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Phantoms Roleplay
He is known as Phantom. Sometimes you will see a flick of an ear, or hear the swish of his tail. But you're not afraid. You know that he will help you. He has helped many horses before you. He is kind, but shy. He doesn't like anyone to see him. He hides easily in the shadows with his pure black coat. But one day, you will reach through that black armor of fake-fierceness to see the one horse that has rescued others. It is time.

thezoekid & Star Gaze
2014-03-01 20:33:23
Sapphire: *trots around*
ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2014-03-01 20:44:28
Raven continues walking. "Was there anything you wanted to talk about?" Raven asks. She loves the tranquil moment, but she finally has so much curiosity about why he asked her to walk.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2014-03-01 21:00:35
Rose: I go over next to Skylar.* Hello.
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-03-01 21:01:16
Phantom- *glances at her* No. *continued walking, then suddenly he stops.* Look. *beyond the hill they are standing on is a tunnel, hidden. He walks down the tunnel and on the other side is what he wanted her to see. * This is my home, where I live. ***It was a valley, the grass green and luscious and shoulder- high. A clean stream bubbled happily in the middle, and there was even a pond where he could go swimming to cool off. Birds sang songs in the branches of huge willow trees. There were even two deer grazing. They raised their heads and snorted a happy welcome to the black stallion.*** *He looks at Raven* What do you think?
rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-03-02 01:01:07
Ravencall whispers, "It is flawless. " She leans into him. She breathes in the sweet scent of his home. "I know you don't like to be overburdened with questions, and neither do I. But, you know me." She takes a deep breath, hoping he won't mind. "Why am I here? Did you know what happened to my parents?" Ravencall stops. Those are the only questions she can think of-and the most important ones.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2014-03-02 02:17:26
Sapphire: *hears something rustling in a bush, thinking its nothing she goes into a canter, but keeps an eye out just in case*
ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2014-03-03 01:26:50
Phantom- *flinches away from her, avoiding her gaze for a while before slowly turning back to her* Now is not the time. Come, we must return. *whirls around and starts trotting back to Raven's territory*
rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-03-03 01:30:35
Phantom- * glances at her*Raven... *his deep musical voice seems softer* Now is to the time that you should find out about your parents. However, I will tell you that they loved you very much.
rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-03-03 03:50:15
Ravencall steps away in disappointment. "I'm sorry." She turns, realizing it was not her to ask so many questions. She feels strange, suddenly. Ravencall nickers to him as they reach her territory. "Please, do come again!" She knows she usually doesn't say even that much, just signals.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2014-03-03 04:04:34
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