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Bayside Creek Riding Academy Roleplay

Hello! I would like to start a roleplay club, it would be called Bayside Creek Riding Acadamey. It would have a Horse standing beside a stream or creek on the plaque. Thanks!
lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2015-09-16 21:50:42
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 575910P756
Jane Crandal & JB
2014-02-20 20:30:34
This riding school is located near Bayside Creek. There is a vast number of beautiful riding trails around the mountains and the creek. Here is the form. You can be a student and board here. When we get 5 people then we will start. Your character can be Age 8-14. Here is the form:
For Your Character:
Horse or Pony:
Here are mine. I'm a riding teacher/counselor.
Name: Shelby Dustingham **Made up name**
Age: 12
Hair: Red, reaches down to the floor (almost)
Eyes: Green
Skin: Creamy color
Personality: Kind, good with animals. Looses her temper sometimes.
Other: She has a pony.
Name: Shadow
Color: Grey
Horse or Pony: Pony
Markings: Star on her muzzle.
Breed: Austrailian Pony
Other: She is a little skitish. She gets along with other ponies and horses easily.

lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-02-21 01:44:25
Name: Neuriel (Noo-ree-ell)
Age: 14
Hair: brown my hair is really long
Eyes: brown
Skin: Pale

Personality: kind loving really good with animal quick to thinking gentle a really good rider and id brave
Horse/Pony: Horse
Name: Shadowfax
Color: pure white
Horse or Pony: Horse
Gender: Stallion
Markings: has a gray muzzle
Breed: Thoroughbred
Other: he is brave strong and wont let no one ride him except Neuriel high spirited and wild and has a bond with Neuriel that no one can break

lisa11 & Asfolath
2014-02-21 18:48:25
Can I join?

Name: Anne Smoke. -name made up-
Age: 12
Hair: Red with gold highlights from sun
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Kind of tan
Personality: Sweet kind puts others in front of her loves horses and all animals and will still stick up for what's right

Name: Jazz
Color: Dark Bay
Horse or Pony: Horse
Markings: White snip on muzzle two white socks and 1 coronet
Breed: Arabian
Other: Is very challenging was bred in the desert and was bought after being shipped here. Anne and Jazz have a very strong bond

ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2014-02-21 20:38:16
Riding teaching counselor.
Name: Tauriel
Gender: female
Hair: red
Eyes: emerald green
Interests: Reading, archery (she is very good at)taming and riding horses.
Persona: Bold, doesn't like to be teased about her name. Has a different way with horses that she gets teased about. (don't worry she can't understand what they're saying)Since likes archery and sometimes people tease her about that too. Otherwise she can be friendly if you befriend her and will stand up for you.

Name: Brego
Age: 4
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Thoroughbred
Mane and Tail: black
Coat: bay
Markings: a white oval on his head and three small white socks on all legs but right front.
Persona: Pretty much the same as his owners but he won't let no one else rider him.

AragornandArwen & Brego
2014-02-21 20:38:16
Name: Cassandra L**** -made up-
Age: 12
Hair: blonde, always in a ponytail
Eyes: blue
Skin: a little bit tan
Personality: loves animals, mostly horses, will stand up for anything that is right, seaks her opinion.
Name: Whisper
Color: gray with black at the end of her mane and tai.
Horse or Pony: horse
Markings: black muzzle
Breed: thoroughbred/ Arabian / Hanoverian
Other: high spirited, will buck if anyone she doesn't know gets on her, Cassandra and Whisper have a bond that no one can break, will do anything to please her rider, loves to jump(high), and has great stamina

I would like to join please!!!

s0cc3r13 & Whisper
2014-02-22 20:15:32
Hey guys mind if old SkyRiderz over here joins? :P

Age: 11
Hair: Long slightly wavy dark brown hair.
Eyes: A bright fetching green
Skin: Tanned with freckles
Personality: Francesca is as stubborn as they come, but generally kind and considerate to others needs. She can sometimes be a little self-centered, but loves helping others. She adores her pony, and spends long hours grooming him. She is also interested in true horsemanship.
Other: She enjoys singing, especially to her pony, and writing.
Name: My Dazzle Baby
Barn Name: Dazzie
Color: Jet Black
Horse or Pony: Horse
Markings: four white stockings, a white star and a pink snip.
Breed: Anglo-Arab
Other: Dazzie loves his work, and is calm yet can get high strung and silly if something provokes him enough to make him so. He's a little bit of an all rounder, he's done cross country with his previous owners, and enjoy's dressage and Showjumping with Francesca.

SkyRiderz & Pepper
2014-02-24 19:23:36
Oh, and I forgot to add that Shelby's parents own the place.
Shelby: OK everyone, we have enough members to start training! There are arenas for the following: Jumping, Barrel Racing, and we have an outdoor track and indoor track for racing. The first competition we are training for is jumping. We are training for a competition as of right now, we are NOT competing!

lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-02-24 19:26:54
Shelby: Alright, as I said we have a ring for jumping. You'll have to groom you're horse and things yourself, as we are new and a little tight on money. Once you have gotten you're horse ready, come out here and we will start. Just to let you know, I will be competing in the shows. If you want to go trail riding you have to let a counselor or whoever, and you must go with one partner or more.
lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-02-25 01:12:36
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