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Everyone is a champion stable

The frist thing is read the info and fill out the sheet. Its all fake
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-06-11 03:26:15
Full Name: (Frist, Med., Last) Called: Nick Names: Age: (14 and up) Gender: “ (A sentence about the Character’s Looks)” Eyes: Hair Color: Hair Style: Skin: Height/Build: Other: “(Quote about riding any source)” (Name or the person that said it/movie/Poem/Book) Where did Your Horses Come Form: (Given To You By Charm or owned by you) Horses Names: (Full/Show/Reg aka Barn) Riding Skills: Style Of Riding: (English/Western) Top 3 Events: Other Events: 
Name Of Show Found At: “(Quote about Family/History/Life any source)” )” (Name or the person that said it/movie/Poem/Book) Mom/Dad: (Name/Job) Siblings: (Name/Age) Other Family: Personality: (at least 5 sentences) Hometown: History: (Required) Horses “ Quote any source about horses/this horse) ” (Name or the person that said it/movie/Poem/Book) Full/Reg/Show Name: Barn Name: Age: Gender: Breed: “(Quote about horse looks any source) ” (Name or the person that said it/movie/Poem/Book) Mane/Tail: Coat: Markings: Height: 

GET_0VER_IT & Denali
2015-06-11 20:36:42
Fill it out with the info...
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-06-12 02:41:26
Kay im here
simbasimba & Dove
2015-06-14 02:36:26
Use mine as an Example
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-06-14 02:36:26
And make it good
midnightdancer & belle
2015-06-16 01:23:54
Midnightdancer is also me
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-06-17 00:26:11
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-06-30 02:00:22
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-07-18 01:30:31
“What goes up must come down.” I don't know...
Full Name: Ryan Lilly M
Called: Ryan
Nick Names: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Girl
“She has very short black hair and blue eyes at the top of her tall body.”
Eyes: Blue
Hair Color:black
Hair Style: Pixie cut
Skin: tan (arms slightly more than the rest of the body, due to riding in the sun so much)
Height/Build: Tall and somewhat slender
“She popped over the tall fences on Artemis and gave her a pat.” (Me)
Where did Your Horses Come Form: Me (Given To You By Charm or owned by you)
Horses Names: Don't Jinx It/ Jinx, Artemis, Phoenix Rising/ Phoenix
Riding Skills: Can jump 6'3"
Style Of Riding: English
Top 3 Events: Dressage, Stadium Jumping, Cross Country
Other Events: Show Jumping
Name Of Show Found At: Rolex
“Her family had a successful boarding barn until they had to move. She started boarding at an Eventing barn, until she got recruited here.”
Mom/Dad: MAry M/ Vet(cats and dogs), Sam M/ accountant
Siblings: Tony Maxwell/ 22
Other Family: I dunno.
Personality: She is sort of tomboyish and is very focused on her riding. She will do anything to make her horses feel happier. She is stubborn at times. She is determined to make it to the Olympics despite her AD/HD. She is always caring for if not riding her horses.
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
History: She's lived on a farm her whole life. He parents had to sell the farm and she moved to an apartment in the city. She then boarded at a good Eventing barn andtrained there until she was recruited here.

“Artemis puffed and shook her mane, challenging Phoenix to another race through the pasture. Phoenix accepted and Jinx just HAD to join, as well.”
Full/Reg/Show Name: Artemis
Barn Name: Same..
Age: 6
Gender: Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred
“Her black coat shined in the sun. She used her tail to knock a fly of her almost 18 hand body." ”
Mane/Tail: Black
Coat: Black
Markings: Crescent shaped star
Height: 18 hands
“Her tall figure hopped over the tall fence easily. Ryan lifted her self out of the saddle for the last fence. And the didn't knock it! Yes! Ryan's eyes shifted to check her time. She'd just made the fastest time of anyone that day with the least amount of faults. She jumped it like a jump off.”
Owner: Ryan Maxwell
Style Of Riding: English
Events: Eventing
Best Event: Jumping in all
History: She was a race horse reject.

Full/Reg/Show Name: Phoenix Rising
Barn Name: Phoenix
Age: 9
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Thoroughbred
“His still dark grey coat gleamed as Ryan's curry comb skimmed over it. His black mane had just been pulled.”
Mane/Tail: Black
Coat: Bay roan
Markings: None
Height: 17.3 hh
“He threw his head as he eyed the course and he whinnied to it. As they entered the arena, he tried to go right away. Ryan held him back and he reared. She sat to it. SHe rest of the ride was great.”
Owner: Ryan Maxwell
Style Of Riding: (English
Events: Show Jumping (does not like dressage but love cross country)
Best Event: SHow jumping
History: Ryan really doesn't know. He was just given to her as a gift. She didn't want to look him in the mouth.

Full/Reg/Show Name: Don't Jinx It
Barn Name: Jinx
Age: 5
Gender: Gelding
Breed: AQHA Quarter Horse
“"JINX!" Ryan called from the pasture fence. Jinx's black marking-less head lifted from his mid-day munch. He stomped his black foot and trudged over to the fence. Ryan held up a carrot and at the sight of that orasnge piece of heaven, his fuzzy ears perked and he was suddenly interested.”
Mane/Tail: Black
Coat: Black
Markings: None
Height: 15.1 hh
“Ryan asked for a canter in her dressage saddle. He bucked when she went across the diagonal for a flying lead change. She sat to the buck and tried again. This time he readred and the process was repeated. It took them many tries to finally get it right.”
Style Of Riding: English
Events: Eventing
Best Event: Jumping of any kind
History: He went through many Eventing owners in one year. Ryan was determined to train him and compete with him. She had the skill. All she needed was the gut. That, she almost had,too.

PegasusLove013 & Jinx
2015-07-18 23:01:13
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