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Everyone is a champion stable


“Strength is not only in numbers, but in circumstance.” (AuthorToBe, her mind)
Full Name: Sienna Carolina Lochetti
Called: Sienna
Nick Names: Sienna, Cari only by her sister
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
“She's almost never without something of art”
Eyes: Change based on her mood (happy=sky blue, sad=dark blue, curious=blueish green, angry=grey)
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Silky and naturally straight
Skin: Naturally olive toned
Height/Build: About 5'8 1/2, very gracefully built (in other words a dancer body, if anyone's a dancer)
Other: She absolutely LOVES dancing, singing, playing any instrument or anything art related
“And in that moment, we were one.” (I honestly can't remember)
Where did Your Horses Come Form: Owned by Sienna
Horses Names: Don't Say Good-bye aka Good-bye
Riding Skills: LOVES jumping
Style Of Riding: English
Top 3 Events: Show Jumping, Cross Country, Hunter Under Saddle
Other Events: Dressage, Pleasure
Name Of Show Found At: She wasn't found at a show
“If you wanna get out alive, run for your life” (Three Days Grace-Get Out Alive)
Mom/Dad: Ana/Vet, Fredrico/Lawyer
Siblings: Bella/17, Arcangelo/15
Other Family: Aunts and Uncles and cousins, the general stuff
Personality: She is extremely friendly. She's very sweet and loves to help. Sienna is slightly socially awkward. There is almost no one as loyal as Sienna.
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
History: Her parents were kidnapped, so the government sent her and her siblings to a boarding school for safety
“She belongs to one person, and that person is me” (Unknown)
Full/Reg/Show Name: Don't Say Good-bye
Barn Name: Good-bye
Age: 4
Gender: Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred
“Darker than midnight” (I feel like this isn't a legit quote)
Mane/Tail: Black
Coat: Black
Markings: Blaze
Height: 17.2hh
“We're Soarin, flyin/There's not a star in Heaven that we can't reach!” (High School Musical)
Owner: Sienna
Style Of Riding: English
Events: Show Jumping, Cross Country, Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle
Best Event: Show Jumping
History: Sienna's parents bought her for Sienna

“She's like the swallow that flies so high/She's like the river that never runs dry” (She's Like The Swallow)
Full Name: Bella Lucia Lochetti
Called: Bella
Nick Names: Bells
Age: 17
Gender: Girl
“She is light”
Eyes: Light blue
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Wavy
Skin: Olive
Height/Build: 5'6", birdlike build
Other: Absolutely beautiful
“Dancing on horseback.” (Description of Dressage)
Where did Your Horses Come Form: Owned
Horses Names: Let Me Fly aka Fly
Riding Skills: Dressage
Style Of Riding: English
Top 3 Events: Dressage, Pleasure, Trail
Other Events: Show Jumping
Name Of Show Found At: N/A
“You can't get rid of family” (AuthorToBe)
Mom/Dad: Ana/Vet, Fredrico/Lawyer
Siblings: Sienna/16, Arcangelo/15
Other Family: Your usual family
Personality: She's literally the nicest person ever. Bella will do anything for someone she loves. She's one of the most friendly people ever. She's extremely funny and charasmatic.
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
History: Same as Sienna
“And the snow fell.” (Unknown)
Full/Reg/Show Name: Let Me Fly
Barn Name: Fly
Age: 4
Gender: Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred
“There are angels among us.” (Unknown)
Mane/Tail: White
Coat: White
Markings: None
Height: 17 hh
“Dancing through life” (Dancing Through Life, Wicked)
Owner: Bella
Style Of Riding: English
Events: Dressage, Pleasure, Show Jumping, Trail
Best Event: Dressage
History: Same as Good-bye

“There is nothing so sad than a broken heart” (Unknown)
Full Name: Arcangelo Gabriel Lochetti
Called: Arcangelo
Nick Names: Gabe (By family only), Angelo
Age: 15
Gender: Boy
“Dark beauty is so perfect, so terrifying” (I am really proud of that one...)
Eyes: Dark blue
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Zayn Malik circa 2013
Skin: Olive
Height/Build: Around 6', muscular, broad shoulders
“Take me away to a secret place/A sweet escape” (Pocket Full of Sunshine)
Where did Your Horses Come Form: Owned
Horses Names: Silver Screen aka Silver
Riding Skills: Speed
Style Of Riding: Western
Top 3 Events: Barrel Racing, Reining, Cutting
Other Events: Working Cow Horse, Pleasure
Name Of Show Found At: N/A
“Sometimes reality is the hardest to accept” (Unknown)
Mom/Dad: Ana/Vet, Fredrico/Lawyer
Siblings: Bella/17, Sienna/16
Other Family: Typical family
Personality: He hasn't really accepted what happened to his family. He's very funny and charming once you get him to open up. When not open, he is still charming and well mannered. He is very solitary.
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
History: Same as Sienna and Bella
“Like a movie star/From the silver screen” (Classic-MKTO)
Full/Reg/Show Name: Silver Screen
Barn Name: Silver
Age: 5
Gender: Mare
Breed: Quarter Horse
“Glowing like the sun” (Unknown)
Mane/Tail: White
Coat: Palomino
Markings: Blaze, four white socks
Height: 16hh
“Speed. I am Speed.” (Cars)
Owner: Arcangelo
Style Of Riding: Western
Events: Barrel Racing, Reining, Cutting, Working Cow Horse
Best Event: Reining
History: About the same as Good-bye and Fly

AuthorToBe & Sweet Adeline
2015-04-07 01:05:35
Welcome to the club

Starwalker123 & Star
2015-04-07 02:26:27
Ask your friends to join
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-04-07 02:27:54
Thanks Star, when are we starting to role?
AuthorToBe & Sweet Adeline
2015-04-07 20:19:26
When we get more the the owners and one member
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-04-08 01:22:25
Follow me on my blog http://www.clubponypals.com/chatview.php?lastpage=index&chat_id= 625333

Starwalker123 & Star
2015-04-09 23:48:42
I'll be an owner if you'd like.
AuthorToBe & Sweet Adeline
2015-04-13 01:56:09
no we just need more member JJ s my co-owener
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-04-13 21:46:27
AuthorToBe & Sweet Adeline
2015-04-14 00:43:21
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-04-14 02:51:31
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