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***The Anything Club ****** This is a club where you can discuss anything(as long as its appropiate)such as animals, riding, famouse people, singers, school, books etc

luv number five callie!! have you seen the cloud movies?
9966332 & Indy
2011-12-28 17:31:37
JC nothing new is showing up for me. . .but it keeps coming up in my inbox??
Sonny25 & Peasy
2011-12-28 18:35:28
Oh iluvstarbucks(do u have a name u want us to call u?) I like Taylor too!HAve you seen Twilight?


Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-28 22:06:59
Hey guys!So I was wondering if any of you guys would like Vice President on here?Meaning if I'm gone for a while(vacation,sick etc) you can control the club till I get back!You won't own the club,you just will help manage it!You can also help me think of things to do on here!I will pick who gets it though,depending on who I know can manage a club!(Altho I think u all can)

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-29 01:46:47
Hi Sonny
There are a bunch of new messages from today..

Jane Crandal & JB
2011-12-29 02:23:05
Yes Toby you may be Vice!!And I also agree with u,im homeschooled and it does get boring
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-29 04:49:54
Hey guys thank you for joining!I was worried this club would not be popular,because idk its not an rp or about a specfic thing!If you guys need anything please let me know!
Thank You so much!

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-29 04:57:38
It snow a little in central ohio.
mdo17 & bunnykinz
2011-12-29 15:02:24
maybe we could do quizes?
9966332 & Indy
2011-12-29 15:49:02
I will be vice if you need me too.
mdo17 & bunnykinz
2011-12-29 18:01:29
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