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****The Saddle Club**** For all Saddle Club crazy people!

I've already read it, HorseGirl1224 and Snowie. I've already read most of them. Are you going to join my club? This is a role play so you have to do something like Carly9 and iluvtuey8 did.

imastar1999 & Bambi
2011-12-24 02:35:23
Yes you can join Ella. Anyone want to do another roleplay? If you want to, here's what you do:
1. enter the arena at a working trot
2. curiosity circle
3. jump the first jump at a trot and then canter
4. jump the second jump at a canter and then stay cantering
5. jump the third, fourth, fifth and sixth jumps at a canter and then working trot out of the arena
PS- Happy Holidays!:D

imastar1999 & Bambi
2011-12-24 04:19:30
my horse minty use your online horse if you don't have a horse
imastar1999 & Bambi
2011-12-24 04:20:29
Hi. I LOVE the Saddleclub! May I join?

poor Pretty Boy & Freedom
2011-12-27 00:20:53
Hi cn I join?
Name: Eliza.

chlopony & Black Beauty
2011-12-27 14:45:27
i am sooooooooooo new and in was wondering maybe i would like somethng to do everyday and im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo saddle club craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! :) hope you accept me! :)
2011-12-27 19:36:02
I know Carly!I am dressed exactly like Stevie!Lol!I have some tan shorts,a pony school shirt,purple flat vest,and bandana around my neck with a high ponytail.Lol!LOVE SADDLE CLUB!+ I got 2 saddle club movies for Christmas!The Main Event and Horse Crazy!!!
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-27 22:59:15
Are there any new shows?

chlopony & Black Beauty
2011-12-28 01:06:00
Lol I was just checking CPP for w-mails and gifts just as I was watching Season 3 of the Saddle Club!!
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-28 01:26:35
Yes everybody can join! Wow, Carly and Stevie are right, it is great to meet a lot of new Saddle Club fans! Sorry guys that I was not on here for a while but I was SUPER busy with Christmas and everything else. Guys if yall want to do a show look at this page at the top and type your own version of it.

imastar1999 & Bambi
2011-12-29 05:32:35
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