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*** Aliyahs Herd ***

Yay, more horsies!

Diablo: Sadly, yes, she is always annoying. Thank you very much for the leaves Phantom. Aliyah, what do you say?
Aliyah: Thank you.
After Phanntom leaves:
Diablo: Really Aliyah? Your not a foal anymore. Do I really have to remind you to say thank you?
Aliyah: Whatever

poniesRus & Ty
2011-07-19 22:46:08
Amira: *follows Whinnie's gaze* Oh well. Looks like they took care of it.
*pricks ears towards two new horses* Ooh! I'm going to say hello to the new horses.
*canters towards Sham and Jeannie* *whinnies* Hi! I'm Amira. *looks Sham up and down. then drops her gaze* *peeks out from underneath her forelock* *spins around and whinnies playfully to Whinnie* Hey! Come and say hello to the new horses, Whinnie!

I_luv_addy & Midnight Sun
2011-07-20 03:58:29
coppergirl: Why?

Aliyah: Ahh, that's much better.
Diablo: Ahhem.
Aliyah: Thanks a lot Phantom. Hey, whats wrong with Whinnie? I'll go check on her. Diablo, you watch over the herd, and make sure that cougar stays away.
Diablo: ok, come on Phantom, theres water over there.

poniesRus & Ty
2011-07-26 03:39:56
I don't see why you can't have Copper Heart, just as long as he's not a Quarter horse.
Sorry y'all I'm behind on the roleplay! i've been busy lately!

Phantom:Ok, i'll go get some water, do you want me to help watch over the herd?

mybuety & Pressed
2011-07-28 14:03:32
(RL) guys, if coppergirl doesn't want her horse to be an arab, she doesn't have to join. There are lots of other herds and roleplays. hope this helps. addy xx

Amira: I'm going to go after her. *gallops after Whinnie* Whinnie! Wait! You can't go into the desert! It's too dangerous! Come back!
*gallops even faster* *catches up to Whinnie, then stops in front of her* Whinnie! Why are you so upset? *nickers* You know you can tell me everything.

I_luv_addy & Midnight Sun
2011-07-30 01:00:52
Can I combine Amber and Dakoda?
CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-08-06 16:06:57
Ya sure Coppergirl! My oh my, I need to be on here a lot more often! Really sorry I've been busy!

Aliyah: Saw Amira run after and decides she would be better to handle the situation.
Diablo: Sees Aliyah come back. Aliyah, Go check on the foals, they're freaking out.
ALiyah: Guys what are you, AHHH SPIDER! ITS ON YOU!!!
Diablo: Rolls eyes, REAL mature ALiyah, Phantom, watch over the herd while I go check on my CRAZY sister. . . I, I mean Shes like my. . . Ha shes not. . . *sighs* Let me go get her and I'll explain

poniesRus & Ty
2011-08-08 01:42:17
Name: Ember
Gender: Mare
Age: 3
Coat: Black
Mane+Tail: Black
Markings: None
Personality: Has been wild all her life. She is a very talented jumper and a very fast runner. She can escape any situation. A very fast runner. She is very tall. She loves to gallop through the desert. She was a racehorse from America and when they came to Arabia for a race, she got loose.

CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-08-08 13:43:56
(May I join?)
Name:Kiera Rose
Markings:A star andsnip.She has 1 white sock on one of her forelegs.
Personality:Kind,Caring,has effortless gaits,very floating,flying,smooth feeling when she jumps.Escaped when bedouins came to take her from her mother.

Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-08-09 23:58:11
can I join?
Name: Samiriah
coat:blood bay
mane/tail: Bay
markings:white sock to knee on front left leg
other:she used to live in Canada

mane/tail: black(duh!)
markings: four white socks to knees
other:Samiriah's mate

Samiriah: "hey Shamal I think I see a herd up ahead!"
Shamal: Sami stop dreaming!

Can my horses have a foal later?


paige2003 & Aphaia Star
2011-08-13 15:34:13
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