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Bayside Creek Riding Academy Roleplay

Neuriel: i walk in the barn and over to Shadowfax stall i unlatch the gate and walk in i shut the gate behind me then i grab a brush and brush him then i look at the time and see i have time to ride him so i put a blue riding blanket on him and then i put on his saddle then i put the rains on my saddle and rains had markings and words on them but no one could ever read them but me, i grab Shadowfaxs rains and lead him out of the barn when we are outside i tell him to stand and walk into the ban and into the tack room and grab a wooden bow and a quiver with arrows the bow was light brown with markings on it and the quiver had marking on it as well i put on the quiver of arrows then run back out to shadowfax i mount him then ride off into the woods
lisa11 & Asfolath
2014-03-05 18:57:01
I arrive at the stable, wearing crisp new beige jodpurs and a blue polo shirt tucked into it. My hair was tied firmly into a bun. I wondered over to Dazzie, who nickered gently as he saw me. I dropped my hat bag beside my stable and handed Dazzie a carrot. He reached out and snaffled it up with his lips, politley crunching away. I giggle and kissed his velvety nose. I slipped his blue headcollar on and attached a matching leadrope before leading him out. She swung the leadrope over his neck, she trusted him not to walk off - and then found her grooming kit. She gave him a thorough groom before plaiting his mane and rolling them up in a show like manor. I tacked him up and led him into the arena, where I briskly mounted. I was using my smooth black leather dressage saddle, and a snowy white saddle pad. I walked him around the arena once before setting into an elegant trot. Dazzie arched his glossy black neck and outstretched his legs. I performed a perfect leg yeild to the side, then transitioned into a piaffe. I then continued to trot around in a medium trot and then a collected canter.
SkyRiderz & Pepper
2014-03-09 18:20:00
Tauriel opened the back of the trailer and walked in. She led out a stunning dun Arabian mare. She had a black mane and tail and four black socks with a black nose and white stripe down her elegant dished face. The mare snorted and pranced, but walked calmly beside Tauriel into the stable. She put the mare in a stall beside Brego. She put a blue sheet on her that said Beautiful Dancer and was trimmed in white. She brought her tack in the tack room and put Dancer's accessories in Brego's box. She then tacks up Brego in the same tack as yesterday and her mom pulls the trailer away. She then rides to the arena. "Sorry I'm late." she said.
AragornandArwen & Brego
2014-03-10 22:49:47
Shelby: "OK, the jumps are in the order I say today. Basically this is more strict practice and will be more like it will be for a competition. So just watch me and do the jumps in the order I do. And we added new jumps so be prepared."
*Walks into the stable and tacks up Shadow. She then leads him out of the stable and mounts. She rides into the arena. she jogs round the arena once and then urges Shadow into a canter and they head for the first jump, the corner. They swiftly jump over it and land with a thud on the other side. They then make a wide turn and jump over the log fence. Then they head for the Ascending Oxer and sore over it, landing perfectly on the other side. They then go for the last and hardest jump, the Drop Fence. As they land, Shadow makes a wide turn, and Shelby nearly falls off! But she catches her balance and quickly recovers. She then slows Shadow into a walk and does that for about 2 minutes to cool him off. She then goes out of the ring and dismounts. *Smiles* "I guess I need a little practice with that drop fence." She then ties Shadow to a fence a small distance away from the arena. "Who's next?" She asks.

lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-03-13 18:07:02
"I'll go." said Tauriel. "I have my other horse I need to try so I'll go first then last." she said. She rode Brego towards the corner fence and clears it perfectly. She cuts the turn short and brushed the log fence. She makes up coming to the Ascending Oxer and clears it. They head for the Drop Fence and on the way Brego slips and loses his stride. Tauriel checked him and she whispers something then they clear the Drop Fence and Tauriel loses her stirrup in the turn. Brego flicked his ear back and slows down so Tauriel doesn't fall. She cools him down then rides out. "I guess I need a little practice too." she said. She dismounted Brego and leads him to the stable.
AragornandArwen & Brego
2014-03-14 18:08:06
Tauriel untacked Brego and brushed him down. She put his cooling sheet on and put him in his stall giving him his morning feed. Then she went to Beautiful Dancer's stall and led her out. She arched her Arabian neck and nickered. Tauriel tacked her up in a blue saddle pad with white trimming and a white jumping saddle. Then she put a white bridle on with a blue nose and head band on her. She put blue polo wraps and jumping boots on then led her out mounting. Dancer pranced and Tauriel walked her around to get her calmed. Then she rode over to the corral to wait until she could go again.
AragornandArwen & Brego
2014-03-15 15:21:38
May I join?
Name: Taylor Rodriguez(made up)
Age: 13
Hair: Blonde, with blue, red, and purple streaks
Eyes: One blue, one a daring green colour
Skin: Tan
Personality: Wild, daredevil. Taylor can be snappy at times, but loves her horse and friends.
Other: She is Irish, and speaks with a heavy Irish accent, sometimes shouting out Irish Gaelic phrases.
Horse/Pony: Yes
Name: Sé (prounounced Shay) Irish Gaelic for Noble
Color: Black
Horse or Pony: Horse
Markings: None
Breed: Friesian/Irish Sporthorse cross
Other: none

haileyluv2003 & Nezi
2014-03-15 18:57:49
"I guess Ill go now?" I say, steering Dazzie to the arena. I trot him round on a loose rein, before nudging him forward into a smooth canter. He eyed up the course before I steered him towards the first jump which he clears with an easy lift of his hooves. A log jump, I had seen a good few of these back at my old yard, so I felt quite confident with my chances. I clucked him on and squeezed his sides, and he soared over. He then approaches the oxer, not even breaking a sweat. I feel him wanting to rush it, but I steady him, I needed to be careful. I leant forward into a tidy fold as he flew over, landing well on the other side. Then to the last jump. Head up, heels down, I said to myself as I nudged him on a little faster to this one, but keeping the control. I leant forward slightly, and let him go. I managed to land exceptionally well. I gave him a great big pat on his shiny neck, and steered him away to cool him down. "Um, Shelby? I was wonering if it'd be possible for me to keep my new freisan horse here? Her name is Ebony." I asked nervously.
SkyRiderz & Pepper
2014-03-15 21:52:34
"Well until they do I will make a quick run with Dancer." Tauriel replied. She cantered Dancer around to warm her up then headed for the corner fence. Dancer shook her head and cleared the fence. She arched her neck and Tauriel headed to the log fence. They jumped it with inches to spare. Tauriel directed her to the Ascending Oxer and Dancer put in an extra stride checking herself and clearing it picking up speed towards the Drop fence. Tauriel grips her knees and Dancer takes off tucking her legs beneath her. She lands and slows to a canter. Tauriel cooled her down and they walked out of the corral.
AragornandArwen & Brego
2014-03-21 17:43:17
Hey! Can I join? :)
Name: Sarah May R. Nickname is May.
Age: 12
Hair: Brown, short and just below her shoulders. She always wears a pink clip right above her bangs on the left side.
Eyes: brow
Skin: a little tanned from the sun
Personality: Friendly, sometimes a little shy but when you get to know her then she is a great friend, funny and kind.
Other: She is great friends with Shelby
Name: Sprint
Color: light peachish color (RM: like my online horse)
Horse or Pony: horse
Markings: none
Other: Sprint loves to jump, he has won many ribbons and a couple trophies in the past.
RM: I asked doll ahead of time and she said it was OK for me to act as Shelby when I call her. ;)
May: *dials Shelby's cellphone number*
Shelby: *Hears it ringing* "Excuse me." She walks a short distance away and answers it
May: "Hi Shelby! Guess what?! You'll never guess so I'll just tell you. I'm coming with Sprint to Bayside Creek!"
Shelby: "What? You are joking!"
May: "Am not. Actually...I'm on my way now! And pulling up..."
Shelby: *Sees the trailer* "Eeek!" *Hangs up*
May: *Jumps out of the car* "Hi Shelby!" She says
Shelby: "Hi! Take whichever stall and house does not have a nameplate on it." *Walks back over to ring*
May: *Leads Sprint out of the trailer and into her stall, then gets her settled in.*

Shelbanator223 & Sprint
2014-03-22 01:58:44
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