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May Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

A New Friend
by Roncy

I snap a branch off a nearby tree
Wishing someone would talk to me;
Wishing I wasn't so alone
On the front lawn of my home.

I hear a noise and look around
To see what made that unusual sound;
I squint and shield my eyes with my hand
And look into the distant land.

I walk down the road silently
In between the waving trees;
I run up to a new white gate
And forget it's getting late.

I quickly climb over, and see such a sight!
A herd of horses, full of might;
They whinny and snort with freedom and glee
Then one of them seems to notice me.

I step back a little, a tiny bit shy
But they trot over to me, their brown eyes wide;
One leans over and starts to neigh
As if in greeting, he's saying, "Hey!"

His flowing black mane blows in the breeze
And his silky black coat brushes up against me;
He whinnies again as I pat his neck
He rears up, and I jump back.

He stands still, his head held high,
He almost seems to touch the sky;
He turns around and gallops away,
But looks over his shoulder, and lets out a neigh.

Roncy & Bertone
2015-05-27 00:45:17
Battlecry Stables
by xKaylenex

Chapter 3, Team Appreciation

I hop out of the grey truck and walk down into the barn to meet Tara for a practice. We were going to work on show jumping with some other girl from the team. I see Tara warming up with Celestia and come to my horse, Shadow, perfectly tacked up and ready for a ride. A note sits on the saddle and I pick it up.
Tacked up for you ~ Tara. I fold the note and stick it in my bag. Shadow’s hackamore was freshly oiled as I could tell. I unclipped the cross ties and led Shadow into the arena where I saw Tara warming up on Celestia and another girl working on a liver chestnut. She had black skin and fluffy black hair to match. I hold onto Shadow’s saddle as I mount and the 2 girls approach me. The liver chestnut greeted Shadow with a whinny and Celestia watched alertly. “Hi, I’m Maya” the black girl says. I shake her hand briskly. “I’m Rayna, nice to meet you” I respond to her questioning eyes. I say hi to Tara and we get straight to work. After I’m warmed up, Maya dismounts and sets up a course. The jumps loomed over me. The lowest one was 2’ and the biggest about 2’9. Everything else a 2’3 and some 2’6. I had never jumped 2’9 before, I guess today was the day. I opened my mouth to ask Maya to lower the fences but closed my mouth when she took off around the course. The liver chestnut gleaming with pride. Tara leaned over to me and whispered. “Thats Party Pop, or Buddy that she’s riding, that horse that won the high jump at Raindown last year” Tara says. My eyes widened. I remembered watching the chestnut leap high over the 4’6 jump. Then when someone tried so hard to beat her, she nailed it with a 4’9 jump, setting the record for that show. I study the horse as it jumps the 6 high fences with pride. Maya’s stride count is perfect. After Maya finishes, Tara goes. Celestia makes up for everything Tara can’t count. Celestia can collect and extend automatically, rather then wait for the rider to tell her. The gleaming palomino finishes the course. I study it one more time. 2’ vertical to 2’3 brush, then to the 2’3 gate, then the 2’ oxer, then the 2’6 vertical to the 2’9 vertical with flowers. I cluck for Shadow and he picks up a swift canter. Almost too swift. We leap over the 2 foot vertical a bit long, but undetectable. The 2’3 brush was a common jump that we practiced so we nailed it. The 2’3 gate we chipped in a bit,but it was big. Next the oxer. It was small, but still a challenge. I studied my stride for a second and let Shadow lengthen it. We nailed it in terms of stride but I heard the top pole tumble to the floor. Now the last line. Straight. I shortened the stride and we landed on the other side of the 2’6 vertical. Now the last jump, the biggest jump I’ve ever jumped. The 2’9. I lengthened the stride and felt Shadow start to hesitate at my nervousness. But I said were jumping this and tapped my crop to his shoulder. A spark of energy lightened up in him. I felt his front end pick up over the big jump and I held onto to the mane of him. He rocked back and pushed off with his haunches, leaping over the huge vertical. I felt the moment of suspension carry him over the fence and it all sped up as the ground came to meet his front hooves. He landed softly on the other side and we cantered slowly to the others. I did it. I jumped 2’9. My goal had been reached. I slowed Shadow to a trot. The girls were clapping. “Awesome, I’ve never seen you jump that high before.” Tara says. “I don’t I’ve ever jumped that high” I said sarcastically. I dismounted and the stable girls offered to take our horses. We graciously accepted it with a tip of 5$ to each girl. They took it gratefully and led the tired horses to the barn. “So you guys ready for the first show, I heard it will be a Draw show” Maya says. “Whats a draw show?” I ask. “Its where your horses names are entered by random in a hat and the riders of the team choose the horses name and they ride it” she answers. That almost throws me. Atleast the girls on the Equestrian Team are good riders. Except Olivia and Viktoria. I shrug my shoulders and we head into the lounge.

