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Everyone is a champion stable

Can I join then?
123Liliana & Black Cloud
2018-04-22 00:39:38
I think this club is inactive! If no one replies by 10:00 a.m tomorrow, i will take over.
ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2018-10-26 22:40:46
All righty then! New forms will be out shortly.
ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2018-10-27 18:40:59
Okay, here are the forms:

Name (first and last):
Nicknames (if any):
Riding level (1 to 10, 10 is the best):
Kind of riding (English or Western):
Number of horses (make it reasonable):

Registered name:
Barn name:
Height (In hands):
Mane and tail color:
Coat color:

Here are my forms:

Name: Jennifer Lesting
Nicknames: Teacher, Ms. Jenna
Age: 30
Hair: Brown hair in a bun
Eyes: Green
Riding level: 9
Personality: Nice, but can be strict, always looking out for both students and horses.
Kind of riding: Both
Number of horses: The lesson horses

Name: Allison Lake
Nicknames: Allie
Age: 14
Hair: Blond in two side braids
Eyes: Blue
Riding level: 6
Personality: Springy, peppy, VERY social, loves galloping
Kind of riding: English
Number of horses: 1

Registered name: All Things Can Be
Barn name: Faith
Age: 9
Height: 15.6
Breed: Hanoverian
Mane and tail color: Grey
Coat color: Dappled grey
Markings: Black stockings, knee high
History: Was a potential Olympic horse, then sprained her ankle and Allie bought her
Personality: Very sweet, not at all spooky, loves everyone, like Allison

Lesson horse forms coming soon! Rules:
No bad words
No swearing
No romance
Be nice!
Keep talk horse related.
Thanks for joining!

ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2018-10-27 18:40:59
Lesson horses:

Registered name: Twilight Mystery
Barn name: Twilight
Age: 4
Height: 16.0
Breed: Selle Francais
Mane and tail color: Black
Coat color: Very dark brown.
Markings: Skinny blaze, small black 'socks'
History: Nothing fancy :)
Personality: Hyper, spooky, but friendly, for more advanced riders. (Mare, English )

Registered name: Night Sky
Barn name: Star
Age: 6
Height: 15.2
Breed: Lusitano
Mane and tail color: Black
Coat color: Black
Markings: White star on forehead
History: Nothing fancy :)
Personality: Sweet, spooks easily but not very bad. (gelding, English)

Registered name: Patches and Spots
Barn name: Patches
Age: 8
Height: 14.7
Breed: Paint
Mane and tail color: Black
Coat color: White and brown
Markings: Black sock on front right leg
History: Nothing fancy (again) :)
Personality: Sweet, calm, loves people

This will be it for lesson horses until i see how many people join this club.

ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2018-10-27 19:05:41
If any 😂
ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2018-10-31 01:13:26
Ha ha. Hello!?
ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2018-11-04 20:33:24
Here's what i'm going to do: i'm going to create a third character for myself and start RP-ing. But don't be shy! You can still join the club at any time!

Name: Sylvia White
Nicknames: Sylvie
Age: 13
Hair: Straight light brown hair
Eyes: Green/gray
Riding level: 6
Personality: Calm, collected, nice
Kind of riding: Both, more commonly Western
Number of horses: 2

Registered name: Roses are Red
Barn name: Rose
Height: 15.0
Breed: Morgan
Mane and tail color: Black
Coat color: Brown
Markings: Small white star on face.
History: Abused, but rescued.
Personality: Playful, sweet, people pleaser (mare)

Registered name: Rapid Waters
Barn name: River
Age: 5
Height: 14.9
Breed: Leopard Appaloosa
Mane and tail color: White
Coat color: White with black spots
Markings: None
History: Nothing fancy (boy i've wrote that a lot)
Personality: Hyper, headstrong, but still a good boy. (gelding)

Oh i totally forgot... please add the gender of your horse (stallion, gelding, mare)

ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2018-11-07 02:14:19
Allie- *Hops out of her car. She stops a moment when she sees the stables.* "Sweet!" *She opens the trailer.* "Just a minute, Faith. I have to get all your stuff out first. Dad! Can you bring Faith's stuff in?"

Allie's dad- "I'll take Faith's stuff and come back for the rest. You find Faiths stall." *They walk into the stable.*

Sylvia- *Jumps out of her car, and leads Rose out.* "With both of you," *She laughs,* "I'm glad i had my tack and grooming supplies pre-delivered." *She hesitates for a moment.* "You know what? You're coming too, River. At the SAME. TIME." *She walks slowly to the stable.*

ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2018-11-07 20:00:06
Allie- *Nearly runs into an adult.* "Oh!" *She says, stumbling back into Faith.* "Sorry! I'm Allison, i'm sure you've GOT to be the owner, where's Faith's stall?"

Jennifer- "Oh, yes, Faith... Follow me." *She takes Allie to a stall.* "Right about here. i'll be in my office if you need me. Sorry i don't have time for a tour, Allison. Maybe let Faith get settled?" *She walks off.*

Allie- "Okay!" *She calls after Jennifer. She starts fussing over Faith.*

Sylvia- *Walks into the barn. Rose catches Faith's scent and tries to pull away.* "No, Rose! River, stop fidgeting! Someone, help...!"

Allie- *Locks Faith in her stall and zooms toward the voice. She quickly grabs Rose's lead rope.* "Are you alright?"

Sylvia- "I am now. Are... are you the owner?"

Allie- "ME!? No!" *Starts laughing.* "The owner's busy. Let's go ask her. I'm sure she can take some time off for lil' ole us."

ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2018-11-08 01:31:55
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