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May Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

The sixth pony pal chapter Seven: The tragic accident
By: Ashleigh67

In the morning I got up at 6:50. After breakfast I asked my parents if I could go out into the barn they said yes “and make sure you do your barn chores yes mum yes dad. I went into the barn and did my Barn chores. Next I tacked up Star dancer for a trail ride on pony pal trail. Pony pal trail is a mile and-a half trail that connects me and lulu and Rae’s house and Anna’s and Pam’s house while I was riding star dancer I thought about my pony pals lulu sander had short wavy light brown hair and loves animals her mother died when she was little her father was naturalist she was travelling everywhere with her father until she turned ten then she moved in with her grandmother sanders. Rae hair was black which she often kept in a bun. Anna hair was blonde and she has dyslexic reading and writing is hard for her. Pam has been around horses all her life her father is a vet her mother is a riding instructor. When I see Lulu Sanders on pony pal trail I say hey Lulu where’s Anna”? I asked she said Anna will be a little bit late because of barn chores okay ‘I replied. After a moment Anna and Acorn Galloped up. We waited for Anna and Acorn to catch up. Then we rode to the Crandal’s barn where we met Pam. Why don’t we ride over to Wiggin’s mansion”? yeah why not replied. We were on the Wiggin’s mansion where the tragic accident happens we were riding on one of the trails where star dancer spotted a trap on the trail she got spooked and reared up I went flying off her and hit the ground hard. Ashleigh! I hear Lulu shout are you okay”? Anna call 911 quickly I hear lulu say.

In chapter eight I’m in hospital and I’m scared to ride Star Dancer I’m scared I’m going to fall.

Ashleigh67 & Snow light
2015-05-16 07:26:09
By Nunnehi

on the misty mountains were the horses ride i will wait for the one on the hill side were the sun touches the peak of mountain is were i will stay and wait for the wild horse so free in all its beuty

Nunnehi & mille
2015-05-16 14:20:18
WhisperWind 4 : Hoofs Held High
By xKaylenex

Note :
Abigail Gregory - Rae of Sunshine
Roncy Vaux - Roncy
Kayla Price - xKaylenex
Joy Peterson - JumpforJoy
Lucy Woodhaven - Starwalker123
Thanks to all of those who were willing to participate, without you, WhisperWind 4 wouldn’t be in your hands right now

