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*** Aliyahs Herd ***

No,everybody escaped except me because I was already caught.I just escaped.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-09-09 11:45:35
I thought I was caught?
CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-09-14 20:45:01
Well if you want to be caught that's fine.But now I was already caught and I escaped.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-09-16 11:21:29
I think Thalia caught Angel and Zanzibar too... She pointed them out and captured them...
arabluv & teapot
2011-09-19 22:46:38
Ember: *Fights the rope*
Thalia: I'll be taking that. *Grabs Ember's rope and Zanzibar's* You can take this. *Hands them Angel's rope* And let that Arab escape. We have 3 good ones here.

CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-09-19 23:07:28
Kiera:The rest were busy fighting the fire so until I saw the others,I was unseen.I didn't know the were caught until the herd told me.I gallop back and see the bedouin girl shout:"There she is.Najmah escaped!"I grab her pocket and take out her fancy knife.Then,I rear up pointing it at Thalia.She gets away but looses grip on the ropes.She manages to hold on,but beforeshe regains her balance I offcut the ropes of all of them and we gallop towards freedom.Reaching the herd safety,they take off.I remain to watch for any others that wanted to be free.I circle back one more time and gather the remaining horses.(even the ones that were being ridden.)They gallop to follow the herd one last time."It looks as if I got everbody," I sighed.I whirl around suddenly and told myself not to do that so fast(too late)- "Well well well!"
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-09-21 12:14:49
Thalia: No! *Swings ropes and catches Zanzibar, Angel and Ember again* Not this time! *Gallops away*
Angel: *Walks along, draging her hind hooves*
Zanzibar: *Walks but fights*

arabluv & teapot
2011-09-22 16:36:14
"Who do we have here?A mare that keeps on causing trouble."Now,now,listen to me filly.All you have to do is so simple-look,your doing it right now.Look,I don't care how fine ya are.All we do is fly back to America and sell ya for dog meat."
Kiera:"Angel,Zanzibar,Ember and the herd run!"

Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-09-23 13:04:44
Bedouin girl(now called Amala which means hope.):"Thalia,why don't you tie them up for the night.I have a tent set up within seeing distance so we can keep an eye on them."
Kiera:I pull away from the man watching them.My ears perked up.He takes that moment to slip the rope over my head.I saw all 20 of the bedouins horses not counting Thalia's.Sundas,silk brocade;Sunbul,spikes of grain;Sawsan,Lily of the valley;Samarah,soft light;Samawah,great height;Wafiyah and Wala,loyal(ty),faith;Zahirah,luminous;Zahrah,flower;Zuhur,to glow;Zakizah,pure;Zuhwah,pretty;Rabab,White Cloud;Quamar,Full Moon;Falak,Star;Dahab,Gold;Lujain and Fiddah,(both mean)Silver;Anaan,Clouds;Afraa,White.
Now,what was I going to do?

Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-09-24 13:21:48
Kiera:"Whinnie,run!He's going to capture you if you don't run."He sees the mare and tries swnging his rope at her.Then,he tells me to be still.
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2011-09-26 12:15:12
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