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This is the I WANT A PONY club, for pals who want a pony and don't have one. MareOwner123&StarDustAngel

and riding Bareback!
arabluv & teapot
2011-11-16 20:39:25
For you to own a stallion and be able to ride it you mi=ust be 18 yrs and older
mejm2000 & Saphira
2011-11-16 21:34:16
You guys should go see it!
And afterwards i got to go on a tour of the stable and pet all the horses including arabians,lustanios, andalucians, minis, and one sucked on my arm!!! Look it up and convince someone to take you! They even have a christmas show!!

MAC1023 & King
2011-11-17 01:26:31
I went to the dancing horses for my birthday and it was really fun! You guys should check it out online! :)

MAC1023 & King
2011-11-25 22:03:04
I would like a horse and pony the horse would be a tall throughbred mare with a star and 2 back socks also the pony would be a shetland pony and
his name would be quinn he would be a dappled tan

mejm2000 & Saphira
2011-11-26 03:05:09
I TOTALY know how you feel Little Toby. My mom will not let me get a horse- and I have wanted one for 8 years. My mom talked to me one day because she wanted to know what i wanted for christmas. I said 'a horse'
of course there are a few things but I enjoy being stubborn when it comes to horses.
Some days I just want to scream at my parents because they talk about fancy vacations and i want to butt in about a horses.

MAC1023 & King
2011-11-26 04:44:53
I'M GETTING A HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
arabluv & teapot
2011-11-26 16:35:48
OMG ARABLUV!!!! HOW????? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!! I TOATLY know how you feel Trump Card!
MAC1023 & King
2011-11-27 03:38:54
Trump Card: Her name is Pauli, she is a half Quarter Horse and half Paint. She's Bay with a Star, Stripe, Snip and Right Hind Sock. Yes. We have two pastures and a 13 stall barn.

MAC1023: We found her because she is my Mom's friends Step Father and Mothers horse. And why do you have random numbers in your user?

arabluv & teapot
2011-11-27 22:03:57
because its random like me! lol you are SOOOOOOOO LUCKY!
MAC1023 & King
2011-11-28 01:20:38
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