“Come on Lucy, its only about a foot big” Kayla cried out as she spun Minty around next to Roncy on Destiny and Lucy on Nexus. “Coming!” Lucy yelled over the log. She clucked and squeezed her legs to her beautiful black horses sides. Nexus took a long stride before the jump and cleared the log with about 2 feet to spare. Kayla and Roncy give a rousing round of applause. Roncy spun Destiny and spotted for a new jump. A Coup. 2 foot 3 or 2 foot 6 maybe, big, but all of the horses have jumped that height if not bigger. Roncy turned her head to check on the girls behind her and as soon as Kayla and Lucy gave her a nod, they took off. Destiny’s golden coat shining in front, Minty’s red bay coat gleaming in the middle and Nexus’s beautiful charcoal black coat bringing up the back. “4…3…2…1!” cried out Roncy before the jump. As protocol, as the leader of a jumping group, to call out the strides. Destiny leaps over the coup beautifully, Minty makes an effort but has one hoof catch just the tiniest bit of the top of the coup but Nexus clears it like a jumper. Roncy leads the pack on Destiny at a gallop into the clearing, over the stream and back along the gravel pathway near the outdoor ring and to the barn. “Woohoo!” shouted Lucy as they slowed to a trot. “Good Ride” said a welcoming voice behind them. Joy Peterson, another boarder came up with Abigail Gregory, both carrying heavy buckets filled with water and sponges. Roncy, Kayla and Lucy dismount as the 3 sweaty horses get sponged off with cool water. “How far did you guys go?” asked Abigail, dipping her sponge in the water.
“Oh, down to the logs in the far end of the trails” said Kayla, loosening Minty’s girth. “Wow, how many jumps” asked Lucy. The questionable girls had been tied down with stable chores for the morning and were booked for a lesson soon. “5 or 6” said Lucy switching Nexus’s bridle for a comfortable Nylon halter. The barn isle was decorated with Fans and overheated riders trying to get the tired horses to cooperate. As Lily, the stable girl grabbed the girls horses and put them in their stalls, a loud cry was heard. Roncy ducked out of the stable as the others were trying to finish up what they were doing, topping off buckets, closing doors, putting tack boxes away. Roncy walked into the courtyard and saw what she couldn’t believe was a horse. Brown, 15.1 hands, a fine boned thin Hanoverian Thoroughbred spun anxiously around. The leather halter dangling on her neck. Miss Jessica came out of the house and stepped cautiously towards the mare. Roncy picked up a piece of bailing twine that was lying on the ground splayed out. “Easy girl, I won’t hurt you” Roncy said as she got closer. The mare eyed at Roncy and then focused her attention on Miss Jessica, who had a lead rope in hand. Roncy got close enough to start putting the bailing twine around her neck to catch her. Roncy lifted the twine over the mare’s neck, which was finally low and steady enough. Then a loud,shrill yell was heard. “Gracie! Get back here!” A girl with long dirty blonde hair, jean shorts and a pink t-shirt with a kitten on it appears at the passage way to the driveway from the Courtyard. She is carrying a dusty lead rope that has the color of light blue. The mare bounces on her front hooves in a dominant rear and knocks Roncy onto the ground. Sitting, Roncy can hear the gasps and the scowls from the barn way. The bailing twine, one end still in Roncy’s hand, the other in a loose entanglement in the mare’s mane. Roncy rocks back and springs up, sticking her hand under the horses neck to grab the other end of the twine. She catches it and soothe the horse. The blonde girl comes up to Roncy looking furious but grateful. “Sorry” she mutters and attaches the leadrope. “How did she get out?” Roncy asked. The girl spun on her heels to face Roncy, her dark brown eyes staring at her annoyed. “Oh, my sister asked if I could move her crazy horse from one field to the other and she freaked out and ran” the girl says and turns around hastily. “I’m sorry, what is your name?” asks Miss Jessica, coming up to meet them. “I’m Jennie and my sister is
Mary-Rose” she murmurs just loud enough to hear it. “And this horse is?” asks Miss Jessica. Roncy read the name plate engraved in a beautiful font on the halter. “Grace of Beauty” reads the little plate. Miss Jessica and Jennie talk back and forth. Miss Jessica asking Jennie a question and Jennie responding in a hurry. “I’m sorry, I really have to go” finally Jennie says. She spins on her heels and drags Gracie down the driveway. Roncy unhooks her bike and quickly double checks all her Show Stuff is ready for tomorrow. The last glimpse she gets is of Sarah and Miss Jessica loading the big metal trailer for the show tomorrow, then she pedals quietly home.

Chapter 2
“I just love shows, don’t you?” asks Abigail as she and Roncy clip on their helmets. The show ring is bustling with excitement, seriousness and ribbons! Roncy pats Destiny as she mounts and heads for the ring. She watches a girl, fly around the course with a speedy horse by the name of Graceful. It looks similar to Gracie, but a little more skinny. Roncy looks to her right and sees a girl passing out flyers. She asks some people but all of them shake their heads. She finally comes up to Roncy and stares desperately at her. “Excuse me, I’m Mary and I’m looking for my horse who disappeared yesterday.” she says. She has brown hair, some cute dimples and olive skin tone matching perfectly with her show clothes. Roncy stares at the flyer, the picture very similar to Gracie, but has a lot more tone on her. “I will tell you if I see her” Roncy says and walks into the ring. The ring steward shoos her and the girls next to her away. Then Roncy saw it all play out.

