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*~.~* Improve Virtual Riding Lesson Tips *~.~*

*~.~* Improve Virtual Riding Lesson Tips *~.~*

This is a discussion club where members can help each other to improve their virtual riding skills for Jane Crandal's Riding Lesson. Help your pals to win ribbons by offering expert riding chat tips! Get help for your virtual riding lessons here!

Lilliadruid & Pony
2010-06-18 21:13:06
Once, I was in a relay race and my partner and I had the worst time. Then, JC gave everyone a chance to improve our time. We went, and cut our time in half!!! JC was amazed and so were me and my partner! We ended up gettin 4th. But I felt like I had won 1st place, because I never gave up.

lululauren2000 & Snowdrop
2010-06-19 01:47:40
Here are some tips:
-Follow instructions carefully.
-Use descriptive words, such as fluidly, smoothly, cleanly.
-Try not to be too repetitive, eg. if you are jumping, maybe on the first jump, describe how your pony is using her shoulders, on the second describe how your pony is tucking in her front hooves, on the third describe how your pony flicks up her back hooves to jump cleanly.

RustyGirl & Sunshine Sally
2010-06-19 02:15:29

Try your hardest always!

Oreopony6 & Oreo
2010-06-19 14:45:03
Here are some describing words:
great striding
These are just a few words!

lululauren2000 & Snowdrop
2010-06-20 19:36:36
One tip is:
When you are having a partner race..(timed)....pre-type your messages!

silverdollar1 & Dollar
2010-06-27 20:45:25
My tip:
Remember: horse are not a toy!! Try to be carefully.

_Eva_ & •♥• Diamond Princess •♥•
2010-06-29 15:50:33
The lessons are fun! so don't get all stressed out about winning. That's my tip. If your only focus is winning, you'll be more disappointed then happy, and you actually won't win any more that way!

2010-08-03 03:48:41
Show how well you and your horse perform together. In the lessons, I ride a high strung horse named Hard Copy. He always acts up. During the warm up, I desribe how he causes trouble in the ring. Then during the competition, I desbribe how Hard Copy reacts to my commands. It has been working for me!
lululauren2000 & Snowdrop
2010-08-08 19:44:37
what i say, is things like * changes max's lead leg over jump * and * nudges into a full gallop, racing down the cx corse, towards the first jump*
Ellie Renneberg2 & Max
2010-08-22 21:54:48
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