Chapter 4
I see the 9 other girls on the team wave hello as we walk in. Viktoria and Olivia sitting in a group of 5 girls. Maya slides herself next to 3 girls, and motions for us to join them. “Okay, Tara, Rayna, this is Courtney on Summer Spark, or Sparky” the points to a blonde haired girl with olive tanned skin. We say hello.
“This is Hannah on Blossom Fair or Blossom” she points to an Oriental looking girl with beautiful almond eyes. “And last but not least, My best friend Emily on Magic Trix or Magic” she points to a lightly tanned girl with red hair. The judges walk in, apparently our coaches. They look a lot less like the judges, the are wearing jeans and t-shirts instead of those judge uniforms.
“Okay well as you all know, the Draw Show is coming up, and we are all going to be good sports, about handing our horses over for a practice like last year, right?” one of them says.
“Okay, the horses you could get are, Shadow, Moona,Buddy, Magic, Blossom, Dancer, Liberty, Sparky, Jupiter, Foxy, Piper or Lolli” one of them says. We all nod. I’m hoping for either Shadow, Buddy, Dancer or Liberty. “Okay, Hannah, you come first” Hannah gets up and draws a card from the riding helmet. “Foxy” she says. That light chestnut in the barn with the blaze is probably Foxy. “So Abby’s horse, Abby, good?” one of them says. A girl with red hair nods with a smile.
Even though Tara didn’t make it on the team, she still helps out. “Abby, your next, now remember girls, for Draw Shows you only Draw once each semester, each semester has about 3 Draw Shows, so plenty of chances” one of them says. Abby digs around for a good card and pulls it out. “Magic” she reads out. “Ah, Emily’s horse, alright?” Emily nods smiling like the other girl did. “Lets go quicker, or we’ll be here all day. Lily, Britney, Mary, Arianna, come here” one of them says. “Moona” Lily says. “Lolli” Britney says. “Sparky” Mary says. “Blossom” Arianna says.
No one has Shadow yet. “Whos Left?” the 3rd judge asks. Me, Viktoria, Olivia, Maya, Courtney, and Emily all raise our hands. “Maya, your turn” the first one says. Maya carefully reaches into the hat. “Shadow…” she says disappointed. She was probably hoping for Buddy. I’m okay with her riding Shadow though, she looked like a great rider. “Courtney” they call her name. She walks briskly up to them. She reaches in listlessly and pulls out a card. “Dancer” she calls. Olivia scowls at her. Atleast Dancer doesn’t get tortured at some shows. Viktoria got Jupiter, which I think is decent. “Emily” the say. She reaches into the hat and pulls out a big card. “Piper” she says. Arianna looks fondly at Emily then invites her to sit with her. “Olivia” they say. She reaches ever so gentle to pull out a card. She got Liberty. Viktoria looks relieved. Theres only one card left. And thats for me. I pull it out. I got. Buddy.

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-05-27 19:53:02
Whisper Wind 5
by xKaylenex