“Thats my Horse!” Mary yells. The ducks under the boards and runs up to the girl on her horse.
“Grace!” she cries again. The mare shoots her head up in a panicked worry. “Get away from my horse!” The girl on the horse shouts at Mary. “This is my horse, this is her identification number!” Mary cries and shows the girl on the horse the identification. An adult comes up behind Mary, assuming its her dad. The man pulls out a paper and points to the number and taps on the paper. The girl on the horse goes white and blushes extremely. “No, she's mine!” the girl on the horse calls. She darts for the gate and bolts out of it. Destiny’s instincts align with Roncy and the pair follows. Abigail not too far behind on Poprocks. “Why can’t we ever have a normal show” Sarah mutters sarcastically. Roncy notices the coup in the break in the fence, its not wide enough for all 3 horses to jump it. “Slow Down!” Abigail yells at the girl, but the girl doesn’t stop, instead heads for the coup. Abigail and Roncy slowed to a walk. “If she heads into the woods, its an entire network of trails back there, we’ll never find her!” Roncy sighs. Both Abigail and Roncy head off for the coup. Good 3 feet maybe more. “Turn Around!” Roncy cried at the girl, but she didn’t stop. They were only about 5 meters away from the jump when the girl flew over the coup, but not the horse. The brown slinky mare shied away from the jump and the unsuspecting rider landed on the other side. Mary runs up and grabs Grace, who gratefully nuzzles her hand. Roncy saw the show paramedics hop over the fence and help the girl to her feet. “Nothing wrong” one of them says. “Jennie?” Mary asks looking at the rider. Her hair neat had fallen out and she had taken off her helmet. It revealed Jennie’s blonde hair, messy.
“Jennie, you said that Mary was your sister?” Roncy asked. “Oh, she’s not my sister, we rode at the same barn, then I bought Grace and she had hoped to wait another week for her allowance” Mary explained. “You knew I wanted Grace, but you took her anyway” Jennie scowls at her.
“You were riding Pfeffer a lot, I knew you somewhat wanted Grace, but you somewhat wanted all the horses” apologized Mary. “And stealing the horse for a show is just plain wrong” said Abigail briskly. “Look, Jennie, if you had come up to me, I would be more then happy to let you ride Grace two or three times a week, but now I don’t want you to” said Mary a bit appalled. 
An older girl comes to tell Jennie that her parents are here and she leaves hastily.
“So really, what is this girls name and show name?” asks Roncy, now relieved.
“Her name is Grace and her Show Name is Grace of Beauty” Mary says thoughtfully.
“Roncy, our class is going in” says Abigail and waves good-bye to Mary and Grace.
Abigail and Roncy trot swiftly inside the sand ring and hope for a blue ribbon hanging on her halter today.

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-05-16 16:22:42
Battlecry Stables
By xKaylenex

Chapter 1
That new girl

I walk down the long concrete floor of Battlecry’s boarders barn. The pointing, the whispering and an occasional laughter. My blue backpack bounces as I walk briskly to the stall. I look inside to find the only calm and quiet one. The tiny black horse, Shadow, lifts his head as I walk in the stall. My bag flung outside Shadow’s stall and the halter flung over my shoulder. “Hey buddy” I exclaim. He nuzzles my hand for treats as I fastened the halter around his tiny little head. Shadow hesitates as I lead him out, but quickly follows behind me. I cross tie him infront of his stall and head down the isle to go get my brush box out of my tack trunk. I pull out the purple organizer out of my plastic box. Its line with pristine brushes, hoof oil, hoof picks and more tools I can’t even name. I walk out of the tack room and back to Shadow, who’s half asleep in the cross ties. I snap my fingers and he lifts his head up proudly. “Silly” I begin brushing out Shadow’s shaggy Connemara coat. The little bits of shavings getting flicked out onto the concrete. I tack up Shadow and lead him to the indoor arena. I see several other horses entering and leaving the pretty arena. I notice a divider of jumps separating one side of the arena from the other. I notice the judges ordering the students around. I read the paper hung on one of the jumps.

