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*** Fox Hedge Equestrian Center ***

waits untill stephiny goes over the small jumps. gently gets night into a light canter. as we come up to the jump, I gather the reighns just a little more. as we reach the jump a few lengths before, I squeeze with my legs and leen foward and we go over the jump. when we land. I lean back not much though and then sit back down in the saddle and get ready for the next. when we finnish, I gently get him into a walk and pet him happily saying good boy night! and re enter the line
eatprayloverun101 & lilly
2011-10-22 21:17:17
RM: Sorry! Can we pretend I didn't untack Ajax and did do the poles?

*Squeezes Ajax and she bolts over the ground poles* How about 10 strides? And can we have a bounce?

arabluv & teapot
2011-10-23 20:01:52
Bella, no sweat cause not everone is so good at riding. (true story) Today I was riding my mum's 16hh bay thoroghbred mare at a hunter trail and we were winning till we came to a small blue house which she stopped at once I turned her round to try it again and she took off but we were then jumping the wrong part to i tried to stop her. She then fell down quickly and I face plowed into the blue house, and got hoof polish all over my nice jodphurs! Because people claim to be perfect at riding and so great at it...

TGG & Dekka
2011-10-24 08:19:14
10 STRIDES? I should hope not! If you EVER get 10 strides in this line, I will scream. This is probably 5 or a 6 for horses, 6 or 7 for ponies.
Intensity & Regal Bearing
2011-10-24 20:10:38
Can I go again? *Looks down at Ajax practiclly bucking, pulling at the reins (I'm in a hackamore, which is actually safer then a bridle) and gazing at the poles*
arabluv & teapot
2011-10-25 22:55:57
*Ajax gallops forward but Olivia keeps the reins tight so Ajax and arching her neck so much that her chin in on her chest, she is cantering over the poles, pulls the reins to make Ajax stop* Ajax! I'll decide when we go! *Turns Ajax and canters back with a relaxed reins, Ajax flexes her neck to make it feel better* Now we go. *Trots the the edge of the area, squeezes Ajax into a collected canter, it morfs into a gallop as they near the poles, Ajax goes faster until she is a black blur, then faster, until you can only see a black line going over the poles and turning, uses the outside rein and tricep to pull Ajax to the collected canter again, pulls her to a trot, the a walk, then a stop, dismounts* Was that better Ajax? *Ajax whinnies and prances* Can we gallop around in the other area? She likes it.
arabluv & teapot
2011-10-27 14:56:31
arabluv, sometimes hackamores aren't the answer, my um broke her leg because her horse got out of control in a hackamore!
TGG & Dekka
2011-10-27 17:24:13
Amber- hops of night an kisses him on the muzzle." what a good job you did today!" leads him back into the barn, tyes him up and untacks night.hoses him down and then dryes him off. stretches him and then realeases him into the pasture. he whinnies and rears up happily and then gallops towards the other horses.
eatprayloverun101 & lilly
2011-11-02 12:59:38
*Trots Ajax to the jumping Arena, canters her around then starts jumping, stops, Ajax sweating a little* Time to go back, you can't be to sweaty. *Trots around the arena, then walks around, dismounts and leads her to the cross ties outside of her stall* Good girl. *Rubs her, untacks her, puts it away, grabs the grooming kit, grooms Ajax, leads Ajax to the walker to she could cool down, waits 10 turns around, then grooms Ajax again, rubs baby oil on her skin condition (Non contajus), walks her to the pasture, lets her loose, Ajax nudges her* I'll be back really soon. *Ajax gallops away then turns rearing and whinnying, Olivia laughs, Ajax lands and nickers* Bye! *Walks out and locks the gate*
arabluv & teapot
2011-11-03 12:16:10
(OK but Thunder is 17.05hh i never new that about Freisians...(spelling?)i dont ride yet!srry....)*glares at Olivia*Well i will!!ill even tack her up!*pulls the reins over Thunders head and leads him to the barn on the cross ties*Your the best horse ever Thunder!you were great today!*graps oats from pockets and feeds Thunder,gets grooming kit and grooms out his mane and tail then rubs this coat cooler on him to cool him down*you ok boy?your really quiet since we saw Ajax...*leads him out then Thunder yanked the lead to the mares barn*come on Thunder!we cant go there!*pulls the lead and he trots to the field,i let him loose and he spots Ajax,he gallops straight for her,then stops and nudges her*Aww!horsey love!*giggles*
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2011-11-04 00:15:12
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