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This is the I WANT A PONY club, for pals who want a pony and don't have one. MareOwner123&StarDustAngel

hi can i be in your club please


Thumpa & Lightning
2011-05-21 09:20:54
Hello. I want to join this club. I know how hard it is. I am 13 and have been riding since I was 7. But I still dont have a horse. They are pricey, but I get to take lessons. The best thing you can do is learn. I joined 4-h and that helped A LOT. I joined horse bowl and have learned so much about horses. Read every horse book you own! I know one time I came home in tears because I was only a spectator at the horse show. I refused to talk to my mom for days. Then my mom got worried and talked to people and I got to know people with horses. I am in my 2nd year of 4-h and no people who have horses and are willing to let me use them.
I have saved EVERY SINGLE CENT FOR 3 YEARS AND I HAVE 700 DOLLARS. I know thats not a lot horse wise but I told my mom that I would buy the supplies(saddle gromming ect) and the horse. And when I got a job I would pay for boarding. She said that we will get one when she pays off her student loans.
Also get as much experience as you can. Take lessons and ask to catch and groom the horse and tack it up. What would you do with a horse if you couldn't saddle it? Also learn as much as you can from your riding instructure. And finaly NO MATTETR WHAT
PRAY!!! I know I do! Even if it seems your parents will never say yes, you might at least get lessons. Then when you are 16 and making money, you can save up for that long awaited horse.
so remeber:
1. Learn
2. Ride
3. Help out parents, get on their good terms
4. good grades!
5. PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Get experience
8. Let them know. If your parents think its a phase they will not take you seriously. Trust me, after a while when they see all your life revolves around horses, they will have to do something!

MAC1023 & King
2011-10-03 23:27:05
Your right sugarcookie. Older horses or horses with problems are cheaper.If its trained it could be more, depends. BEfore you buy a horse bring a experience horse person with you, like a horse trainer/stable owner. Ride the horse. Get a vet check up on it. Get its health records and current coggins test. Get all the info- (name, breed, age). The horse person you bring can tell if its a good match for you.
MAC1023 & King
2011-10-03 23:38:55
why do some ponys on here cost a lot? o.O

Raven305 & Scarlet
2011-10-04 18:55:11
Very true- They also cost if they are purebreeds, certain breeds cost more, their age, health, and training level. All though there are good horses out there for cheap!!!
MAC1023 & King
2011-10-07 23:29:05
I'm sorry Minkie. Maybe you can ask around to see if anyone who has horses will let you ride them sometimes if they cant get to them or they need exercise or if their nice. ;) Ask people who have horses-neighbors, friends, family- its like they all know other people with horses!
MAC1023 & King
2011-10-09 00:43:09
posts aren't showing up
Raven305 & Scarlet
2011-10-22 16:45:48
Thread shortened.


Jane Crandal & JB
2011-10-23 00:25:44
Well if I were you Id go over for a sleepover whenever I could. Maybe if you ever go over to their house for holidays you can ride it too.

MAC1023 & King
2011-10-23 13:13:13
I know how you feel Trump Card.Only my madness started at age 6 and I am 20 days away from 14. No horse. :( I do cry sometimes!! But my parents have to give in eventually- or ill go even more crazy then I already am! ;)
MAC1023 & King
2011-10-26 22:08:06
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