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Ping a Pony Pal Pundit.* (*expert) Here is where you can perfect your play the Pony Pal way! First log in, then enter your question in the white message window below. They will w-mail you back their suggestions for the best ways to use our site's features.

Are the April blankets up for sale at Klines yet? I would like to buy one of them 2.
kandydove & Heffy
2016-05-30 10:42:20
Hi, thanks for asking. Which ones?

admin & Aslan Equinox
2016-06-01 02:47:37
I haven't been on CPP for a few weeks, before I left I had 3 Ponies, when I returned I only had one and had to pay the board bill for 3 ponies that are missing!! What do I do? I spent all my money on the ponies and don't have enough to pay the board bill! I miss my other 2 ponies a lot its like someone stole them!

Hello: our game is reality based. Just like real life, when someone agrees to pay board for their pony, that board fee is due on the first of every month. After a few months, if the board bill has not been paid, ponies are returned to Mr. Olson's pony farm, where they will be kept until the back board that is still owing is paid. Debts do not go away, just like in real life when someone does not make timely payments on a car or other purchase. Even though an item has been repossessed, the original debt must be paid before the repossessed item can be returned.

flutteshy & Checkers
2016-06-01 22:55:04

Admin: Welcome

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-06-02 20:14:27
where do you get the bug award from

You get a beetle award for writing a bug fact in the Bug Research Club. I saw a bug fact from you earlier, so you should have one in your gifts now!****

user no longer exists & ---
2016-06-04 01:31:38
Was the gift you sent me for writing a bug fact in Lulu's club?

Which gift? I've been sending a lot lately. Beetle Awards are for bug facts.****

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-06-06 02:25:21
When will the Pony Pals magazine be published?

**Its none now - there is a link on the News page admin ***

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-06-06 02:25:21
Do the different horses at Olson's have different skills (ie some are faster, some can go longer before needing food again, etc) or are they all the same?

No, they're all the same, besides their color.****

fogfog & Ben
2016-06-06 02:25:21
Admin how do I get a blue saddle?

It is easy to get a blue English saddle if you have a Facebook account.
Log in to Facebook, send a friend request to Pony Pals. That is Mrs. Crandal, and she will send you one. You can also send friend requests to Pam Crandal, Anna Harley, Lulu Sanders, Wilhelmina Wiggins or Bob Crandal, they can all send a blue saddle as well.
Then you can get the saddle into your Club Pony Pals account by clicking on it in Facebook. The game on Facebook will let you link your account to ClubPonyPals.com and then you will have your saddle in your account here.****

Wildling & Careless
2016-06-06 02:25:21
hi where can i find thank you pal

Try the "Other" section in the Green Market.****

user no longer exists & ---
2016-06-06 02:25:21
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