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Phantoms Roleplay
He is known as Phantom. Sometimes you will see a flick of an ear, or hear the swish of his tail. But you're not afraid. You know that he will help you. He has helped many horses before you. He is kind, but shy. He doesn't like anyone to see him. He hides easily in the shadows with his pure black coat. But one day, you will reach through that black armor of fake-fierceness to see the one horse that has rescued others. It is time.

Rose: Pricks ears, then suddenly crashes into Phantom* Whoa!
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-02-22 02:13:32
Ravencall jumps at the sound, then replies irritably, "Hello?" She snorts. "Your not from here." Her smooth, honey, knowledgeable tone comes out.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2014-02-22 02:30:04
Rose: Well, no I'm not.
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-02-22 20:04:40
Phantom- *eyes widen, but not in surprise. He speaks then, his voice deep and musical * If your trying to crash into someone do it quieter. I could hear you coming miles away. *flicks his tail, steps out of the shadows, nods at Raven, and with a flick of his ear he vanishes into the shadows, where he reminds to watch over Raven*
rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-02-22 20:08:42
Full Name: Broken Soul
Name: Soul
Coat: Deep chestnut
Mane/Tail: Glossy brown gradually deepening into black
Markings: White mark across her chest like a broken heart; white blaze on her face
Gender: Mare
Mate: None
Foals: None
Personality: Sweet and laid-back, likes Phantom but knows she can never get near him with Raven around. Shy and reserved; doesn't like talking very much

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-02-23 02:57:44
Ravencall snorts. "It doesn't matter to me anyways." Are you passing through?"
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2014-02-23 02:57:44
RM: welcome to the club Piggie.
Phantom- *quietly watches from a hiding place*

rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-02-24 03:44:28
Ravencall paws the ground. She braces herself. Though she moves around somewhat, this was her territory's border and she would defend it.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2014-02-25 01:14:33
Rose: * snorts* soo nice.
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-02-25 01:38:31
Ravencall's ears flicker towards the back of her skull. She was getting impatient, she was a loner and therefore didn't like to chat for a longer period of time. Ravencall liked horses with definite answers, so she could decide quickly the situation. Complicating things was annoying, and she just wanted to know if the mare was a threat. Ravencall glances at the shadows for the Phantom, maybe he could cool things.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2014-02-25 03:28:21
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