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Bayside Creek Riding Academy Roleplay

Tauriel rode towards the front of the group and saw what looked like a cross country course, but was made from nature. "Come on boy." she said squeezing Brego's sides with her legs. They cantered over to it and went over the course not missing a jump. The last jump was a little close, but being bareback with just a halter and leadrope it was pretty good for them.
AragornandArwen & Brego
2014-04-15 20:15:17
RM: Sorry I was on vacation, i missed a lot of replies :) I'll call my horse River from now on :)
Taylor: *Itack River up and mount up. We gallop into the ring and I focus on the jumps, looking straight ahead. We canter at the jump and leap right over it* "Good girl!" I say, patting River's neck

haileyluv2003 & Nezi
2014-04-16 03:39:29
I figured I wouldn't join in the gallop race, as I knew Ebony could be a little too forward going. I trot to where the rest of them have stopped. I swing my leg gracefully over her rump and onto the ground. I roll her stirrups up and slightly loosen the girth, I also un do Ebony's nose band so she'd be able to eat. I spread a few chopped up carrots across the grass for to nibble on as well as the grass. I knew she wouldn't stray off far so I left her be after twisting her reins between her throat lash. I slung my bag off my back and sat beside Shelby, speaking between mouthfuls of sandwhich. "Good trail, huh?" I ask Shelby.
SkyRiderz & Pepper
2014-04-21 23:53:56
She rides into the arena. she jogs round the arena once and then urges Shadow into a canter and they head for the first jump, the corner. They swiftly jump over it and land with a thud on the other side. They then make a wide turn and jump over the log fence. Then they head for the Ascending Oxer and sore over it, landing perfectly on the other side. They then go for the last and hardest jump, the Drop Fence. She clears it, learning well from the last time she did it. She then slows Shadow into a walk and does that for about 2 minutes to cool him off. She then goes out of the ring and dismounts. *Smiles* "Just do the jumps in the order I do, Katie. Any questions?"
lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-05-12 17:12:38
Katie:* after I watch Shelby and Shadow jump I urge Pepsi into a trot then into a canter and Pepsi and I canter towards the first jump and I maneuver Pepsi so that she clears the corner jump beautifully! then I turn her and we head for the log jump and since it is smaller then all the other jumps we just nimbly leap over and I keep my head up the whole time to see and guide Pepsi where we need to go, when we get to the tricky Oxer I lean forward and up Pepsi's neck and she clears the fence and we come downon the other side and I pat her neck so she knows that she is doing great!!! then I realize that we are only 4 paces away from the last and hardest jump and so I shift my weight and Pepsi lenthens her stride so she is going a little faster but still at a canter, then I lean forward and up so that all my weight isn't on her back and I feel her powerful haunches spring up and we sail over the drop fence then I keep Pepsi at a canter and canter around the arena and then I slow her down to a trot and then down to a walk the I slid off and grab a dried up carrot from my breeches pocket and feed it to Pepsi then while she is eating I loosen the girth and I walk Pepsi around in circles to cool her down! " Shelby, that is one hard course:)" I hope we can do this more and maybe you need to hold another show!"
jjpals & Dynamo
2014-05-13 21:14:37
Katie: fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* I lead Pepsi to the barn and cross-tie her then I brush her down and slip a blanket onto her body then I pick out her hoofs and lead her to her stall where I slip the halter off and slid the door shut then I walk to the bathroom and kitchen and I grab my lunch from the refridgerater and then I sit down at a piknick table and I eat my huge jimmy john sandwich and I drink my Gatorade:)*

***ADMIN NOTE -- Is this a competition club? Do you want this listing moved to that (new) category?***

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-05-18 02:46:21
Katie: great!!! Shelby of course I will come with you to your cabin!!!:) but first I need to school Pepsi and Middy:P

*I lead out Pepsi from the pasture and I groom her and tack her up in a bridle and then I take her to a corral and hook her onto a lunging rope and I excircise Pepsi for about 30 mins. by now it is 5:45 so I quickly untack and brush down Pepsi and lock her in her stall and Middy's stall is right besides Pepsi's so I lead him out and groom him and tack him up into his jumping tack and I tighten the girth and roll down my stirrups and then I take Middy to the outdoor arena and school him on low jumps and sharp turns that are nessecary for competing and I school Middy for about 45 mins total and by then it is 6:50 so I untack and groom Middy and put him out at pasture then I come back and clean out both of my horses stalls and then I feed Pepsi and give her fresh hay and water then I slip a blanket onto Pepsi's back and put away the feeding tools and then I sweep up and grab my lunch pack and say:" okay Shelby I am ready we can go now!!!!"

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-06-07 19:14:50
Shelby: "Okay. I think my cabin is right next to yours." *walks up the hill and down the small dirt road until she gets to her small wood cabin. She unlocks the door and steps inside, kicks off her shoes and throws her pack down on the floor."
RM: Each person gets a little cabin of their choice down a little dirt road that belongs to the acadamey.

lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-06-08 18:02:26
Katie: I walk in and put down my bag then I tug my tall black leather boots off and says: "what are we going to do??? do you have something certain that you want to do with me???
jjpals & Dynamo
2014-06-09 23:04:19
Katie: I sit down next to Shelby and stretch my legs and hands and says: "do you have Tangled or Frozen???" then I grab a soda out of my cooler and I offer one to Shelby then I pop open the soda and drink and longggg gulp and then I sit back and enjoy myself:)
jjpals & Dynamo
2014-06-10 03:17:39
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