I shrug my shoulders and mount. Shadow’s back feels nice compared to the car ride over. I cluck and squeeze my legs, asking for a trot. Shadow’s long strides make everything disappear around me. I sit down in the saddle to practice the sitting trot that Miss Caroline begged me to practice when I wasn’t in my lessons. I did a nice change of hands and rose again out of the saddle to trot. I changed my diagonal repeatedly to practice feeling right and wrong. I hear the judges comments becoming louder and more extreme. I slow Shadow to a walk when the comments become unmuffled. Very harsh comments about how the horse is a friend not a tool, that their interpretation of a sitting trot is false. I shrug my shoulders and ask for a brisk canter. Shadow’s canter is nothing compared to any other horse I’ve ridden. Bouncy but even, collected but fast, extended but balanced. I give him a cue for a collected canter as I change hands across the diagonal. The lead change felt a bit off balanced but around the turn Shadow manages. I start a long serpentine at the canter. Raising my hands one after the other to signal a lead change and a turn. I bend around the last loop and slow Shadow to a walk. “Good Boy Shadow” I say as I patted his neck. Then I start marking my course. I notice a tiny end jump perfect for warm up. The course I had in mind was the one Miss Caroline said to practice. The lines. No singles at all in this course. The outside, inside, outside, inside was a fairly common course in the Hunter Jumper world. I ask Shadow for a brisk trot as I turn for the tiny cross rail with a pole on top. As I expected, Shadow landed and cantered. I didn’t stop him. I actually squeezed him for forwardness. I headed for my first line. 3…2…1 Jump,4…3…2…1 Jump. Around the turn, keep Shadow inline, was what it felt like. The First Inside Line. Jump, 1,2,3 Jump! Now outside again. 4..3…2…1 Jump! 4…3…2 Jump! Inside again, I barrel around the corner and fly over the first fence. 3,2,1 Jump! Shadow has a gift of jumping on stride. I slow him to trot, then to a nice cooling walk. I place my hand on my hip and study the course I just did. Shadow’s black coat shone with sweat and smelled like Show Sheen. I look over to the girls trying out. Off stride. Bouncy. And the last one just doesn’t look right. I dismount Shadow and pat his neck. “Good boy” I exclaim. I lead Shadow to the barn to untack. I lift the tack off him and replace his bridle with a halter. I begin rubbing out the saddle marks. Someone taps me on the shoulder. I fling myself around and see one of the judges. He has a curious expression and a clip board in hand. “Excuse me, what is your name?” he asks me. “Rayna McCarl” I answer. “Well, your work in the ring was very well done, I was going to ask you if you would be interested in joining the District Equestrian team” he asks me, clearly desperate. “Oh, I would’ve tried out but I couldn’t jump so high” I answer, remembering watching the teams compete over the huge 3 feet fences. “Your age requirement is only 2’6 and as you may have noticed-“ he leans in to me and lowers his voice. “Non of the other riders have the technique of you” he whispers. I look at Shadow, then back at the judge. “I guess I could try” I answered unsurely. The judge brightened up immediately. “Great, the practice is here, Saturday, 4PM sharp” he said. I nod and he leaves the barn. Those girls that were trying out lead their horses into the barn, then immediately passed their reins to grooms and strutted crossly over to me. The girl in center, I sort of recognized her, long blonde hair, olive tanned skin. “Hey” the girl next to her said. I tried to pretend I wasn’t listening but after the 3rd Hello I jutted my head up. “Are you talking to me?” I ask, playing dumb. “Duh” the girl on the other side of the blonde one said. She had black hair, a cute face but a serious expression. “Listen, this District Team only has room for 3 more people, and thats going to be me, Olivia and Tara, got it?” the blonde one said. Her light blue coat had her name stitched in gold thread, which I focused on more then her words. 
Viktoria C. “Got it?” she repeated. I let shadow back into his stall and step in with him as the 3 girls leave. “Buddy, you think its a good idea?” Shadow lifts his head as if to say : Of course it is.

