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Bayside Creek Riding Academy Roleplay

For Your Character:
Name: Haily B.
Age: 11
Hair: Down to her waist, it is a strawberry blonde, and it is wavy.
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Peachy color
Personality: Kind, fun-loving, and sweet.
Other: None
Name: Princess
Color: White
Horse or Pony: Horse
Markings: None
Breed: Thoroughbred
Other: None
Haily: *Jumps out of van and knows where to go so she leads her horse to her stall.*

jo223 & Snowflake
2014-03-24 17:21:26
Shelby: *Claps* "Great job Nauriel!" *looks at watch* "Well if we are going to stay on schedule I'd better start setting up free jump." *Goes into the shed and gets out the supplies for Kay and Shay. After she is done setting up she gets Shadow ready and leads him into the arena. She stands beside him and whispers something to him. He nieghs and he starts going thrue the chute. He finishes. "Now you try Kay." She says, leading Shadow out of the ring. "Just do what I did."
lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-03-24 21:51:12
Sounds fun can I join?

name: Stevie Lake
eyes: Light blue
hair: Blond-Brown
skin: White
age: About 14
personality: She loves horses and other animals she loves swimming and going tubing. Likes to eat burger king LOL. She is vary vary vary vary sensitive. She is sometimes found reading books in her tree house.
OTHER: Her eyes change colors and she has a secret about her horse. She has also stared in rodeos and parades.
Name: Belle
eyes: Black
coat+mane: Black
breed: half freshen, English, trail horse, Western, throughbred, and a little bit of arabain.
Basactly a mix.
Markings: A white blaze.
Personality: just like her owner and her father, A awesome horse LOL.

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-03-25 02:24:48
Stevie- I smile and walk belle to the third stall.
I give her a carrot and walk back to my trailer to get my things. I grab a English saddle, English reins, English bridle, English leg raps, and English saddle pad. And put it in the tack room. I walk to my truck and say, "You can leave now". I get a phone call.
Me- hello?

caller: hello? Stevie?
me- yes. father.
father- You do relize u can only spend a few days their then u go to the Saddle club, right?
me- we~we (French for yes)
dad- ok love u bye.
I sigh and go to the paddock. (I only understand a few words in English).

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-03-26 01:50:20
Shelby: "I really need to get to that tree. I'd better get going." *Leaves a note on the barn bulletin board that she will be gone then goes and gets Shadow and tacks him up, leads him out of the stable and mounts. She rides down the trail looking this way and that. She finally spots her father pulling with one rope on the tree with another on the other side hanging. She dismounts and helps him pull until they finally get it out. She says bye and rides back to the stable. She untacks him and rubs him down. She checks his hay and water and goes back outside.*
lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-03-27 19:40:19
After some effort, I manage to wrestle a headcollar onto my new horse Ebony. She was still in her trailer, and I was preparing to lead her out. She snorted gently, her ears darting like radars, she was excited about this new place. She wore a black leather headcollar and leadrope to match. I began leading her down the ramp. She immediately began looking around, her head high. *Steady, Ebony.* I said, running my palm down the smooth silk of her neck. Ebony was a fresian,and a big one at that. It wasn't her height (16.3hh) That made her big, it was her muscular black legs with there long flowing feathers, her big thick neck that arched where she stood. Her mane and tail was wavy, but her overall coat was a very dark black. I began leading her around to stable four. I slipped on her black fleece rug, before leading her in. I had prepared haynets, a salt lick, her water bucket, and of course, straw, I left her a little while to settle, before returning with a grooming bag slung over my shoulder. I pulled of the fleece and began grooming her. I started by using the plastic curry comb to brush her over and get the mud of her legs, and then I repeated with a firm dandy. I brushed her coat over with a body brush, smoothed the hair on her face with a face brush, and then brushed her main and tail with a few sprays of conditioning spray.
SkyRiderz & Pepper
2014-03-30 16:47:23
I Tie up Belle to the outer side of the stall and get the wheelbarrel and shovel. Before that I grab a bucket of water and hay for her to eat and drink. *I start mucking*. I was then done and then put the shovel back and dump the Wheel Barrel. *Unties Belle and puts the bucket away and goes back to the tack room to grab Much more hay and oats.*I put in fresh new clean water and the food in her trough's*. I go call vater(I know just a tinny tiny bit of German too, And French)
Me-Gooten Tag Vater (Hello father, I don't know how to spell some words in it though)
Vater: Gooten tag Stevie!
me- Can we talk in Engle` for a`n Minute?
Dad- We`we!
Me- Can you pick me up? Im feeling home sick.
dad- The house is only a few hours away though.
Me- No`n I mean France`.
Dad- Oh sweetie we cant go back its in a whole different country.
Me- Okay okay. Then pick me up from here please.
Dad- We`we I will.
Me- Okay love you bye
Dad Okay love you bye.
I go and grab my things and wait...

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-03-31 00:52:59
Haily: *Claps* "Nice, Taylor! Shelby, it's my turn!" She leads Princess into the ring and mounts. She warms up Princess with a steady trot before approaching the first jump, the corner fence. She leads Princess to it and starts to canter, and then they soar over it without a mistake. Then they approach the log fence. They clear it and land softly on the other side. They head for the Ascending Oxer. They clear it and with a thud they land. The last jump, the Drop Fence. With a gulp Haily leads Princess towards it. Right as they take off Haily folds into a neat fold. They land and Haily straightens up. She rides to the gate and dismounts, then leads Princess out of the arena. "Done!" She says, and gives Princess a well deserved sugarcube.
jo223 & Snowflake
2014-03-31 17:41:20
Taylor: No thanks. Shae is a bit tired. I'll turn her out and th- *is cut off by Shae, she is rearing and she rips the lead rope out of my hand* OH MY GOSH!
Shae: *whinnies happily, happy that she is free* *she runs off into the distance, broken lead rope flying in the wind*
Taylor: * a tear falls from my eye* SHAY! Shelby, do you have a horse i could ride? Im going after Shay. Someone call the animal control center!!!!

haileyluv2003 & Nezi
2014-04-01 22:33:21
Shelby: "Oh no! Don't worry. You can use mom's horse. I'm sure she won't mind." *Runs to the stables and gets out Dusk* "You can use her. I'll get my mom and dad and-MAY!!! CALL THE ANIMAL CONTROL!" *Runs out of the stables to her mom and dad's office*
Shelby: "Mom!"
Mrs D: *Gives her angry look* "Can't you see I'm on the phone?"
Shelby: "But Shay got loose!"
Mrs D: "Oh my goodness!" *Hangs up the phone without warning and then gets Shelby's father and they run out*

lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-04-01 23:47:17
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