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***The Anything Club ****** This is a club where you can discuss anything(as long as its appropiate)such as animals, riding, famouse people, singers, school, books etc

I <3 ponies!!!!!!
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-31 16:43:14
Hey vote for me in the current 12year old story contest please!!My story is called Angel!

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-31 20:40:41
I think msot people on here <3 ponies!
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2012-01-01 00:56:24
Happy New year's!!!
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2012-01-01 05:14:43
Lol Becky I just don't have time!And they are a little hard!But you want them challenging!
Let's get to know each other better?!?

I am 12
I love to ride western and game
My fave actor is Josh Hutcherson
I love to read
Fave books series?The Hunger Games and Cirque Du F-r-e-a-k;The Vampire's Asistant
I have diabetes
I own an App,3dogs and 4 cats!
I play Volley~ball and <3 it
Fave colors?lime green and turquise
Best buds on here?Little Toby,Iluvtuey and orangeonfire!
Oh and I love Eminem,Katy Perry and Rihanna<3

Ok your turn!

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2012-01-01 05:20:14
I am very very sad now;( I just discovered that the main charecter dies in the last book.....omg..thats so sad:( Im soo going to cry;(
You don't even know how sad i am....AHHH I cannot belive that.Im like so depressed now.Is that bad?It's a book,I get to involved and forget that it is fake:(
R.I.P Darren Shan/Vampire Asistant:(

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2012-01-01 05:36:11
Callie that story was amazing!!!I loved it!But it was a little sad.
mdo17 & bunnykinz
2012-01-01 16:10:06
Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!!!!I hope you all had a good newyears eve.
mdo17 & bunnykinz
2012-01-01 16:12:31
Okay,well I am 12
I have no siblings
I have two dogs {Heidi{my dog} Sadie {Mom's dog}}
I don't like school
I don't like to read
I love the movies Cloud:the wild stallion
My favorite color is blue
I have no favorite pals on here. . . I don't get to talk to a lot of people :P

Sonny25 & Peasy
2012-01-01 17:40:52
hi can i join?
i am 13

1 am homeschooled

i love the hunger games, canterwood crest, and almost every other book in the world!

I think that Colin Ford is amazingly cute.

I have to younger siblings.

i live next door to my grandparents

i like almost all foods except for olives and certain candy

i am a christian

i live in ohio

i love horses!!!!!!!!!!

bannana & mindy
2012-01-02 02:15:42
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