Chapter 2 First Meet

I rush to get Shadow all tacked up. I came here half an hour before the meet and it still seems like not enough time. Finally, 5 minutes before the try outs, which I am half conducting half trying out for, the 3 girls show up. Olivia, the black haired one, pulls out a stunning dark bay horse named Dancer. Tara, with brown hair, pulled out a Palomino named Celestia while Viktoria pulled out a gorgeous dark brown horse named Liberty. Tara waved to me, and I did a shaky one back, but Viktoria dismissed it completely. The girls quickly tack up, as if they could do it in their sleep and walk behind me to the ring. I mount on Shadow only to see the girls already trotting and cantering to warm up. I walk Shadow for a good 2 laps before I begin trotting. Keeping my hands low but not extreme low, checking my leg to make sure its under me and keeping my chin up. I start doing a figure 8 lead change pattern, which is essentially a figure 8 at the canter, and I switch leads in the center. And I swear, every girl in that ring stopped to watch the lead changes. It was no big deal, Miss Caroline has us do this drill a lot to remind us how to do lead changes on tight turns, perfect for courses. “Line Up!” I hear the judge call. He notes quickly down our presentation. I look just as good as the others. Light blue polo with Rayna McC stitched into it with white thread, I did that myself. Tan britches with a leather belt and clean black boots. I see the District Team Members that managed to pass the test of staying on the team through the next semester, watching us alertly. Whispering and pointing at each and every one of us. I sit tall and proud as everyone judges us. “Short Trot!” the judge outside the ring commanded. It doesn’t take more then a step to pick up a trot tracking left. Tara seems to have improved since yesterday. Celestia seems to be much more pleased with this. I note around and see the 4 girls that will be going after us. I notice some, but I know that out of the 12 that try out, including me, 9 will stay and 3 will be dismissed until the fall try outs where only 1 can get in. I check myself and I seem to be doing well. “Rayna, change across the hand” I nod my head to show I heard, then change at the next turn. Sitting out 1 extra beat to change my diagonal. I rise up again, passing the girls on the inside. “Tara, change across the hand” he commands. Tara is okay when she changes, she could be more balanced but it seems fine. When Viktoria and Olivia go, everything looks wrong. Like, wrong wrong. “Extended Canter” the judge calls. Tara knows the trick. Sit down and lean way to far back, the horses swing with get you in the right position. I watch the girls sloppily try to look better then they really are. “Okay, your gaits looked…. Adequate.” the judge outside pronounces. The girls outside the ring applause and I count 9 girls watching us. “Your course is Vertical, Oxer, Bounce, Cross rail, wall then the Flower line, got it?” the judge inside the ring called, but left along with me,Tara and Viktoria. Olivia went first. She missed a few beats, was a bit off stride and got left behind on the oxer. However Dancer made up for her mistakes, making sure Olivia looked great, true bond. Next was Viktoria on Liberty. Liberty was a gem, Viktoria was okay, I wouldn’t say awful but she could smooth her course out better. Next, Rayna McCarl on Shadow! I trot into the course and do my circle. I pick up a strong canter and head for the vertical. Perfect, knee tuck and everything. The Oxer was okay, could have been a more flat jump but okay. I look around for the Bounce line, I keep Shadow bended around the turn then head for the Bounce. Nailed. It. The jump felt as though I was riding a bunny. Next, cross rail to wall. An inside line. I bend around the turn and head for the diagonal line. Shadow nails each stride with room to spare when he’s jumping. The flower line. Another Diagonal. Around the turn and Jump! 2…3…4…5…Woah. I close my eyes, and when I open them, Shadow is infront of the jump in a braced stance. He refused. I hear the girls outside the ring giggling. Only one thing to do. Circle and do the jump again. I turn Shadow on a dime and circle passed the first jump. I apply all the leg I have and fly straight over the flower jump. I look for the one straight in front of me, and Shadow rocks back on his haunches and flies straight over the jump. I finish the course and have girls staring at me.
Olivia and Viktoria in a jaw-dropping pose and Tara giving the only applause other than the judges. “Well ladies, you may go untack your horses now, we will have the results in a minute” the blue jacketed judge said, gesturing the other 2 judges to the office. We nod and say ‘thank you’ then walk over to the barn. Tara has a bit of giddiness in her step, which I see Viktoria scowl at. Celestia’s palomino coat shines like butter in the after noon sun,while Shadow’s half grullo, half black coat is ruffled and slick with sweat. After all the tack is removed I watch Viktoria and Olivia talking in the Isle and Tara carefully brush out Celestia’s coat. Tara smiling at the nuzzle of Celestia touching her cream colored skin. “You were really good Tara” I say, putting my tack away near her stall. “Oh, Thanks, Its my first time trying out, Olivia and Viktoria have tried out before but didn’t make it on the team” she replied, smiling and grabbing a hoof-pick.
I set my tack down and put Shadow back in his stall. I come into the tack-room and see Tara, Olivia, Viktoria, the team girls and all the judges there motioning for me to come in. I sit on my tack box and watch the judges mutter back and forth. Finally they all smile at us. “The one with a perfect score, and our first new team member, is Rayna McCarl with Evening Shadow.” the judge says. What. I stand in awe and grab my pin. It has 2 golden horses, one jumping and one trotting gracefully on the (and over) the words District Equestrian Team. The girls clap and applaud at me. I notice the little dots on the bottom, for a name tag. “And our next winner, with an adequate score is Viktoria Chin on Liberty Bell” Viktoria walks with a light step to collect her pin. The girls give a slow clap and stop as Viktoria steps to them and next to me. “And our last, with another adequate score, is…” I was hoping for Tara George on Celestial. “Olivia Marks on Spot Light Dancer” the judge says. Olivia collects her pin and brushes the surface. Tara claps along with the others and me. She has such a good spirit. She steps a little less giddy but still level headed. “Hey Tara can we talk to you for a second” Olivia says, a disturbing smirk crossed her face. “Uh, Sure” Tara says and walks with a cautious step into the tack room. I linger outside the door cleaning my bridle and listen to the conversation. Muffled, but enough so I can hear.
“Tara you promised you would try and win!” I hear Olivia say. “I tried, but Rayna deserved that spot” Tara protested. “Fine, if your not on the team, your not our friend” I hear Viktoria finish the conversation and walk out. Tara whips her head and walks up to me. “I need a jumping partner for tomorrow, obviously they won’t help, want to come with me?” Tara asks me out of the blue.
I manage a curt not and watch her step lightly to Celestia’s stall. Its definitely going to be an interesting show year. An Interesting one indeed.

