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Ping a Pony Pal Pundit.* (*expert) Here is where you can perfect your play the Pony Pal way! First log in, then enter your question in the white message window below. They will w-mail you back their suggestions for the best ways to use our site's features.

If you wanted to make a club, can you just earn 500 Wiggins Bucks or do you REALLY have to buy them?

John xo

If you have bought Wiggins Bucks sometime in the past, then you don't have to buy them to make the club.
If you've never bought Wiggins Bucks with real money, then you would have to buy some before being able to make a club.****

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-04-25 06:06:09
Why can't you buy any more than 3 ponies?

John xo

Three ponies is the limit right now, there are no more stalls available in Crandals' barn.****

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-04-25 06:10:52
Hi admin,

I had about (but not exactly though) 600 WBucks and then the next day I have exactly 3000 WBucks!!

Do YOU know how I earned them? I wasn't thinking it was the math games but maybe I'm wrong.....

John xo

You made 2500 Wiggins Bucks on the weekly high scores! Check the latest Wiggins Weekly under "News" to take a look at the high scores lists.****

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-04-25 08:15:18
How do I change my username without making a new account? Don't worry if you don't know though.

John xo

Unfortunately you can't change your username without making a new account.****

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-04-25 08:19:11
how do you trade in a pony?

To trade in a pony while buying another (to get a 300 Wiggins Bucks discount), look at the ponies for sale and choose one you like.
Click on buy pony (green box)
There will be buttons, one says none the other has your pony's name. If you want to trade your pony in for a new pony, make the dot in front of your pony's name have a spot in it.
Enter the new pony's name and choose whether you want a mare or gelding, then click the green next box.
Then you get a box that asks if you agree to pay board for your pony.
Click on I agree in the green box
Then you will have a new pony and your current pony will be back at Olsons for another member to adopt.
Mr. Olson will take good care of your pony. ****

awesomehorsegirl8 & Velma
2016-04-26 01:19:03
Thankyou for answering all my questions!!
I must be annoying asking so many!!
Admin: nope, that's why this pane is here.

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-04-26 04:05:04
How do I change my pony's name without returning it?

This can't be done, I'm afraid. The quickest and easiest way is to trade in the pony you want to change the name of, for a pony of the same color at Olsons. You'll get the same pony back, but with a different name.****

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-04-26 04:51:03
Hi Admin,

I have waited a few days for my w-bucks and ribbons, and they still haven't come.

Admin: are you reporting your score when you finish a game? Are you signed in when you play? Are you playing on your own account? Check your gifts!

TheHorseRiders & Chiko
2016-04-26 10:39:13
If you return your pony to Olsons, do you get to keep any equipment that you upgraded to?

***yes, you keep the tack in your account unless you transfer the pony to another account. You do not get to keep your tack if you turn in your last pony, when you do that your account is closed. admin***

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-04-27 06:31:37
Hi admin,

You sent me 4 feathers, but what are they for?

***awards for writing. admin***

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-04-27 06:32:31
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