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*** Fox Hedge Equestrian Center ***

mybuety & Pressed
2012-02-06 21:28:04
Go ahead!*canters out to her*i dont mind if you leave!
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-02-06 21:34:55
guys omg im reading my last posts xD i know alot about riding,before i didnt,sorry!xD
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-02-06 21:37:12
Not incactive, mybuety. The last post is from February, only a few days ago.
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-02-07 07:01:09
Never saw Bella's post, it wasn't there when I posted.
mybuety & Pressed
2012-02-08 18:26:36
Can I please join? Nothing is real but my age:

Name:Quinneth (Quinn or Tara)
Hair:Dark brown, straight, to waist, sometimes up
Height:Unknown but tall

Show Name:A Pretty Sunset
Barn Name:Baja
Height:15 hh
Personality:Funny, obedient, caring

Horseluver2001 & My Pony
2012-03-12 13:56:04
Hi Horseluver2001! Not anything going on in the club, it's pretty much inactive.
mybuety & Pressed
2012-03-14 03:29:10
Can I join? Nothing is real but my height
Name: Gemma Lynn (Gem or Gemma)
Age: 16
Hair: Black with turqouise streaks
Eyes: Icey Blue
Height: 5feet 3 1/2inches
Status: New rider/owner

Show Name: Lady of the Mist
Barn Name: Lady
Gender: Mare
Color/coat: White
Height: 17.2hh
Personality: Firey, well trained despite being 3, was raised by Gemma, can talk, is her English horse. Is a Lippizoner

Show Name: Live to Die
Barn Name: Live
Gender: Stallion
Color/coat: Chestnut Overo
Height: 16.2hh
Personality: Insane, also 3 and loves to gallop. He is a Thoroughbred Paint X and loves being able to show off, even with Gemma on. After training with Live, you'll often see Gemma on the ground. He is her Western Horse.

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-03-27 13:06:32
I'm making up my height.

Height:4ft 8

Horseluver2001 & My Pony
2012-04-06 03:25:14
(At home)

Gemma: *Grooms Lady and puts her blanket, hood, shipping boots, tail wrap and poll guard on. Puts her tack in the tack area of trailer, loads lady, ties her lead to the ring, and attaches the seperator* Good girl Lady. *Groom Live and puts on his shipping things, loads his tack and grooming kit, loads Live and fastenes the seperator before he can back out, ties the ring* Good boy Live. *Pats him, backs out and closes the trailer doors and climbs in the car, drives to Fox Hedge, unloads the tack and grooming stuff, then unloads Live, takes off his shipping stuff and groomes him, puts him in his stall and opens the door to the paddock, puts Lady in her stall (she got them read the night before) parks the trailer in her spot and drives to the house, parks and brings her suitcase, duffel bag and toletries bag into the house* Do you know where Gemma Lynn Smith is roomed?

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-04-06 23:39:56
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