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*** Aliyahs Herd ***

Kiera:Looks around.I see a mare introducing herself and a horse with Eclipse.The others were about a quarter mile away.mumbling my name,I flick my tail and gallop away from them.I spot a tree and rest under there.Looking back one more time,I head into the desert,looking for an oasis.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-08-14 12:30:09
Amira: *turns to look at Whinnie* that was pretty brave of you. *shudders* I don't like spiders that much. When I was a foal, a spider bit my star underneath my forelock *swishes forelock out of the way* see? I was sick for at least 7 days. Luckily it wasn't a venomous spider. the cut got infected, so the medicine horse made me sleep all day. *snorts* I was pretty sleepy though. The medicine horse gave me a type of leaf that made me want to sleep all the time. *looks at Whinnie* am i talking too much?
I_luv_addy & Midnight Sun
2011-08-16 12:22:35
Kiera:I see it's bedouins.I stand quiet but they still see me.They put a rope around my neck,and head east.The only words I heard were:We'll come back to get the others!"They were going to get the other horses.I didn't hear they're names,but what would happen to Aliyah's herd?!
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-08-21 15:23:48
Seether: *Swishes tail and garzes next to Angel* Hi.
Angel: Who said you could graze next to me? *Tosses her head as her eyes sparkle8
Zanzibar: *Laughs* I did. *Nudges Seether's leg as he lies down* Sorry!
Seether: That's okay dude! I think I'll take a nap too. *Shifts weight forward*
Zanzibar: Okay, just not on me!
Seether: *Laughs and lies down thumps head happily*
Angel: Stallions. *Snorts* Might as well join y'all *Lies down swiftly and gracefully*
Zanzibar: Life's good. *Laughs*
AngeL: *Laughs*\
Seether: *Laughs*

arabluv & teapot
2011-08-21 18:43:27
Kiera:I see the herd from a distance.Who would they catch next.I see two strange horses come up to them.(Samirah and Shamal).Uh oh,I can see that they will probably be next,I thought.They are the easiest.I pull at the branch but my knot doesn't loosen.I hade to warn the others,but how?And what if the herd thought those horses were bad luck?Although I was new,I thought that I should care about them.But,since I was new,something else could happen that'd be worse.What if the y thought I was the bringer of bad luck?!
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-08-28 00:46:30
Shamal::"Hey!I think i see someone next to a tree-a horse1!!"
Samirah:"Get real Sham."
Shamal:"i am and she/he is pulling at something!"*Eyes adjust *"She/he is pulling at a knot!"
Samirah:"Listen we already found the herd so shut m Up Sham!"

paige2003 & Aphaia Star
2011-08-28 20:27:56
Kiera:I neigh franticly and warn them that humans are here.Suddenly bedouins come out and mount up.They see those horses.I pull free just in time,slide to a stop in front of them,and hope that they run.The horses ran right over me before they could stop but luckily the others(Shamal and Samirah)weren't hurt.The bedouins dismounted and came over examining me.Instead of catching the others they took me back to their camp.I lay limply as the sun sets and a night breeze blows quietly.Hopefully,I could get better.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-08-29 13:00:50
Shamal:"Hi.Im Shamal and this is Samir-"
Samirah"I can say my own name Shamwow.Hi!Im Samirah but you can call me Sami.This big hunk Sham is pretty strange so YAH!"

paige2003 & Aphaia Star
2011-08-29 16:00:23
Angel: *Blinks at Kiera in amazment, nudges Zanzibar awake*
Zanzibar: *Jerks* The Silver Wind wins by a lenth! Wha?
Angel: Sush! Look at Kiera, I've never seen her this worried.
Zanzibar: Your right, go talk to her while I go to sleep *Sleeps*
Angel: *Gets up and walks to Kiera* What's on your mind?

arabluv & teapot
2011-08-30 18:07:48
Kiera:I see three horses in front of me.I manage to get up and and say;"Hey you guys!Don't Fight.Well I'm sure you know my name,Kiera Rose.And be more careful,you could wake up the humans and get caught.That's why I'm tied to the tree.Anyhow,to answer your question"-I say turning to Angel-"the herd.Even though I'm not Lead Mare,they could get caught."I say nodding my head in the direction of the herd."They could move off,and once I recover,I'll follow.Although it isn't wise to go alone,I'm a pretty good tracker."Then,I ly back down to rest.I mumble;"Unless someone is brave enough to stay with me...........................................
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-08-31 13:50:42
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