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This is the I WANT A PONY club, for pals who want a pony and don't have one. MareOwner123&StarDustAngel

This is the I WANT A PONY club, for pals who want a pony and don't have one.

MareOwner123 & StarDustAngel
2009-07-13 11:58:06
Dear MareOwner
NEVER give up. It may seem like forever to you but trust me the older you get the faster time goes. Study about horses. Learn anatomy. Read about their behavior. Save your pennies and nickels and quarters. Having a horse is not free, even if the horse is. FYI I know of two free horses right now. But taking care of them and getting to them is never free.
If you want to work around horses you have to learn about them. What's the bone inside their foot that if it rotates it kills the horse? What happens when a horse gets dehydrated and how can you tell? What is normal temperature for a horse? How quickly should their gums refresh when pressed?
Study, read and learn about them. Write an email to the stable that's full once a week telling the owner what you are studying and what you have learned.
In Japan there is a saying that dripping water will wear away stone. You can do it, if you stick to it.
If you give up on something you really want, that is really really sad.
So DON'T!!
PS Would you start a Club on CPP for members who want horses but their parents say no? If you would organize the club I'd be glad to help out any way I can.

Jane Crandal & JB
2009-08-28 01:59:50
Sure Anyone can join So impress your mom by writing her 4 pages of horses,their history,some fantasy horses,caring about horses,too.Research with her riding stables close to your house.It worked on my cousin in texas.
MareOwner123 & StarDustAngel
2009-09-07 13:03:10
Ok Thanks YouWish.
I am so sorry to hear that Breanne.Hm....I will think more.I guess this is one.
First tell your mom to come with you in the computer.Research In the computer about horses.Your mom may get interested.If moms get interested in one thing,they let it.Then research in the computer a stable near you.Let her read all about it,And the important part would be that it would be FREE membership,free horse/pony,and all that.

MareOwner123 & StarDustAngel
2009-09-08 21:24:17
I know alot about horses. And If lost a favorite one. Mareowner, I know that its hard, especially if you were really close to getting one. We were considering moving to the country and getting me one, but the house was too run-down and we'd spend all our time and money repairing it so we could aford a horse! I still want a horse and when I'm older I hope to own a stud farm. A purebred and mixed breed stud farm. Microphone
microphone & My Pony
2009-10-01 21:15:14
I've wanted a pony since birth. Since it is immposible for me to have one as a child (highly unlikely unless we win lottery), I hope to own a small stud and non-stud farm when I'm older and be a large animal veterinary doctor.
microphone & My Pony
2009-11-21 13:50:52
Dear MareOwner

When I was growing up I studied and read about horses endlessly. I knew breeds, I knew the colors and shapes and EVERYTHING.

I finally got my first horse. At 30 years old. I was SO HAPPY and my dad came to visit where I was living then. I told him I wanted him to see my horse that I was so happy to have.

He said "I don't like horses. Never have. One stepped on my hand when I was a kid." And that was it. He didn't ever see my horses.

For whatever reason, your mom does not share your love of horses. If your grades are good and you keep up with your schoolwork and chores in the household then in my opinion what you study or read about in your spare time is largely up to you.

You can read and dream and plan. That doesn't cost anything. Don't bug your mom about it, it sounds like she is dealing with her own problems and having a horse-crazy daughter probably makes them seem harder.

But don't give up. My Hawaiian college roommate liked to quote a Japanese saying "The dripping water wears away stone."


Jane Crandal & JB
2009-11-22 06:23:19
Yeah, I've also wanted a horse, but since we can't afford one and it is illegal to keep one in town, I get horse books, posters, calenders, breyer horses! Pretty much everything horsy that I can do without a horse. I get lessons, but I guess you can't. But recently I've been reading MORE about horses! I can recognize most breeds, and colors. And even if a horse thinks he/she knows what to do (this was at Girl Scout Camp), I can make him/her do what I want to do. My instructor says I'm a very good rider, though I'm only 4.1feet, and only 60 pounds! I ride old show-horse Saddlebreds! One's name is Chance - he can be bossy - but with this and reading and writing and finding this site, it helps keep the pain of 'NO HORSE' away. Last lesson I spent most of my time cleaning the barn, and I LOVED it!!!! I know I sound weird, but to me, if it's for horses, I can do it!
microphone & My Pony
2009-11-22 13:51:12
Well Lulu, how about you think about some ways that are realistic for you to help earn extra money, cash that you could put toward lessons? Owning a horse may be a few steps down the line. But in the meantime, where are there stables near where you live? Is there one that will accept a working student? What other kids do you know who ride lesson horses? What do they think? There are some really, really good posts in this thread. Have you read them?

Let me know what practical steps you see between you and riding lessons.

Mini horses often are not popular with zoning boards. And you cannot ride them.


Jane Crandal & JB
2009-11-23 05:56:17
The reaon I came up with the mini horse is because my friend has one and that is probaly the only kind of horse we could afford. I did find a riding stables. But I can't start till the spring and intill then, NO HORSES! I am sooooooooooooo sad. I have been studying horses. I'm not as horse smart as MareOwner123,but I am off to a greart start. Can you answer these questions without looking at the anwsers?
What is BLM?
When your riding western, should you grab the horn? What colors can a Throughbred not have?
Is a rhino related to a horse?
Were the first horeses big or small?
What is the only "wild" horse?
How small do horses have to be to be considered a pony?
How do you give a horse a bath?
What does a skewbald paint pony look like?
What are the parts of the hoof?
In horse racing what does a handicap mean?
A Quarter horse is named from how long they can sprint.
True or False?
Throughbreds only come in solid colors.
True or False?
How old does a filly have to be to be a mare?
How old do colts have to be to be a stallion?
In the wild who leads the herd?
I know the answers to all these questions. I want to know more about riding english though. I am still considering the mini horse. I mean to keep me company. Maybe I could by a mini horse cart and drive it! But untill then I will collect breyers and think about my dream horse:A dapple grey stallion named Stromy. And me and Stromy will win World Chamionships in Show Jumping. Yeah, I am a longgggggggggggggggg way away since I have never rode english. (I rode western once) But it's something worth shooting for right? One day I'll own a horse. I will probaly be grown up. Like you JC! I probaly won't get a horse untill I grow up. Anyway I can't wait for Spring to come even tough Winter is my favorite season! Please reply.

lululauren2000 & Snowdrop
2009-11-24 23:19:59
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