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*** Aliyahs Herd ***

No I know that their the same horse, I just wanted to clarify there are two Zanzibars and so we would just call Phantom Phantom. It's ok my buety and ya sure :p right nows a good time because were resting :p No arabluv you are Zanzibar mybuety's just Phantom.

Aliyah forgets she was mad, goes to the water and splashes around like a foal.
Diablo: Aliyah! What are you doing?
Aliyah:Having fun Mr. Serious! Come on everybody this is fun! *She splashes Diablo*

poniesRus & Ty
2011-07-09 01:49:14
I'll join!

Name: Amira
Gender: filly
Age: 4 years
Breed: Arabian (duh!)
Coat colour: medium bay
Mane & tail colour: Black. Her mane and tail are very long, and so is her forelock.
Markings: a small white star on her forehead. You can't see this but she only shows it to horses she trusts or love.
Personality: Sweet, kind, flirty, playful, cute.
Other details: Amira is very pretty. Most colts will fall in love with her because of her sweet, flirty nature and natural beauty.

Here we go!

Amira: *trots over to where Aliyah and Diablo are splashing* Hey! *snorts as water hits her nose* Can I talk to you?

I_luv_addy & Midnight Sun
2011-07-09 04:34:33
Diablo stops splashing. Aliyah keeps on splashing but stops to talk to Amira.
Aliyah: Ya, what do you want. I'm kinda busy here.
Diablo: Aliyah! All your doing is splashing. Hey wait, is that a horse up there?

mybuety: i was wondering if that last parts ok with you. If it's not we can pretend it didn't happen

poniesRus & Ty
2011-07-10 02:07:18
Angel: *Looks at Amira trying to make friends* I'll wait for her to come to me, I'll act nice. *Relaxs in the water*
Zanzibar: *Trots up to her and lies down in the shallows next to her* What are we doing?
Angel: Waiting for Amira to come to us.
Seether: *Gallops like the wind to the river, jumps over Zanzibar and Angel, and lands on the other bank, just to walk into the river*

arabluv & teapot
2011-07-10 11:19:21
Sure you can join sugarcookie!

Diablo: Hi, Amira! I'm Diablo, you can join our herd. Most of us are much nicer than Aliyah*glares at her*
Aliyah:Hey, whatever! Wait! There is a horse up there! I'm going to go say hi! *Canters off*
Diablo: Wait Aliyah! You'll scare the poor horse away!*Runs after her*

poniesRus & Ty
2011-07-11 03:39:39
Can I join?
Name: Copper Heart
Age: 5
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Chestnut
Mane+Tail: Chestnut

CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-07-11 18:11:14
Diablo: Way to go Aliyah. You scared him off.
Aliyah: *sarcastically* sorry
Diablo:*ears back* get back to the herd. NOW.
Aliayah: Fine, whatever.
Diablo: Hello there! sorry about that! of coarse you can join the herd!
Aliyah: Diablo! Watch out! Behind you! There's a -

Now you guys get to finish the sentence! First one to respond is the one who finishes the sentence! :p

poniesRus & Ty
2011-07-14 01:11:20
Uh, coppergirl - you can only join if your horse (role play horse) is an arabian - have a look at the rules. You can change your horse's info and then still join :)

Amira:(she's talking to Whinnie) okay. *tosses mane* so what's it like being a scout?
*prick ears to somwthing in the distance*
Is it just me or did someone just scream: "cougar!!"

I_luv_addy & Midnight Sun
2011-07-17 10:17:18
Ok, so theres a cougar behind Diablo.

*Diablo turns around fast and rears trying to scare the cougar off. Aliyah comes up and also starts rearing. She gets scratched in the leg by the cougar, and the cougar runs off.*
Diablo: Aliyah! Are you ok?

Aliyah:yes, I'm fine. He barely got me. You think I'm a baby?

Diablo: Annoying even when scratched by a cougar.
Of course you can join our herd. Come with us, we found water. Aliyah, go wash that cut off.

poniesRus & Ty
2011-07-18 00:17:33
horses name-Sham
coat-cherry bay
mane+tail-pure black
origin-the sultan's stables(not a club)


foxiecowgurl98 & Gusty Desert Winds
2011-07-18 18:33:37
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