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*** Fox Hedge Equestrian Center ***

Olivia, enough is enough. You need to control your temper, please. If she has excess energy, then chase her in the indoor, or lower get sweet feed, or turn her out more often. If she dislikes standing around, maybe you should reconsider her career as a Hunter/Jumper, and try racing. there are plenty of places that will help you with that, although FHEC is not that place.

RL: Please, if you're going to be rude, don't post on this thread. I can't stop you from that, but it doesn't make anyone happy.

Intensity & Regal Bearing
2011-11-04 23:10:23
can i join?

molly400 & lighting
2011-11-05 05:12:16
Molly, of course you can join! Just post your info like I did on the first page. Also, this is not a racing barn, if you want to race, please join a different barn. I encourage you to stay here, however, but racing needs to be done elsewhere.
Intensity & Regal Bearing
2011-11-06 12:15:35
amber-puts away his lead rope and cleans his stall. puts new saw dust in his stall and then goes inside and gets ready for dinner
eatprayloverun101 & lilly
2011-11-07 23:01:05
I jump on my pony with quite some trouble, I have to leap into the racing saddle then try to not fall off the other side. "Leg Up someone?"
I brake Rose into a fast gallop and racing jump him over the fence and try to keep up speed until I spot Olivia and Ajax. I do a running leap and jump of Rose.
"Olivia, this is supposted to be fun and it doesn't matter your oppinions on riding if you stick to the rules and have fun. Nobody is going to tell you off for having your own opinions!" I use the fence to jump back onto Rose and start trotting back to the stables. "I would come back if I were you all it takes is a sorry to make friends again sometimes!"


TGG & Dekka
2011-11-08 07:22:57
You can't do whatever you want. This is MY stables, and, while I don't mean to sound rude or bossy, and MY rules. You are not permitted to board and/or train here if you are going to disobey rules and be a danger to others. Please, return when you have figured out what you want to do, or don't return at all.

RL: Honestly, arabluv? Why'd you even join a Hunter/Jumper barn if you were planning on RACING? There are at LEAST a dozen other RP clubs that are for racing, and unfortunatley for you, this is not one of them. Please, if you're going to plan on racing, don't RP on this. I don't like being mean, trust me, but I don't want bullies or any mean people here.
P.S. There are no "secret places" here on FHEC's property. I would know, I AM the owner. ;)

Intensity & Regal Bearing
2011-11-08 13:09:11
Hi arabluv, and Intensity...there are no SECRET places on this website either.

Jane Crandal & JB
2011-11-08 21:32:31
Im going to update my info.

Name: Bella Howler
Age: 11
Gender: Gurl
Hair: Long Wavy Brunet Hair With Blue Streaks
Eyes: Navy Blue
Personality: Funny, Sweet, Great Rider,Loves
Her Friesian, Loves Acting,Is Good At Acting, Loves Horses,VERY Rich,Loves Adventures And Trail Rides
School: Brand New White Polo Shirt With A Short Black Old Navy Skirt, Black Boots,White Long Sleeve Shirt That Ends At Elbows With A Navy Blue Vest Over It With Black Shorts With Black Ballet Flats.
Barn: Brand New Blue Polo Shirt With Designer Tan Jodhpurs And Black Leather Boots.
Riding (Trails and Training):
Show Jumping: White Collared Shirt,Black Jumping Jacket, Tall Black Show Boots, Really Thin Black Gloves, Black Velvet Helmet,
Cross: White Shirt,Tan Breeches,Black Leather Tall Boots,Black Protective Vest.
Regular Clothes: All Sorts Of Skirts,White Tee-Shirt With Random Light Colors That Say Life Is Ruff With A Dog,Anything She Puts Together.

Registered Name: RoughtToughAndReady
Barn Name: Thunder
Age: 3
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Freisian (Purebred)
Colour: Black
Mane+Tail: Black
Markings: Blue Eyes
Show Type: Show Jumping,Dressage Training
Personality: Stubborn,Loyal,Sweet,Loves Challenges,Hates When Bella Doesnt Take Him On,Hates When Other People Care For Him
Favorite Treat: Apple Paste,Sprite(my moms horse used to love sprite..that was when she was 15)
Hieght: 17.05
Regular (Like for trail rides): Brown Hunter Saddle,Brown Hunter Bridle,White Saddle Blanket, Brown Breast Plate,White Leg Wraps.
Training: Black English Saddle, Black English Bridle, Aqua Saddle Blanket,Aqua Leg Wraps, Black Thin Breast Collar.
Show: Black English Jumping Saddle, White Saddle Pad, Black English Bridle, Silver Bit, Black Leg Wraps, Black Thin Breast Collar,
Shipping Set (For Trailers): Aqua Blanket,Aqua Shipping Boots, Aqua Lead Rope,Aqua Halter,
Stall Stuff: Red Apple Flavored Stall Ball, Apple Flavored Mineral Block, Blue Feed Bucket,Blue Water Bucket,Blue Hay Bag.
Tack Care: Tack Cleaner and Polisher, Small Blue Sponge.
Grooming Kit (All Blue): Blue Sweat Scraper,Blue Mud Scraper,Blue Rubber Curry Comb,Blue Hard Brush,Blue Soft Brush,Blue Hoof Pick,Blue Face Brush,Blue Mane Comb,Blue Tail Brush,Blue Stable Cloth,Blue Baby Oil for Skin Condition (Not Contagious), Paper Towels, Large Blue Sponge for Face, Large Blue Sponge
Feed: 1/2 Cup Sweet Feed, 1 Cup Mare Pellets, 1/4 Cup Foal Mash, 1/2 Cup Pink U-Guard once a month, 1 Tablespoon Show Powder, 1/4 Cup Vitamin Powder, 1/3 Cup Soybean Meal, 2 Sliced Apples and 1 Chopped Carrot,
Hay Type: Expensive
Companion: Tan Bunny
Sire: ReadySteady
Dam: MoonlightMare

BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2011-11-09 18:14:41
Ok. I'm going to ask them! *Mounts Ajax and gallops flat out to the arena, they reach it in seconds* If you guys can't exepct that I am who I am. I'm leaving! If you can't execpt that Ajax is specail, that Ajax has to have different things then other horses. I'm leaving!
arabluv & teapot
2011-11-10 17:50:35
Amber- puts away night's halter and then goes into cabin and reads a book about horses
eatprayloverun101 & lilly
2011-11-10 22:40:40
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