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Ping a Pony Pal Pundit.* (*expert) Here is where you can perfect your play the Pony Pal way! First log in, then enter your question in the white message window below. They will w-mail you back their suggestions for the best ways to use our site's features.

how do i pay the board bill

If you want to ride to the Wiggins Mansion or anywhere on the site you need to pay board. To do that you need to buy a pony at Olsons and agree to pay board. Once you have done that, ride down Pony Pal trail to the three birches clearing. There is a gate there, click on it and you will be in the Wiggins Estate. At the end of that trail is the Wiggins Mansion.
There is a map on the News page or at

this link

Here's how you get a board bill and a cabin. The steps are
1. Take the bus to Olsons
2. Select the pony you want to buy, a bay chestnut or white pony will be free if you trade in your existing pony
3. Click on buy pony (green box)
4. There will be buttons, one says none the other has your pony's name. If you want to trade your pony in for a new pony, make the dot in front of your pony's name have a spot in it.
5 .Enter the new pony's name and choose whether you want a mare or gelding, then click the green next box.
6. Then you get a box that asks if you agree to pay board for your pony.
7. Click on I agree in the green box
Then you will have a new pony and your current pony will be back at Olsons for another member to adopt. Your My Page will then have a cabin, and you can ride to the Wiggins Estate!

smokey5754 & BJ
2016-04-30 11:34:27
Um, you told me that Mrs Crandal sometimes holds horse shows in Live Moderate Chats. What kind of horse shows?

***she held jumping shows, and some other kinds of western classes too. We stopped having them because hardly anyone came. You can join admins live moderated chat club to learn more. admin***

TheHorseRiders & Chiko
2016-05-01 19:43:01
Hi. Why does my horse sink in the water when I cross a stream on a trail ride?

Admin: that is not sinking, your pony is dropping its head to drink from the stream.

TheHorseRiders & Chiko
2016-05-02 04:14:42
Hi, I thought my board bill 600 WBs but it is 900

Board bills are 300 Wiggins Bucks per month per pony from Olsons. This includes ponies that you get by trading in another pony.****

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-05-02 05:04:49
Where can I write a book report. You said that we can do movie reports, but can you write a report about your own story?

You can enter your own story or a review of a book, but not a review of your own story.****

TheHorseRiders & Chiko
2016-05-02 05:31:03
When will last months blankets be for sale at Klines?

They will be up soon!****

kandydove & Heffy
2016-05-02 10:35:53
Where is the submit button to send messages?

It's right below the text box that you write in. You would have clicked on it to send this message.****

PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-05-03 02:11:19
I still don't understand the horse show stuff. How can you do the jumping in live moderate chats and clubs? I'm sorry. I just don't understand...

That's okay!
You write what you and your pony do, like this:

*Admin canters Azzie to the jump, and leans forward as he leaps over.*


TheHorseRiders & Chiko
2016-05-03 02:22:11
I actually mean like how do you add your message to mine as in you are writing ****ADMIN WRITES on my question and then the answer****but sorry if this doesn't make any sense!
PeanutisaBay & Liquorice
2016-05-03 02:42:48
We write answers in the same box as your question to save space.
admin & Aslan Equinox
2016-05-03 03:56:21
Check the speed of your Internet connectionCheck your computer's speed
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