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-05-17 01:43:08
Yes JC.
thezoekid & Star Gaze
2015-05-17 01:48:25
The Fair Miss Julia Chamberlain
Chapter 3: Confusion

BY: Horsesforever12

Pitch black. It swirled around and around like smoke curling from incense. It refused to depart, but remained almost sweet. Voices. Far away, vague, drowned out by these curling black waves of unconsciousness. Shaking. Alexander was being shook, rather violently. The darkness slowly seeped away from Alexander's eyes and a faint light welcomed him from behind his eyelids. Alexander wondered if he should open them. He wasn't sure what he would find...an abandoned roadside with only himself to occupy it? Heaven, perhaps? He wasn't sure if he was alive. More shaking. Loud voices, closer now, close enough to touch. Alexander could be making them up, he wasn't sure.
"Alexander! Land sakes alive, wake up!" A British accent, drawled from deep within a masculine throat, coated with anxiety. Alexander's eyelids fluttered, once, twice, and then two deep brown irises, beset with dilating pupils adjusting to sudden light, saccaded sharply throughout the scene. He was lying, more like slumped, on a dirt road with seventeen men, all dressed in coat-tailed waistcoats and fedoras, staring down at him and shouting things in all sorts of tones. Someone with strong, sandy hands propped up his head and began winding a white cotton cloth around his forehead. It was Doctor Rainer, probably.
Alexander tried to remember what he knew was so important. Something that provoked the pores in his arms and head to leak with sweat. Something that stabbed at his soul, ripping at his stomach till it was a mess of nerves. He winced when Doctor Rainer pulled the bandage too tight. He felt his fingers involuntarily going for his head; felt the damp, sticky substance on his brow. What had happened? Why couldn't he remember?
"Alexander, can you hear me?" It was that same quick, sturdy British accent. Alexander looked into the face of a middle-aged man, balding, fedora in palms, sharp green eyes, untamed sideburns. Mr. Graham? One of the richer men in England. He only socialized at...
The ball.
Alexander felt his head swimming, raging and pulsating like his very own heart. Why was he on the street, surrounded by these men? Where was his wife, Julia?
Alexander's face flushed white like a twilight evening before a snowstorm. Those dark brown eyes zoomed in and out of focus before clothing themselves in panic. Alexander was struggling to his feet now. He was on his knees, wrestling out of the grasp of three other men. He was on his feet, ignoring the urgency in Doctor Rainer's voice.
"Julia..." he murmured over and over to himself, for he knew nothing else to murmur. That woman was a fool. A beautiful, deadly fool. And he wasn't sure why. Alexander couldn't see where he was going as the blood in his head drained to his legs, forcing them into movement. He found a lantern somehow. He wasn't sure where, but he had one in his hand, lighting the way before him in serene security. He was stumbling to the stables flanking the right side of the mansion in which the ball had occupied. Alexander found a tacked horse, a tall bay with nothing but legs and rippling, sleek muscles, and thrust himself into the small black saddle. The leather beneath him squeaked with newness, and the stirrups were far too small for his lengthy thighs. Nevertheless, Alexander was on a horse, clenching the soft, english reins in his right hand and holding the lantern in his left. He turned the bay around, pointed it to the east, towards Norfolk. Julia wouldn't get there until late morning, if she was lucky. The horse snorted, annoyed of being awoken from untold dreams, but excited at the thought of a gallop. Alexander ignored the yells and shouts pointed at him and kicked the steed in the side, propelling the animal forward like a rocket on turbo-blasters. And then it was just him and the horse, challenging the wind to a race, chasing a Frenchwoman that could...
change history.
And Alexander still wasn't sure why.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2015-05-22 17:40:49
The wild filly from the Plains
By Flame2010

in the west a filly was born her coat was the colour of rain and her spirit in tune with the wind her mane tangled and white with her tail. she is faster than the younger stallions in her herd she would often gallop and race with the colts her ways were wise she made the impossible look easy her face was a dished Arabian mare how she would gallop the plains 4 lengths ahead her father one day her herd came across men her wild mane and high breeding came forth to the men catching her but she reared up causing a bolt of light to blind the men with never be seen speed she went forth and drove the herd to safety her father was proud of her with her new found power she was able to protect the horses from danger. the end

user no longer exists & ---
2015-05-23 01:38:02
Athena and Pheonix - Poem
By KarinyaParkMari

