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*** Aliyahs Herd ***

Angel: I'll stay Kierra. Don't worry, if we get captured *Laughs at the thought* I'll escape and get help. Lots of Stallions. I'll use my Angel charm *Poses and bats eyelashes, nickering, returns to normal, laughs.*
arabluv & teapot
2011-09-01 12:55:43
Kiera:"Ooook then,if it'll help us-Uh oh!"
Bedouins:We come out on our horses.One young girl shouts;"I hope you'll be safe,my filly.I'll name you soon."Suddenly they came upon the herd,and tried to catch them!..............................

Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-09-02 12:25:20
Bedouin girl:"I know what I'll name her!It will be;Sabah Najmah,or Morning Star."
Bedouins:One of us sees a horse(Ember)We run after he and quickly throw a rope at her head.
Kiera:I couldn't watch.

Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-09-03 00:28:25
Angel: RUN! RUN!!! *Gallops toward the riders, trying to distract them* I can use some help guys!

Seether: No Problem! *Gallops and prances around, arching neck*

Zanzibar: *Slowly walks up, making himself very handsome, arching his, neck, and acting very lead stalliony*

arabluv & teapot
2011-09-03 17:47:51
Ember: *Squeals and fights the rope* Help me!! I need HELP! *Fights as an other girl shows up*
Thalia: Hum, beauty. But too willful her. *Motions to the girl* I think that one is a nice and easy breaker. *points to Angel*
Ember: NO!! ANGEL! RUN! *Tries to break away*
Thalia: Hmm. Shall I catch my choice of a horse?

CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-09-05 00:23:37
Bedouins:We go after them.For hours we chase them and finally we give up.At that moment the horses were miles away from camp,were far away,and spread out.
Bedouin girl:So we turn back around and go back to camp.
Kiera:I couldn't smell the herd,so I knew I was alone.So I back out and take a stick into my mouth.Then I put it in the fire and watched the flames lick it.Next,I quickly threw it on one of the furthest tents.Even though I was free,I pretended to be tied until everybody was at the scene.Finally,I could go.As if some one shot a gun,I gallopedas fast as the wind out of there,never looking back,not even when I reached the herd.

Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-09-05 13:01:35
Im quitting,sorry.
paige2003 & Aphaia Star
2011-09-06 00:53:13
Cuz im REALLY busy.With school and stuf!
paige2003 & Aphaia Star
2011-09-07 00:44:37
Ok,I understand.Pretty soon I'll be limited too starting Monday.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-09-07 12:49:45
RM: I think Ember and Angel are the only ones captured.
arabluv & teapot
2011-09-08 18:35:03
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