Roncy lifted herself out of the saddle just as Destiny lifted herself over the vertical. Roncy stared forward at the next jump in front of her as Destiny’s powerful hooves landed softly on the sand.
Her gleaming palomino coat surged forward towards the oxer and swept the jump neatly beneath her. Roncy lifted her self and asked for a walk. She looked around the outdoor ring.
Silence. It was the perfect day to practice high jumps since no one would be here for another hour. Destiny snorted in delight of the successful course. Roncy studied the Course she accomplished. 6 fences. Canter in canter out. Roncy gripped the reins and slid out of the saddle swiftly and lifted the reins over Destiny’s head. Roncy led Destiny into the center aisle and lifted the heavy saddle off her back. Destiny let out a relieved sigh. Roncy giggled and set the saddle in the tack room. Then coming out and realizing that she forgot to take off Destiny’s bridle.
“Silly Me” Roncy muttered laughing to herself. Destiny chomped on the bit impatiently as Roncy strode over to her. “I’m taking it off” Roncy said to her horse, who stood perfectly still as she removed the bridle. Roncy looked over at the aisle. Sarah, the owners daughter was pulling out a pony that looked no more then 11 hands. It had a broad arabian head with a huge blaze and some 4 white socks on its tiny legs. Roncy put Destiny in her stall and walked over to Sarah who was trying desperately to get all the caked mud off the tiny pony. Roncy grabbed a brush and started helping. “Hey Sarah” she said, beginning to struggle to get the mud off.
“Hey” Sarah said in return, grabbing a stiffer brush. “Who’s this?” Roncy asked. “Rammi” Sarah responds finally grabbing tack. “Your going to train him?” Roncy asks nervously. “Yeah, he’s a little frisky but tiny” Sarah says, setting the tack on him. Rammi moved his head to stare at Roncy. “Could I get on him?” Roncy asked quickly and petted the sweet little head. Sarah flinched for a moment then nodded. Slowly Roncy led Rammi out into the indoor ring. Roncy hopped onto Rammi and started walking. It felt different compared to the height of Destiny.
Roncy asked for a trot and Rammi gave her a tiny crow hop. Roncy smacked her crop to his shoulder and he kept walking forward. She asked for a trot very firmly and he went. His tiny little steps briskly making its way down the long side. Every ten steps or so, he would buck or crow hop but Roncy kept him forward. After trotting 3 laps each way, Sarah said enough for one day.
“Would you like to ride him tomorrow?” Sarah asked her taking Rammi back. “Sure!” Roncy said back. Then Roncy started setting up the jumps for the lessons taking place later. A familiar hand grabbed a pole. And another grabbed a standard. Kayla & Abigail. “Hey” Kayla said, setting up a double. Careful measuring required. “Hey” Roncy replied. “So, ready for the schooling lesson?” Abigail asked, laying a gate down. “Yeah, I’m on Overa” Roncy replied, exited. Abigail and Kayla glanced at each other with a curious expression. “No, I’m on Overa, your on some horse named Rammi” Abigail said, finishing off a line. Roncy felt a surge of giddiness flow through her. She was going to get to ride Rammi again! “And who are you on Kayla?” asked Roncy questionably.
“Oh, I’m not in the schooling lesson today” said Kayla somewhat disappointed. Then Roncy remembered, Kayla was going to a schooling show with Minty later. “Well, you’ll do great at Brownwood Kay” Abigail said, finishing off the in and out. “Better get a move on though, the evening classes will start soon” Roncy reminded Kayla. She nodded and ran down the aisle.
Roncy walked slowly to Rammi’s stall. The tiny pony came up from his hay to sniffle at her hand. Roncy gave him a pat and grabbed the halter. Rammi led extremely well into the aisle and was barely dirty from the ride that morning. Once Roncy put the tack on, the other riders for the schooling ride were here. About 8, Roncy counted. She led Rammi into the Indoor Arena and noticed something a little off. Rammi was smaller then this. And his step was more brisk.
Now he look taller, and did have that arabian head.
This couldn’t be Rammi.

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-05-28 15:04:07
I posted Whisper Wind and it didn't show up?

We have to check every post before it goes through, so they take a little while to show up. It should be there now!****

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-05-30 00:51:17
one day i wanted a horse my brother hunter saved the day with NICO the unicorn

Nico The Uni Part 1

chunkinpie7 & flora
2015-05-31 01:32:59
ill write the rest tommorow
chunkinpie7 & flora
2015-05-31 01:33:46
The Lost Pony
By Pinkey280

I wake in the night,
wondering what gave me such a fright;
I am in my room with my cat on my leg;
I look down at her, my sweet, soft Meg.

But the what has waken me,
what could it possibly be?
I look out of my window and see
a little pony standing by a tree.

I jump out of bed and run down stares,
pull on shows, not looking at all the pairs,
and run outside to see the pony
that is by my tree.

The pony just stands there,
it's mane blowing with nighttime air
that also blows my hair.

I reach out,
Wanting to touch the little pony's neck,
and he lets me pet him.

Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-05-31 22:06:25
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