Pheonix stands alone, its quiet, at home
And Athena sits inside her, fully grown
Athena starts spinning and turning around
Pheonix feels pain, and falls to the ground
Grunting and moaning, the pain grows worse
and Athena stops turning, and makes it worse

Pheonix starts push, moaning some more
and her little baby foal, Athena is born
Pheonix stands up, sweating and tired
Athena lies there, curled up on the ground
Pheonix starts licking her, push her up
Athena sticks out her legs, and pulls herself up

And the wonderful natures, of foals and birth
Has finally been answered, with this blessed birth
May Athena and Pheonix live a happy life
Until it's time, to turn out the lights

By KarinyaParkMari (Based on a true story)

KarinyaParkMari & Libby
2015-05-23 04:35:55
A Happy Ending
By Pinkey280

"Bye Olivia!" My mom called from the car as I walked into the stables. "Bye!" I called back, waving then walked into the barn, ready for my riding lesson. I looked around in the dusty light for Zelda, the horse that I rode and smile happily when I found her in her stall. "Hi Zelda!" I said, putting down my riding helmet and stroking my hand over her soft black nose. I looked at her beautiful dun coat and then into her kind brown eyes. "Hi Olivia!" My trainer, Jim, says as he walks in from the indoor arena with Star, another one of his horses. "Hi Mr. Jim! Do you want me to start grooming Zelda before I ride her?" I ask, hoping he will say yes. "No. Actually, I have some good news." I nodded for him to continue. "Zelda is going to have a foal!" I smiled and looked at Zelda, hugging her happily. "That's great! When will it be born?" I asked. "Not for a long time still but I don't want anyone riding her until after she's had the foal so that she doesn't get hurt."
"Okay," I looked at Zelda, "I suppose I can wait until after the foal is born."
"Great! So you can ride Star, okay?"
"Yep!" I said and took her lead rope.
It felt like I had waited forever for the foal to be born. Every time I had come into the stable I had asked about Zelda. Mr. Jim had always said she was fine but I couldn't stop thinking about it. Finally the time came and Zelda had her foal. I was supposed to go over and have my riding lesson the next day so Mr. Jim said I could see the foal then. When I got there I ran into the barn but was surprised to see the vet standing next to Zelda's stall. "Is everything okay?" I asked. The vet turned and looked at me, smiling a bit. "You must be Olivia. Jim told me you had a riding lesson today."
"Yes. Is everything okay with Zelda?"
"Not really." He stepped back to let me look into the stall. Zelda was laying on the ground with her eyes closed, hardly breathing. I stared at her then opened the door and ran in before the vet could stop me, kneeling down beside my best friend and stroking her mane. "Why is she so sick?" I asked, trying not to cry. "Well after she had the foal she was fine but started loosing blood. Now we've stopped the blood but she is still week."
"Oh." I said, not thinking of anything else to say.
After days of waiting for Mr. Jim to call I started to panic until one evening when he called. I grabbed the phone and said hello hastily.
"Hi. Is this Olivia?"
"Yes. How is Zelda?"
"Well..." He stopped talking for a minutes and there was a noise in the background.
"She's fine! Her and the foal are both alive and healthy. Do you want to come over and see them?"
"Yes! I'll be there soon!"
I hung up and asked my mom if she could take me over. She said yes so she drove me over. I jumped out of the care and ran in, scaring a few of the horses. When I looked in the stall I saw Zelda standing in her stall with the foal. It looked just like it's mother but with a few white markings. I smiled and hugged Zelda. "Don't ever scare me like that again, okay?"
Zelda whinnied and I smiled.
The End

Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-05-26 02:52:24
Sorry about the name! I forgot to change that while I was editing. Can you pleas change it to A Happy Ending?

Yes, I can do that for you, check now!****

Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-05-26 13:43:22
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