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****The Saddle Club**** For all Saddle Club crazy people!

Okay so the next show is going to be a race obstical course.Here we go.
1.Start at the starting line and canter or gallop to 4 mountins.
2.Run over the rocky mountins without falling off.
3.Exit the mountins and gallop through a creek.If your horse wants to drink try to stop him or her because someone might pass you.
4.Duck down a branch and grab the apple and feed it to your horse without stopping.
5.Dodge the boulders.
6.Gallop across a field.
7.Cross the finish line.

Okay so the timed thing...I mean that who ever writes best and follows derictions nicely wins.The timed thing means who ever writes the best.HAVE FUN!Julie you can compete,I won't.

iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-09 00:25:55
JC don't charge me for the ribbons.
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-09 00:26:17
Once the ribbons are made awarding them is free.
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-01-09 01:52:55
Thanks again Stevie!
Legend and I waited at the starting line for the starting bell. The bell sounded, and I nudged Legend with my heels. He broke off at a graceful slow gallop. His head was held high, and his tail up and flowing behind him beautifully. As we approached four mountains, Legend bucked gleefully. He loved going for rides like this! We galloped up the first mountain and slowed down to a canter going down it. We galloped up the next mountain and went down it at a canter. He bucked gleefully again as we went up the third mountain and I slowed him down to a canter going down it. We galloped up the fourth and final mountain and at the top, just as I was about to slow him, he reared suddenly, causing me to lose my balance. I didn't fall off, so I nudged Legend with my heels again and he took off at a graceful canter. His head was still held up high and proudly, and his tail was still up and flowing behind him. We approached a creek, and I tried to stop Legend so he could drink but he knew it was a race and he didn't stop. I smiled. *I have the best horse* I thought. We approached a branch and Legend still hadn't slowed, he was going at a fast gallop, he was putting his heart into it! I ducked and grabbed the apple when we went by the branch. I leaned forward and fed him the apple without stopping. He had worked up a sweat but still going strong. He had a brave heart. We dodged some boulders and approached a field. He seemed to have more energy left in him so he shot forward, going at incredible speed. We crossed the finish line, and I stopped him right away so I didn't tire him more. I dismounted him and went up to the barn. I un tacked him and led him to the wash stall. He was covered in mud and was frothing. I gave him a nice bath. I then dried him, fed him a carrot, groomed him, and led him to his stall for some well deserved oats.

imastar1999 & Bambi
2012-01-09 05:05:24
Wow Julie!You ride INCREDIBLEY!You also write VERY VERY well.I look at my clipboard and see 2 names.I think to myself Julie is an amazing rider.I put and AR next to her name.I walk over to Julie.So Julie.You did an amazing job.I don't think I have ever seen a more well,descriptive rider and writer in my whole entire life.But,I want you to tell Legend YOUR the boss.He is an amazing horse and very healthy and beautiful.I know I am NOT the boss but you might wanna calm him down.Just a reminder but you did great:)I wink at Julie;)
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-10 00:54:10
Julie: Thanks, Stevie! I actually caught Legend from the wild(just a story I made up about him), and I love a feisty horse, so I never went all the way to tame him! I LOVE his wild side.

imastar1999 & Bambi
2012-01-12 04:08:22
Don't worry Carly...I will wait.And that is very cool Julie!!He is very tammed.
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-12 04:28:56
Thanks, Stevie! :) I LOVE your horse Rainbow too. She's really very beautiful.
imastar1999 & Bambi
2012-01-12 04:46:18
Thanks so much!
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-12 23:00:33
Okay I am gonna read Carly's post then give out ribbons!So Mrs.C don't charge me any money for CPP making the ribbons..I am just judging.
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-13 22:59:45
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