves that. "Come on, time to put you in your paddock!" I lead her to her pasture, petting her and giving her two kisses on the nose. And with that, a "Love you, cutie pie!" , and two more cookies, I leave.

PegasusLove013 & Jinx
2015-05-07 02:34:15
My poem: My Pony
By PegasusLove013

My pony's spots
Resemble her eyes,
They're like little dots.
And she jumps to the sky.

My Pony's face
Is cute and irresistable.
And her sweet gaze,
So inescapable.

I love my pony.
She's mine and I won't
Ever let her leave me
Oh, no I won't.

She may be really small.
But she sure is mighty.
She's not one for stalls,
Or spaces that are tiny

That's why I love her,
She's just all I need.
She isn't a runner,
and she's easy to feed.

PegasusLove013 & Jinx
2015-05-07 02:46:43
Poem title: Mare of the Dawn
By: Nat2

Then, suddenly
A faint noise of color in the east
Peeking over the cloaked trees
A single sound
A hoofbeat
A streak of scarlet
Like a newly lit fire
Another step
Finding the strength to move on
Into the sky
Into the darkness
That claims the world for its own
A symphony
Pouring forth from the edge of the earth
Brilliance and beauty turned into color
Another hoofbeat
The toss of a mane
Fiery crimson and orange
Flowing behind on a proud arched neck
Made of golden rays
Prancing legs
Long and lean
Painted with bold strokes of purple
Delicate lines of pale green and silver
Smothered by beautiful slashes of light
Somehow still there, glowing like jewels
Forming the eyes
That burn like the fire
That kindles the heart
Of this Mare of the Dawn
Dancing the steps
That have been measured out
Every morning for centuries
Leaving a trail of fire in her wake
Orange and scarlet and golden flames
Brush at her tail
Made of silver
At the center of this storm
Of colors
Pulses the life
The strength
The light
That warms
And heals
And Illuminates
Every dark corner of the world
It is the heart
And the sun
Beating with a strong rhythm
Keeping the hoofbeats even
Sending out bursts of flame
Burning the darkness away
Pale blue smoke
Pouring forth
Pouring into the void the darkness leaves behind
Filling the sky
The Mare steps forward
Her trail of fire staying strong
The darkness is fleeing
Hiding away
She looks into the blue
Pale as a jewel
Brilliant and bright
And tosses her head
This embodiment of power
Of beauty
Of flame
This burning thing
Alive yet not alive
Feeding fire with fire
Keeping itself alive with its own substance
Its own being
This is the dawn
And this creature
Of light
This creature which leaves a trail of fire
Which prances to the beat of its heart
This is the Mare of the Dawn.

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2015-05-07 07:46:41
Is my poem going to come through or did I forget to send it in?

You're poem is here, I've just approved it - it's very good!****

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2015-05-08 09:14:34
Title: Wonder Chapter 3
By: ameliabrenes5

Three days had passed since Katy had found the buckskin. No one had called, or anything. Katy and Cindy were going on another ride, Katy riding Jasmine, and Cindy riding Lily. "I can't believe you actually found a horse!" Cindy was saying to Katy as they rode side by side. "I know. No one has called to claim him yet either." Katy said. "Do you think someone will claim him today?" Cindy asked. Katy shook her head. "Three days have passed. Don't you think someone would have claimed him by now?" "Good point. But you never know." "Yeah, but what if no one ever claims him?" There was a pause before Cindy replied, "Then maybe you'll have to give him to the adoption agency." "What do they do with the horses there?" "Well, most of the time, if they are adoptable, they are put up for adoption. Anyone who wants him, can have him. Although, it's five hundred dollars to adopt one of the horses." "Oh. What if they never get adopted?" Cindy took a shuddering breath before she answered. "They will have to be put down."

When Katy got back home, she saw her parents looking at the buckskin prancing around in the pasture. Then, they sensed her coming and turned to look at her. "Katy, someone called while you were on your mid morning ride." Her mother told her. Katy swallowed. Hard. "It was a man, and his five year old buckskin stallion jumped his paddock fence. He's coming down here in about," Her father looked at his watch. "One hour. I want you to make that horse shiny clean for his probably owner. Ok?" "Yes sir." Katy said. This might be the last time she would ever groom the horse again.

Katy watched as a blue truck and trailer parked next to her house. Then, the drivers door opened and out came a slim man figure. The man closed his door then walked casually over to Katy, who was letting the horse back into the pasture. Katy's parents had told her to deal with the man, since she was the one who had found the horse. "Hello." The man said as he stopped near her. "I called about my horse, who jumped the paddock?" "Hi, Mr.-" "Please, call me Mr. Colorful. Now, where is this horse I came to see?" "Oh, he's in the pasture, see?" Katy asked pointing at the buckskin who was grazing. "Ah, I do see. May I look at him more closely?" "Sure, just let me go get him." Katy said as she opened the gate and walked towards the horse. The horse brought his head up and stayed still as Katy clipped on the lead line. Katy led the stallion back to the man, who was looking closely at the horse. "Here he is." Katy said as she stopped in front of the man. "May I?" He asked as he stroked the horse, checking him over. "I think that this is Sneezy." He said finally. 'Sneezy?' Katy thought. 'Who would name their horse Sneezy?' "Bow." The man ordered the horse. To Katy's amazement, the horse did exactly what he was told. His front leg went forward as his other leg bended, and his back legs stayed straight. "This is Sneezy." The man said as the horse returned to standing straight. "Thank you for finding my horse. May I please load him into the trailer?" Katy didn't hesitate to hand over the horse to it's owner. She had been expecting this. Now it was happening for real. After the horse, no, Sneezy was loaded, Katy watched as the truck and trailer left in a cloud of dust. Most likely, she would never see the horse again.

ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2015-05-08 19:51:37
Title: Artemisa

The trees swayed and the tall grass danced the night away with the strides of wind. Artemsia bend down and lied on the ground. She was in a quiet and safe place. A creek ran by the Willow tree's where Lilypads moved around in the water with their Magenta coloured-flowers in the middle of them. Artemsia's black and white stomach diolated, Showing signs that her water has been broken. First was a struggle, then a suggcessful push. Soon, She got up to see the small infant of a foal she has birthed. The movement broke the umbilical cord. Her long mane tickled the foals muzzle as she licked him clean. After licking him dry, She pushed her muzzle against His bottom to urge him upwards. She stayed up, Swishing her tail and taking guard as her baby rose and fell. Her eyes shine towards the Moonlight. She looked apon the hill her herd had moved off from when she left, Still seeing the spring of where they bathed and drank from. She looked down to see her baby using her front legs as a help of getting up. She backed away, Knowing he needs to know how to get up on his own. He got the hang of it soon and was able to suckle. As the night faded, Dawn came. For the past week, They have been foraging on the creek and the tall grass that once danced before the colt's birth. Artemsia knew it was time to look for the herd. Now strong enough to at least get a run on, Her colt will be safe enough around the herd. As they moved up the hill, They stopped for a drink from the spring. She sniffed around and looked around for hoofprints. Finally, She and her colt moved onto the trail. At about Mid-Afternoon, Artemisa had a name decided for her colt. Klee. Klee is perfect. His swirls of brown and white, A fluffy mane and tail, and gleaming brown eyes. Just like his mother, But in a different color. Now in the Evening, Artemsia and Klee find the herd. All the horses in the herd perk their heads up to their Lead Mare. Sargent, A black brumbly stallion, Was positioned on his stand on a hill. As leader, Protector, and Guard, He does not have time to get to see his son. Although, He whinnies to her as if to say, "Welcome home, And who is this?" Artemsia led Klee to Sargent. As she came up the hill Sargent trotted a bit towards her, His tail swishing. He stopped when she did and they groomed each other by doing slight nibbles on her and his mane and lining of their backs. Klee was poitioned near his mothers pastern, Laying in the tall grass and then getting up to nurse. Sargent stopped and approached Klee. Artemsia watched carefully but knew what Sargent was doing, And so did Sargent. He leaned in and snorted, Smelling his sire. Klee backed up a little as Sargent pounded his right hoof into the ground. Klee clacked his teeth As if saying, "Im your son, I mean no harm. Please dont hurt me!" Satisfied with his submission, He backed off.
That night, A storm flashed. The thunder bounced around the sky like a whip, And the sound of it cracking. And that night, An incident occured...

See you next month for part TWO!

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2015-05-09 03:00:25
Okay, thanks very much, Admin! :) I didn't see it when I posted that. I thought I forgot to hit "send". Again.
Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2015-05-09 05:08:25
Title the mare of the night.
By flutteshy

When the clouds form. And the darkness rises. She gallops is mid air. Her flowing hair. Her whinny is like a song. You just hum along. Falling fast asleep without a peep. She gallops without a rider. She is strong and brave as a fighter. Her legs seem as there on fire. Going at a speed. That only a human would need. She gallops fast. as though this won't last. Her horn glows as bright. As the stars in the night. She will destroy any nightmare. But remember she's always there. To protect you from the creatures of the night. Creatures that will fight. And when its day. She fly's away. THE END

flutteshy & Checkers
2015-05-14 15:42:56

Hi! Do you have a story or poem you've written that you'd like to enter?****

NativeDancer & Anna Belle
2015-05-15 19:23:56
My Horse Firefly
By NativeDancer

Anna walks into her. Anna thinks to herself " I wish I could have a horse or pony " .

"ANNA! GET DOWN STAIRS NOW !" mom yells.

"Yes mom coming now " Anna said sadly.

"An we are moving ! We are moving today onto a Farm so you can finally get your own horse or pony ! Get in the car ! everything is packed !" Mom says excitedly

" OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I'm getting a horse !!!!" Anna says.

Anna and her mom got into the car. When they got to the barn , Anna couldn't believe she was getting a horse. Mom got out of the car and took everything inside their house. Anna ran around the whole barnyard singing " I'm getting a horse , I'm getting a horse " .

" Anna go with Josie the stable hand she is taking you to the horse sale to get a few horses . Get you a horse and a foal if you would like . Pick out a horse for me . Josie feel free to get yourself a horse ". Mom said

"Omg Really Thank you Ms.Carter" Josie said delightfully

"So I guess me and Josie will be on our way with the truck and trailer " Anna said

Josie and Anna got in the truck and pulled out of the driveway and drove off. There was a middle school down the street from Anna's farm and a big empty grass field full of dandelions. Anna looked out of the window and couldn't help but smile as she saw a few foals chasing after each other at the near by farm.

"Josie Are we here ?" asked Anna.

"Yes Mam" Josie answered

The end

NativeDancer & Anna Belle
2015-05-15 20:36:28
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