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*** Fox Hedge Equestrian Center ***

Jennie-Um ok*Walks juliet to a small corner and starts to warm-up*be good today juliet,ok?8Juliet whines
jennie2 & Layla
2011-10-18 22:52:12
*Walks Ajax into the ring, stays on the other side of the arena where Amber's circle is* Okay. *Stops Ajax, squeezes her to walk around the half of the arena she and Jennie had, then trots with a tight rein, then a loose, then canter with a loose and then a tight, then they slowed to a walk and walked to the jumping arena, walks her around, lets her sniff the jumps then trots around the arena, then canter and turns to the first jumpm Ajax gathers herself and flies over then foot high jump, turns to the 1 and a half jump and leaps over that, then turns to a 2 foot and jumps over it easily, then a 2 and a half jump, then a 3 foot, then 3 and a half, then heads for the 4 foot jump, Ajax soars over that, she canters around the arena again, then stops* Wanna gallop girl? *Gallops around the arena then walks to the barn*
arabluv & teapot
2011-10-19 15:27:39
*Ties Ajax, untacks her, puts it away then walks Ajax down to the arena and watches Jennie and Amber in the sun while Ajax's sweat dries*

RM: Olivia likes to ride pleasure rides in the pasture, can she use a Western saddle for that? She's more comfortable in Western Saddles.

arabluv & teapot
2011-10-19 15:30:01
Ok, everyone, if you want a lesson we're starting now. All at once, we are going to canter down this line of 8 poles, ok? I want you each to try and maintain a even pace, and try for awesome distances-the first time. If we do well with that, we're going to jump. Alright? Figure out your spacing and then canter.

Intensity & Regal Bearing
2011-10-19 20:12:38
I mainly want to get to know you and your horses, and do some jumping. If I get to know everyone, then I might work you over grids.
Intensity & Regal Bearing
2011-10-20 19:26:00
I turn Torus to the outside of the arena, troting him energetically. He stepped forward, flinging his legs forward I then collect him and sit down, telling him to canter. He straides forward, in an even, tracking up canter, we then turn towards the poles. He speeds up ever so slightly but I pull him back a bit, he then stretched over the first pole, one stride in between then collected for the next one and continued in this pattern until the last one which he scrambled over lightly but recovered into a extended trot. I then tugged at the reigns before he slowed the trot down to a fast walk. I then smiled at him for doing such a good job.
~TGG and Torus

TGG & Dekka
2011-10-20 21:11:13
amber- gets night into the line and our turn comes up to turn the poles. I get him into a canter quickly and we zig zag through the poles with eas. we finnish and I have him stop."good boy!" I lean foward and hug his neck now damp from sweat.then sit back up straight and walk him to the end of the line
eatprayloverun101 & lilly
2011-10-20 21:12:22
Bella-Thunder starts trotting like a dressage horse and i kicked him into a canter,we swiftly went over the poles."Good Boy!"i patted his neck
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2011-10-21 15:49:57
Ok, TGG, that was good. Next time, if he breaks make him canter again, then let him walk. Amber, try not to rush him into the canter, ask and then let him go. Bella,Bella! Don't kick him right off the bat. Ask gently with your outside leg, squeezing. If he doesn't respond after a few seconds, then kick a little. Jennie, try and get her out in front of you, with a better pace. Keeping in mind what I just said, we're going to do this line of small 12in crossrails. Before you go, tell me how many strides you want to get, then add one. We're trying to add in this line. Ok? One at a time, same order.
Intensity & Regal Bearing
2011-10-22 01:49:28
I thought it was going over poles too Bella don't worry! Stay, it doesn't matter weither you ride or not, as long as you have fun!
TGG & Dekka
2011-10-22 06:52:18
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